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Interview - FETO IN FETUS - On the new album, the lyrics oscillate around the themes of serial killers as well as some current topics in the world.

Interview with death/grind band from Poland - FETO IN FETUS.

Answered Michal.

Translated by Petra, thank you!

Ave FETO IN FETUS! At this moment I’m listening to your new album “From Blessing to Violence” and I must say that it’s really great. In what did you register the move forward, development in comparison to the previous record? Had you had some conception of sound you wanted to achieve and how are you satisfied with the result? 

Michal: Ahoj! Thanx for good words! We worked on the new album for 6 months, it was an exhausting work for me. I am very happy with the effects we have achieved. We are moving forward, we are developing, music is faster, more brutal and is more interesting. 

History of your band started in 2004. How actually the idea to play death metal was born? Who was your favorite musician, band in that time? Please, try to remember for our readers! How actually is to represent a death/grind band in Poland? 

Michal: Yes, FETO IN FETUS started in 2004. Group of people with the same musical interests decided to form a band. We wanted to play fast and brutally. I like death metal, grindcore and many more brutal genres. I have many favorite bands: Suffocation, Immolation, old Napalm Death, Obituary, Cephalic Carnage, Devourment ... there are too many of them to mention. In Poland death metal is very popular, black metal too. In each extreme genre you will find something interesting. The death/grind scene is also not bad, classic death metal is more popular though. 

In which manner the new material for „From Bleessing to Violence“ was written, created? How exactly FETO IN FETUS writes the music? I am interested in the specific process of creation of the new tracks. 

Michal: The new album was created at home (sketch), later we refined the songs in the rehearsal room. We created previous albums in the rehearsal room. This time we changed the way of writing. The drummer has changed, and with him the way of work. At first, we created line of guitars , later drums and vocals. 

In death metal the lyrics are often neglected. Could you reveal us what is the background of lyrics at the latest album and who is their author? Are you trying to tell something via the lyrics and/or give some message? 

Michal: We have put the lyrics inside the album for the first time. The lyrics are always written by vocalist Widzik. On the new album, the lyrics oscillate around the themes of serial killers as well as some current topics in the world. We do not bring any big message, our lyrics are also short and fast like our songs, so it's hard to see the greater message. 

Who is an author of the cover art for new album „From Blessing to Violence“? I really like his job on the cover. How were you actually choosing this art on the cover? 

Michal: Front cover was created by Black Team Media from Poland. We wanted to have a photo on the front cover. We did not want to go on a popular route and use drawn covers. Now everyone has black metal sketched graphics, it did not suit us. 

I guess you have made a big step concerning the sound. This is exactly the sound, which I am satisfied with. Disruptive, readable, dynamic and at the same time disordered and dirty. This your present form fits you the best. Where did you record the new material and who did take care of resulting mixing and so on? 

Michal: THX so much! All Feto In Fetus albums were recorded by myself in my studio. I was mixing them too. I've been working with sound for a long time, from year to year I learn more and more. 

The new album was released via Polish label Selfmadegod Records. Why did you choose this label and how you are satisfied with this cooperation? 

Michal: Selfmadegod is the best label for us. SMG have a good distribution and are trying to promote bands. We are satisfied with this cooperation. 

I didn’t want to ask, but I must. Why there is so long break between the albums? From 2004, when your band was found, you released only 3 long-playing albums. Why actually only 3? 

I know, 3 albums is too less, but we had lineup problems. Between the 1st and 2nd album there were changes of the vocalist and the bassist. Between the 2nd and 3rd album the drummer changed. We have lost a lot of time. I hope that these problems are behind us. 

Nowadays the most people used to download the new records from the internet and listen to only their digital form. What is your view on this problematic? I’m interested in your opinion as a musician. 

Michal: There is a lot of music now, one can not buy everything on cd. I'm trying to buy all my favorite albums. Nothing can replace the smell of a printed cover. The generation is changing, young people do not feel the phenomenon of collecting real albums. 

If I am right, you have already played in the Czech Republic once, it has been with DYSANGELIUM in Pardubice. Do you remember this show? Did you enjoy this concert? Are you planning the tour to support the new album and if yes, are you visiting also our country? 

Michal: We played a few times in Czech Republic with Hypnos and Christ Agony. I remember this gig very good, the afterparty was also fucking great. Sea of beer and Smažený sýr s hranolkami a tatarskou omáčkou, hehe. We want to play as much as possible, if someone from Czech Republic invites us, we will be happy to play. 

Can you recommend some new albums, which impressed you in the latest time? 

Michal: A few albums: Lock Up - Demonization(powerful and pugnacity), Five The Hierophant - Over Phlegethon (mesmerizing), Antigama - Depressant (intensity and power), Fit For An Autopsy - The Great Collapse (fucking great sound), Strychnia - Into the Catacombs (very nice album and great sound), The Crown - Cobra Speed Venom (great album just like Hell Is Here). There is really a lot of it, I discover old albums anew... 

Do you know and listen to some metal bands from the Czech Republic? 

Michal: Yes, I know a lot of Czech bands. My favorite are Epicardiectomy, Gutalax, Jig-Ai and Krabathor. 

What FETO IN FETUS is planning for the next few months? 

Michal: We released the new album and we've recorded 2 music videos (check them on Selfmadegod Youtube Chanel). Now we want to play as many gigs as possible. We will also be happy to play in the Czech Republic. 

Thank you for the interview and I wish you a lot of sold CDs, hundreds of crazy fans and tons of great ideas. 

Michal: Thx for support Bro! Thank you very much for interview. See you at shows. Greetings to deathgrind maniacx from Czech Republic.

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