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Interview - CRUCIFIER - I focus a lot on ideas of the Devil and sickness in society or even fantasy.

Interview with death/black metal band from USA - CRUCIFIER.

Answered Cazz Grant.

Translated by Duzl, thank you!

Questions prepared Jakub Asphyx. 

Recenze/review - CRUCIFIER - Thy Sulfur Throne on High (2018):

Have CRUCIFIER! On July 29, 2018 Deathrune Records released your new album "Thy Sulfur Throne on High". As the name suggests, it is again a whirlwind of honest black, thrash and old death metal. When did you go out of studio, how did you feel? Introduce a little bit your new album to your fans. What are CRUCIFIER in 2018? 

Finishing up in the studio I was happy. As with most recordings, I felt like we could have done more with performance and production, but overall I think the sound captures what we went for. The new one has a different feel than the debut. Although Crucifier releases are always us, this one has more of a black metal/GBKish kind of feel. We have a newer lineup which brought back a previous 90s member and has really brought some freshness to our sound. 

I have your new album home for review. So far, I don't listen it so much yet, but what I have heard so far has swept me and I sit on my ass. I've always like on your band that you are not just orthodox and true, but you do not forget even on the cold and dark melodies. Who is the author of the music and how do you compose and create new CRUCIFIER songs? 

Thank you. I compose a great percentage of the songs, but the other guys contribute riffs also. So, it's becoming a brotherhood effort. Most times I'll sit at home with the guitar and just video record riffs then compile them later to try and arrange. Any riffs that the other guys have gets thrown in the mix the best I can and then we rehearse them, and add or subtract parts as we see fit. I come up with titles and lyrics. 

I really enjoyed a very raw and "mangy" sound on the new album. Where did you record and mix the album and who is signed under the production? 

We actually had this opportunity to record in our own rehearsal “jam space” with the help of an old friend and member of the local Philly band Polterchrist, Kevin McClintock. He brought his equipment over to our place and set up the microphones and the rest was history. Over the course of the next few months after drums were done, we pieced together the rest of the instruments. Vocals and leads finalized the whole process, then Kevin spent a couple months on mixing and mastering. Matei of Deathrune Recordings is the boss on this one, as he was on our debut too! Good man to work with. 

I am also interested about the cover of the album. If I understand it well, so it is a scene from an old occult book. Cover is hell, dark and mysterious like your new album. What does this idea mean? And who painted it? 

Not sure of the actual scene, but the idea and artwork came from the mind of classic artist Mark Riddick! He's known for many many albums and designs throughout the underground. I told him the title I was running with and he came back with this art, and it was perfect. Didn't have to give any thoughts or opinions on it! 

As a band, you are dealing with Satanism, occultism, death, violence. What are the lyrics about on the new recording? What is the main theme and idea of "Thy Sulfur Throne on High"? 

I don't think I came up with any one theme for this one. I just ran with that title and felt it had a sound to me that personified Crucifier. I focus a lot on ideas of the Devil and sickness in society or even fantasy. Lately I just run with words, and just do my best to have the music fit the prose. 

I have to ask. You play a metal style that is strongly against Christianity. You live in the United States, which is considered to be a strong Christian country (at least it makes me feel like it from the media). Do you have any problems with it? Do you get space on TV, in newspapers? How is life in your country affected by Christianity? 

I was born and raised Catholic, and that means a lot of “punishment” growing up. But you learn much about it to use their ideologies against them when you come into your own as a teenager. So I started to distance myself away from that church, much to the dismay of my mother. Also though, being Catholic really helps you become fervent in your pursuit of becoming blasphemous! So I used their books and words against them and motivated myself to have a band that would help me show the proper disdain towards them! I think we got some small press once or twice in the local paper over the years. But overall we keep it all Underground! My life is not affected by the Christians. 

CRUCIFIER are on scene for 28 years. That's a long time for the band! When you look back and remember your beginnings, what was the first impulse that you chose to play metal? Which bands influenced you in your beginnings? 

Seems like just yesterday that a couple buddies and myself started Crucifier! But I think it was 1982 when I first got into metal, with Ozzy's Blizzard of Ozz. And since that first day discovering that album I have never stopped!! Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Infernal Majesty, Slayer, Sodom, Bathory, Agent Steel, Candlemass and so many others got me started and inspired me. 

Your first 1991 demos ("Humans Are Such Easy Pray" and "Crown of Thorns") rightly belong to metal jewels. Do you still remember what style they have been created? Were you conscientious, ready to go to a studio or a bunch of "animals" that treated everything in the punk style? Remember, please, how metal history was created! 

Underground metal was very young in those times. And so were we. And the help I got from young members in Crucifier, along with our influences, helped create the style that we slowly formed over time. I think we were very young and aggressive in 1990 but by 1992 and the Crown demo, we started to show our professionalism. We wanted to record properly but also keep our more sick underground sound. I think we carried that over into even this new release! 

When we stay in the history, how do you perceive the differences between the present and your beginnings? Everything has changed - technology, sound, recording studios, internet, downloading music. How did these changes work out for the band? Did you have to adapt a lot? 

I'm an elitist at heart. And I long for the old days of recording and sounds, etc. However I too have embraced the new school of internet and technology. It does help in sharing music with mates and getting a strong foothold on new fans. I think it helps us in the long run. Easier recording ways, and better sounding equipment, so I don't hold any contempt for the new age. I being the oldest member of the band have had to adapt to the new times, but I am a resilient person, so it's all good! 

I'm following your Facebook and I'm informed about your concerts, but to tell you the truth, outside of the US you do not play so often. What's the cause? Is the main reason, money? What about a tour to promote a new album in Europe with a stop in the Czech Republic? 

Usually money is the main factor. That and work and family kinda can keep you at home instead of doing worldwide shows. Crucifier would love to play shows away from America but money probably is the main factor. It takes too much cash to fly 4 guys with their equipment to foreign lands. So, if the finances were there, I believe that we'd play many other places in the world! I don't think that we could do any lengthy touring mainly for the fact that we all have jobs and families to care for. If only these opportunities were available when we were still living with our parents! haha 

Seems to me in last time, that, as far as extreme styles are concerned, it really works out in the US again. Especially the death metal bands are great! I'm receiving new albums for reviews, I am doing interviews and feeling like your scene is very strong. But this is my view of a person who lives outside the United States. What is your opinion? What about concerts, promoters, clubs, shops of extreme metal music there in USA? 

I have a stronger love for older death metal from the US. Lately though promoters and shops are stepping up their game around these states. I think Texas and New England still have tight scenes. But it's hit or miss for the most part. I think the US has some gems but Europe still controls the top of the heap! 

Thank you very much for the interview and I wish not only to the new album excellent selling. Whether your concerts are sold out as well. I will look forward to seeing you on one of them. I wish you all good in your personal lives. Let the strength to follow you! CRUCIFIER FOREVER! 

Thank you brother! I hope to get us over there one day in the next year or two. I think it would be wise for us to get to at least play a few shows outside this lonely USA! Best of luck and keep in touch always!!

Recenze/review - CRUCIFIER - Thy Sulfur Throne on High (2018):

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