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Interview - NECRODEATH - It is not a common concept of the new album, every song has its own story.

Interview with legendary black/thrash metal band from Italy - NECRODEATH.

Answered GL, Pier, Flegias and Peso.

Translated by Markéta, thank you!

Ave NECRODEATH! On March 9, 2018, you will released your new album „The Age of Dead Christ“ with Scarlet Records. As the title suggests, it will be a ride full of real black, thrash and old death metal again. When you left the studio, how did you feel? Please tell us, the fans, something about the new album. What are NECRODEATH about in 2018?

GL: This new album is inspired by the old 80s thrash black metal school and has its roots in our past. The composition of the album was very direct and instinctive, we composed in the rehearsal room in a few months and recorded everything without sampling or digital artifices. So the result is an album made up of very "live" songs played with passion.

I am just looking at your new video for the song “The Triumph of Pain” and I think to myself that you did a great job. Where did you film the music video? Tell us a little bit about the song.

GL: The Triumph of Pain" is the quietest song on the album, which describes the dark moments of depression. The video of the song was shot in different locations, internal and external, while we play in an old abandoned stable, in a beautiful building in northern Italy

I have your new album in my house from your label to do a review. I have not finished it yet but so far I loved what I have heard. What I have always liked about you is that you are not only orthodox and real but you do not forget sold and dark melodies. Who is the author of your music and how NECRODEATH compose and create new songs?

PIER: We composed most of the music together, jamming in studio for a long time and than choosing best ideas. This is our main way of composing. Often Peso start with some drums patterns, or melodic ideas and I follow him with the guitar. Than we complete the arrangements with Gl and Flegias. About the lyrics Peso and Flegias are the only authors.

What I enjoy about the new album is the sound which is raw and “dusty”. Where did you record the album, mixed and who did the production?

GL: the album was recorded in the studios of our guitarist Pier, at the MusicArt Studio in Rapallo (Ge) and for us it was easy and quick to record in one of our studios without set time limits. In fact, from the rehearsal room we used to record a demo which was then rearranged and finally recorded in its final version. We decided not to use metronome or effects in post production because we wanted a sound as raw and faithful as possible to what we play live. We have recorded and mixed everything very quickly, to keep the raw songs.

Also the cover of the album really surprised me. If I understand there are crucified figures on a hill? The cover is simple and slightly dark. What is it supposed to show? Who painted it?

FLEGIAS: I've drawn it by myself. I have a company that deals with music videos and bands graphic called Morbid Vision. I wanted to recreate that drawings and graphics which were in style during the '80s in the black/thrash underground scene. We wanted to obtain the same impact of Hellhammer's “The Triumph Of Death” demotape so I just took that drawing and tried to recreate it with the target we've chosen. The cover album represents the crucifixion, the instant of Christ's death and the concept is very simple: associate the years of our career (33) with the age of his death. Frequently here in Italy we like to associate numbers to cabal symbols, for example the number 48 is the “talking dead”, the number 90 means fear...and 33 is the age of Christ. Since we formed in 1985, the matching is clear.

In your lyrics you sing about Satanism, occultism, death and violence. What are the lyrics on the new album about? What is the main topic and idea of “The Age of Dead Christ”?

FLEGIAS: It is not a common concept of the album, every song has its own story. Death and violence are unfortunately the daily report of every tv news all around the's not because we are happy to talk about these things, we are not sadists and we condemn every kind of violence. We just describe the harsh reality that surrounds us in this world. Even when we talk about things happened in the past, we always try to relate them to these days and to stand out how stupid a man can be in repeating the mistakes of the past. Religious lyrics too, are not connected to a very basest satanism, but we encourage people to think with their own mind, without being influenced by those jokes told by a so-called “wiseman” 2000 years ago. All must be read under an allegorical vision without paying attention to appearances.

I cannot help myself and I have to ask. You play metal style which is strongly against Christianity. You live in Italy which is considered a strong catholic country. Do you have any problems there? Can you be promoted on TV or in the newspapers? How is the life in Italy affected by Christianity?

GL: In Italy our kind of music is banned from TV and national daily, but is followed only at the underground level by fans of the genre. Obviously in a country where the Vatican is present, we had some problems playing in some festivals, especially in southern Italy, but we do not worry and we continue to say what we think.

NECRODEATH have been playing for 33 years. Christ´s years, right, haha! When you look back and think about your beginnings, what was the main impulse to play metal? Which bands influenced you at the beginning?

GL: Exactly! In fact, the new album refers to where it all began for us .... We have always been influenced by the old 80s metal school, and we grew up listening to the early work of bands like Slayer, Venom, Possessed etc ... At the beginning like all the boys, we played for the passion about music, but over the years we have used this medium to make our ideas known.

You first album was done in 1987 (“Into the Macabre”) and another in 1989 (“Fragments of Insanity”) and they belong among all metal jewels. Do you remember how did you compose and recorded those albums? Were you earnest and ready to go to the studio or were you more like a group of “animals” who recorded everything in more punk way? Please, remember something for us, how was metal history done!

PESO:  When we start to compose of course we relay didnt know that we were playng something really new here in Italy...there were only other two band in that time 84-85 togheter with us Buldozer and Schizo... anyway Claudio and me compose these two album that til now are our best seller.

Let´s stay in the history…how do you perceive the differences between the present and your beginnings? Everything has changed – technology, sound, recording studios, we have the internet and music downloading. How have those changes affected your band? Did you have to adapt a lot?

GL: In 30 years everything has changed in music .... in the 80s not everyone could afford to have a musical instrument, form a band and record a record .... now everything is easier. In fact, 30 years ago, there were a lot less bands and so they could get noticed better, now it's not like that anymore, we're saturated with millions of bands that often do not offer anything interesting. In addition, the Internet has helped the diffusion of music on the one hand, and on the other has changed the way we listen to it and get it. Of course, even the Necrodeath have had to adapt over time, both for recordings and for production and promotion, we are aware that technology can help you but can also suffocate you.

I follow your Facebook page and I know about your concerts but honestly, there is not much outside of Italy. Why is that? Is it because you do not want to or because of money? What about some tour to support your new album around Europe and go to the Czech Republic?

GL: In the past we have often played in Europe, but it is not always easy to organize a tour, a bit for our personal commitments, a bit because there are costs to be incurred and not all promoters can do it. However, this year we will play in France in Lyon in France and in October in the Czech Republic, for individual concerts. We are always available to play anywhere, as long as there are the right conditions to do it.

I feel that extreme styles are very popular in Italy. Especially death metal bands there are amazing! I receive a lot of new album for reviews, I do many interviews and I feel that your scene is very strong. But that is my point of view of a person who does not live in Italy. How do you feel about that? What about concerts, promoters, clubs, shops with extreme metal music?

GL: Yes there are many good underground bands here in Italy but always less local where you can play this kind of music. We are invaded by tribute bands and it is increasingly difficult and rare to find promoters and locals who appreciate original music. The extreme Italian scene has fallen in the last 10 years, even if we have a close circle of fans that always follows us.

Thank you so much for the interview and I wish your album great selling, your concerts to be sold out. I am looking forward to see you at some concert. I wish you also luck in your personal life. Let the force guide you! NECRODEATH FOREVER!

PIER: Thank you for this interview! We also wish you all the best! We hope to meet you and all your readers soon for a Necrodeath gig! Check out our killer album "The Age of Dead Christ" and our music video "Triumph of Pain"!

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