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Interview - BLOODY BROTHERHOOD - Nothing is better than a live concert in a small place drinking with your friends.

Interview with death metal band from Spain - BLOODY BROTHERHOOD.


Translated by Duzl, thank you!

Questions prepared Jakub Asphyx.

Recenze/review - BLOODY BROTHERHOOD - Don't Break the Circle (2019):

Ave BLOODY BROTHERHOOD! I have not found any interview with you in Czech language. So can you introduce the band to the readers who don't know you yet? You can start from the beginning and take us via the whole history of BLOODY BROTHERHOOD. 

Hello and thanks you for supporting the underground!!! 

B.B. was born in the Basque Country (Spain) in early 2011. But all the members were involved on the underground scene. In 80/90 we played in death metal bands, such as LEPRA, INCANTATRIS or CRUENTO. We love Death Metal. We feel this music deep inside, it's part of us, so we try to reflect it. We decided to start this new adventure from scratch, despite having old material. But we didn't want to continue with what we had left behind years ago. We wanted new, fresh but old material at the same time. And we set out to compose what would be the 2012 demo. 

This april, you have just released your second full length album „Don't Break the Circle“. What are the reactions of the fans? What about criticism and how do live performances work? 

Reviews about "Don't break the circle" are being really good. The media feeling about our record is being more positive than ever. Fans are also getting this new job in a very good way. Both in Spain and in the rest of Europe the reception of "Don't Break the Circle" is surprising us in a very positive way. 

About live performances... we've always thought we're a "live band". We are comfortable during recording sessions, but on stage is where we can give the 100%. We love to share stage with other Death Metal bands and meeting other musicians, talking to fans and drinking a lot with them... it's the usual process to sell merch hahaha!!!. We always fulfill. 

It's necesary to say that Dead Sheep Productions (our record label) and his owner - Kini -, is doing a geat job with promotion. 

The first thing that literally hit me is a great cover by José Antonio Vivese. Not much to find about him on the Internet. Please tell us a few words about him. How did you even get together, why did his job impress you? Did you choose from his already created works or did José made a cover just for you? Did he heard your album for inspiration ahead? 

Jose Antonio Vives is a great artist, with a "creepy" style that we love. We get in touch throught facebook ( 

I knew we'll work together from the first time i got in touch with. We work a lot together, he is the designer of our CD artworks, several T-shirts and roll-ups, stickers etc. We are very happy with our personal relationship, specially with his work which is amazing. For sure we'll work together again in the future. 

He made a really fine sketch for "Don't break the circle" cover in just a few a hours. We sent him several songs from the album to listen to them and he got the essence well with the new T-shirt designs...coming soon on sale. 

The sound of the whole recording is great. It is dark, cold and sharp at the same time. At which studio did you record the album? Did you speak as a band to the final sound, mastering? 

Recording sessions were really hard. During my guitar recording sessions i injured my leg at work. So I couldn't move off from the couch for two months. 

It was two months of intensive xbox and D&D playing, and that served to compose the opening track of the album "Into the Darkness" and the lyrics to "Kingdom of evil". I'm a big fan of "sword and witchcraft" genre. 

Once i was recovered from the surgery, i start to recording guitars and vocals at EDERSON STUDIOS (Gipuzkoa). Mix and master was managed by Mikel too. He's someone who knows us very well, couse the recording studio is close to our rehearsal room. 

Who is the author of the texts and what are they discussing? Where do you get inspiration for themes? 

I am usually the main composer of lyrics and music. i get the inspiration from many fonts, but always must been dark ones. I'm heavily influenced by comics like "The savage sword of Conan," the Creepy horror comics, the classic Hammer horror movies, the Friday 13 horror movies, Halloween, Hellraiser, witchcraft, annunnakis, all the dark fantasy of the D&D universe, and video games in general, some scripts far outperform many current movies. 

What about currently Spanish underground? Does it live there? Are people going to concerts? How do you perceive your scene? 

Spanish underground scene is in a bad condition. There is no support from local goverments, in fact, they try to fuck us and is really hard to play in a good, well-positioned place. 

Most concert halls have abusive rentals and many of those venues don't want to program Death Metal shows. That's why we're looking forward to going out and playing outside Spain. We would love to present our work in Czech republic.... We're sure you'd like it very much. 

About spanish fans... we all know each other. Every show is like lottery... some days venues are full, somedays are empty. People prefer to buy a 200 euros ticket to see a famous band at a festival from 100 meters away, than 10/15 euros for three Death Metal bands. 

And I can say for sure that spanish bands got a very high level, as much or more than the big international ones. It's a shame, but underground scene is dying in Spain, but well, we keep our heads up 

What about BLOODY BROTHERHOOD and gigs? What I was looking on the internet and you don't have much. I know it's all about finance, but wouldn't you be attracted by a European tour? I could imagine you as a support band for example AVULSED on some smaller tour. 

As you say it is a money problem, but not exclusively. You also have to manage the day works of each one. Death Metal doesn't give for a living. We have played in France and Portugal, but it is true that most of our concerts are in Spain, so I have commented above. We were invited to Gotemburgh Death Fest, but we couldn't finally go, that really hurt us a lot, so we hope to go someday. 

As soon as we do a tour supporting a band, we are with the economic problem again. Today supporting bands have to pay for the entire tour. And ok, if you have a lot of money saved and you sell tons of merch, you can consider it.... if you're 20 years old. But we're are old, we got mortgage, tons of bills to be payed... although we have a lot of anger and destruction left to let go in the form of music. 

That's the reason we still working to play outside Spain. We need a minimum conditions to be able to do it. As i said, we'd love to be able to play there and know the culture and landscapes. 

In Spain, we have played/toured with bands such as Mercyless, Sinister, Pentagram Chile, Obscura, Karonte, Aposento, Avulsed, Crisix, Angelus Apatriada or Blood Red Throne. 

I think "Don't Break the Circle" would look better as vinyl. Do you think about it? What is your relationship to vinyl, their sound? Are you a collector? 

Of course!! we would like to release "don't break the circle" on vinyl. 

Time ago we speak about with Kini from Dead Sheep Prods, but once again we face the economic problem. 

In Spain not to many people buy underground vinyl records, that's something can not understand because for me, vinyl sound is infinitely superior than a cd at all. Maybe i'm a romantic of music, but I sincerely feel that. 

By the way there is another problem... "Don't break the circle" is a very long run recording, so it must be a double LP, increasing a lot the production costs. For now, a limited edition is coming out on K7, in a very short time. But the double vinyl, believe me, it's in our heads.

Lately, a lot of young bands have started playing old school death metal again. Most of them are not good, but a few new, decent bands which understand about what death metal is we can found. Do you have a favorite one and you think that they can "revive old times"? 

Well, I don't think new bands will lift the Old School Death Metal scene. Basically because it was a very concrete time when very concrete things happened. There was no internet, people were physically moving to concerts, there was a lot of police repression. It was a time of tough political change, and both Thrash and Death Metal and later Grindcore found a reason to be existential. Anger and above all the attitude of those years will never return. 

Now everything is done at the stroke of a keyboard. People would rather watch Netflix than watch four or five bands live at an Underground concert hall. Still costing them less money than netflix subscription. I know people who haven't been to a concert, "because it was raining." That years ago was absolutely unthinkable. People today are very enclosed in their smartphones and pcs. I am, for example, a tech fan, I am passionate about it. But I'll never stay home watching TV, while I find an underground concert in my city or in the near cities. Nothing is better than a live concert in a small place drinking with your friends. 

We are approaching the end and I would try one more philosophical question. How would you define a style called „death metal“? What does this music mean for you and why did you choose to play death metal? 

escape route. It takes you out from the routine of life, and takes you to other dimensions, expels your inner demons, takes the rage out of your interior and transforms it into art. It's fucking therapy. After every rehearsal with the band, it's almost like I'm born again. Well when the rehearsal goes well hahaha... For me it's been a lifestyle from when I got out of bed until I get into it. Since the age of 14. I'm 46 years old now and I think the same as when I was 14. 

Do you follow the scene, do you like new albums? If yes what records get your attention recently? 

Following the scene is the key to the survival of the underground. Supporting as much as you can to underground bands. I am looking forward to the first album of Hybridmoon, a band from the Basque Country that fuses Death Metal, Thrash Metal and Metal in general. Keep it in mind. I'm also waiting for the new "Room" that's about to come out I hope. Of course we a re waiting for a new Karonte album. Also mention the band Fractality which plays brutal Death metal or the Galician Barbarian Prophecies that if you don't know them, you're taking too long. 

Do you know, do you listen to any bands from the Czech Republic? 

Well, to be honest now, I don't remember any. So I'd love you to give me a list of bands there and so I catch up on Czech's underground. I'd love to meet Death Metal bands. 

Thank you for the interview and I wish you good CD sales, hundreds of mad fans and a ton of good ideas. 

Thank you very much for this opportunity to show us in your country, which I hope to visit soon. Whether it's to give a concert or to drink something, or for both... See you on stage and remember... Don't break the circle.

Recenze/review - BLOODY BROTHERHOOD - Don't Break the Circle (2019):

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