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Interview - NUCLEAR - In South America the influence of religion - specifically catholic - is something very upsetting.

Interview with thrash metal band from Chile - NUCLEAR.

Answered Matias.

Translated and questions prepared by Duzl, thank you!

You recently came back from a tour called "Total thrash euro tour 2017, where did you promote your last two albums Formula for Anarchy and Jehovirous. You played about 23 concerts in ten different countries. How do you retrospectively review this tour? Where did you like the most, is there a concert you remember or would you prefer to forget? I hear you had some trouble entering the UK.

A. It is always a pleasure to come back to Europe and that's why we are trying to go there as much as we possibly can. To answer one of your questions, it is widely known that not every concert will have the same atmosphere or feedback from the audience but it is also true that at every gig you meet new people and you have to give your 100% onstage. Obviously those concerts with lots of people were great to us but those with less people sometimes end up as a surprise and that's what happened to us in this recent tour. I'm sure all promoters did their best to put the gigs together and we are glad and thankful for that. With regards to the UK border, yes, we did have some problems and couldn't make it to the concert on time. Cool thing was that we had the chance to go and talk to the label in London.

The previous album, Jehovirous, was released by Australis Records and started awareness about your band. In 2014 you got an offer from British label Candellight Records, how satisfied are you with their work when compared to the previous label? How may copies of your albums was released? As far as I know, Jehovirous was a very well-sold album, what about Formula for Anarchy?

A. It was definitely a big change for us. Candlelight's distribution is huge so Formula For Anarchy got to places we never thought it was going to get. We received countless of reviews from the metal media and as far as we know the album is sold out basically everywhere. As Candlelight was acquired by Spinefarm Records/Universal Music last year, the new process has been slow and difficult but we're pretty confident things will change in a short-term basis. We don't have information about numbers (copies sold) yet. 

The last album was released in 2015 after a long 5 years. When are you planning to release another album and will be released again by Candellight records?

A. Definitely sometime in 2018. We have some demos on new songs and we are working hard to get all done by the end of the year or beginning of the next. We have a 3-albums contract with Candlelight Records so yes, the new album will be released under Candlelight/Spinefarm Records.

Who is the main author of the music or are you composing together in rehersal room? Who is the autor of the lyrics? Why about war, violence, society and social issues?

A. Francisco & Sebastian do all the music backbone which later on bring to the rehearsal room. Everyone give their inputs and we finish the song. Lyrically, Francisco usually starts writing and get together with me to finish them. Why about those topics? Basically because those are the things that matter in life and those are the things we need to erradicate from this planet.

I know you're a big fan and collector of vinyl. What do you say about modern times and downloading music from the Internet, are you a supporter or opponent?

A. I’m not against those formats. For me, the main focus is to listen to the music, it doesn’t matter if you like tapes, CDs, vinyls or downloads. For example, I love vinyls or CDs but I cant travel with my turntable or my CD player everywhere, so I use downloads. My personal collection is CDs and LPs, but if there is another people who likes to download music, it’s ok. For me is another way to support the bands, spreading their work everywhere. It’s a question of personal preferences.

Why you did not release your last album on vinyl? Jehovirous was released after 5 years on vinyl,  do you plan the same with Formula for Anarchy?

A. It’s something we have in future plans, absolutely. Not only “Formula For Anarchy”, the other albums too. It’s a bit expensive to edit vinyls at least here in South America, but we’re working on that. If there is any label interested in our old albums to release some vinyl limited editions, just contact us.

Your music is greatly influenced by thrash of the 80‘s, so the roots are clearly given.What bands are you currently listening to? Is there something what attracted you in last time and what would you recommend?

A. We’re listening to a lot of bands. The new albums of Wolfbrigade, Expulsion, Cut Up, Evocation, Battlegrave, Vallenfyre, The Drip. I'm managing a blog with recommendations called "Musica Maldita" ("Cursed Music") so every week i discover new albums to share with my bandmates.

If I remember well, we met for the first time in 2014 in Brno where you played alongside Hirax and Bonded by Blood ... ever since you've played at several bigger events in the Czech Republic such as Brutal Assault, Obscene Extrem .nd this year you played as part of your tour at the Czech Death Fest . How did you like there?

A. Yeah! Great memories of Brno, that show was insane. I still remember when in the middle of our set the electricity goes off! And the people moshing just with the sound of the drums. But that gig was not our first time in Czech Republic. The first was in 2011 in Prague, our very first time in Czech Republic and Europe. The experience in Obscene Extreme and Brutal Assault was totally amazing, big festivals, good bands, nice and friendly people, we had great times there! In our last tour we've played at Czech DeathFest, another very cool festival, very well organized and again we felt the strong support of Czech headbangers. Cheers to Dan and all the Deathfest Crew!

You are a really active band and you have a lot of concerts. Is it really such a hunger formusic in South America as we say in Europe? Can you compare the South American scene with the European one and pinpoint the main differences?

A. South America has a huge metal scene. There are thounsands of bands doing an outstanding job and the audience is by far the most brutal and supportive when it comes to international main acts. Sadly for the local acts reality is a little bit different. To make a short comparison - for starters - we have borders between each country where bureaucracy may leave you all day waiting. Due to the long distances between cities, you always need to move on a plane. You hardly ever hear of a metal festival in South America. We got maybe 10 or 20 where only big acts perform. Why? It is not always cost-effective and definitely not profitable for small bands.

How big is the influence of religion on the metal scene in South America? Where is better for you to play - on the domestic scene or in Europe? About fans, are they going to concerts and supporting bands by buying albums and merchandise?

A. In South America the influence of religion – specifically catholic- is something very upsetting. I mean, there’s a lot of influence of catholic church in several governments all around this region of the world, they have direct influence in some decisions and they impose their terms to the governments to create and approve laws that benefits some sectors of society. We had some very shameful situations in the past, for example when catholic church pressed to Chilean governement to ban Iron Maiden gig in 1992 or when they tried to influence through lobby to reject the abortion law, and a lot more. In this kind of scenario, the influence to create music against them is huge. Most of the bands here had at least one song against the catholic church and their sick influence in everything. Most of the governments says there is a separation between church and state, but is bullshit. It's not true.

Talking about the fans it's a very hard question, because we love to play for both audiences, both are crazy, intense and everytime we've played in Europe we've felt like home, and we're very grateful of that. In every side we had a lot of support, in the gigs, with the merch, the albums. Maybe in Europe is more habitual to get merch in the gigs, but the South American scene is learning very fast to bring support the bands beyond the gigs, supporting bands by buying the records, the merch.

Nuclear, Pentagram, Criminal, Atomic Aggressor are for me bands which I have on my mind when somebody say „metal scene in Chile“ but all these bands have been playing for many years. How does it look with „young blood“ on the scene? I know only Oraculum, could you recommend some another band?

A. A very, very strong scene. A lot of young people supporting underground metal, organizing gigs, distributing records, managing blogs, webzines, fanzines and stuff. And a lot of very interesting bands too. Just to name a few: Dekapited, Ripper, Conflicted. Very good bands with good albums and touring outside the Chilean borders, the new -and healthy- blood of Chilean metal scene.

What are the plans of Nuclear in upcoming months? 

A. Basically keep working on new stuff. We have some concerts in Chile in the following months but we are 100% focused on having the new material ready by the end of the year. 

Thanks for the interview and for your time Matias, I hope we will meet again soon and have a drink as always ;)

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