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Interview - PUTERAEON - We’re just happy to contribute the scene any way we can and we will continue doing so.

Interview with Swedish death metal band PUTERAEON.

Answered Anders Malmström.

Translated and questions prepared by Petra, thank you!

Hello PUTERAEON! How are you guys? Is it something new in a PUTERAEON headquarters? Share it with your fans! 

Hail Deadly Storm! We are doing just fine, finishing the details of the physical release of ”The Dunwich Damnation” 12”. We will hopefully be getting some new merchandise along in time for the release which is set for June 29’th of 2018. The LP is already on spin through digital medias, so do a search there to see if it suits your taste. 

I have registered the new EP is on his way to be released. Last year you also released only EP. When are you planning to record a further full-length album? I think this mini format of albums (Eps, splits) is very popular in let’s say “underground” community. Do you agree with that? What was the reason for releasing the EP again? 

It’s maybe not a strange thing that 7” are popular these days, the investment for record companies are not that big and the often do sell good I guess, at least compared to how CD sales are these days. However, this time the release will be a 12”, five new songs to fit the format! And it also fits the format for our record company ”Growls from the Underground”. Probably we will collaborate in the future to release a full length album, but as always, time will tell. 

And how are you satisfied with the new material? I saw at metal-archives that Dan Swanö took care of the mix and mastering of the previous record. Is the situation same at the new EP? How did this collaboration succeed to you and how did it take place? This year I saw so many albums with Swano’s work. I cannot imagine how this man can manage all the things... 

Yes of course we are proud of the new songs. And we’ve started to incorporate them into our live set and they sure grow even more when performed on stage.

The recording was done the same way this time, we recorded everything at Studio Hatecraft - our own studio. And sent the finished material to Dan Swanö yet again. He did get to do what he wanted with the mix and mastering as long as he just continued where the ”Providence” EP left off. Just listen to the songs and you’ll know this is how we are supposed to sound like! Mr Swanö is one of the legends! 

What is your attitude to PUTERAEON? Is the playing in the band mainly a hobby for you or is it a serious job to write music and spread it everywhere with some specific message? 

Puteraeon will never pay any of our bills, anything we earn from the band goes back into the band, so yeah - calling it a hobby is legit I’d say. We just want our music to be heard, and to be spread among the scene and the cost for doing so is something we pay for ourselves. We’re just happy to contribute any way we can and we will continue doing so. 

You must be good friends, your line-up didn't change much during your existence. Are you friends also in regular lives? Are you going for beer, to concerts etc. together? 

Yeah, the scene wasn’t that big back in the days and that’s when we got to know each other. From previous bands, gigs etc our paths did cross several times and me and Daniel even had a band together in the early nineties. And as we all live in the same small town these days, we of course do some non-band stuff from time to time. 

How do you remember your beginnings, when did you decide that you want to play some musical instrument? Which your favorite band was the biggest inspiration at that time? 

It was actually the hard rock bands in the early eighties that got me hooked. Mötley Crüe in particular. And also Iron Maiden and Metallica was early encounters that inspired me. They didn’t get me involved in any bands or so but that’s what made me realize my taste in music. My first instrument however was the fucking flute in a municipal musical class. Imagine 20 youngsters trying to play a song in sync, not very good at hitting the notes, but eager to please the teacher. This was Sweden in the eighties municipal music classes - more or less mandatory to do some sort of instrument and flute in particular. And that’s where it started. And maybe also ended, as it had nothing to do with what was to come later. 

Last year was marked as a “year of death metal” at a lot of websites, a huge amount of awesome death metal albums was released. Do you get used to make some album summarization at the end of the year? What was the biggest surprise or what album was the best for you? 

I do agree that last year, or maybe the last couple of years, the scene has really developed. Not only death metal. But the extreme genres in all. It’s almost a paradox as the industry surrounding the bands really struggle. I really am not doing any summary per say nor put out any list or whatever but there are several bands such as Immolation, Tribulation, Grift that all released great albums. 

In your free time, do you prefer death metal or generally metal or do you like also other kind of music? 

I have a vast varied taste, and it needs to be for me to, well, function good. But the essence is metal. And whenever it is majestic or atmospheric or imaginative as part of the creative process of the band/artist - it usually appeals to me. And also that the production fits the music is key. The early swedish and US death metal scenes are examples of that, and also the norwegian black metal scene, Darkthrones ”Under a funeral moon” is one masterpiece that incorporates all said elements. 

With which bands did you play during your career? Which concert do you appreciate most and which band you would like to play with? Do you remember a certain concert or club, which was special and you can’t forget on it, whether in the positive or negative meaning? 

Oh, damn, I have played with and among a lot of bands. That’s for sure. But for Puteraeon we’ve had, in the recent years, the pleasure to play with Entombed AD, Sportlov, The Crown, Nifelheim, Incarceration and had a few treks with Revel In Flesh to name just a few. And memorable moments are hard to differentiate as all have there own thing so to speak. But festival gigs such as Party San and Gefle Metal Festival have left us with good times memories. 

And what about concerts now, are you planning some European tour? 

Nothing official yet but we are planning for a shorter balkan/eastern europe tour, it will happen I think but we are looking into it with a promotor when it can happen, I’d say probably next year! Other than that we are more or less open for offers at the moment! 

I am very curious, whether you have some unusual hobby in your free time? I am sure that you don’t play the instruments all the time. What is actually your job in regular life? 

That’s correct, we are all workers by trade. Ranging from graphical/moving media industry to the automobile industry to the electronics industry to the geotechnical industry. Our daytime jobs is what pays for the band so to speak!

We all have our families to take care of so there’s maybe not that much time to engage in other activities for us. But I guess for me, whenever possible I run Ultras and try to do historical crafts and reenactments, maybe unusual maybe not. 

Try to imagine that you play your very last show on the stage. Where should be this concert, who should attend this show and which song would you like to play as your last one in your life? 

As for Puteraeon, this one gig would of be situated at Latitude 47° 9′ S, Longitude 126° 43′ W and be invoked with the words: ”In his house at R'lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming”. Then our mission would have come full circle! 

Thank you very much for the interview. I wish you all the best and I hope you will also visit Czech Republic and Slovakia in the near future. 

Thank you for the time taken and the interest in us. Sooner or later, we will for sure come to the Czech Republic and Slovakia!! 


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