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Interview - DECEASED - The underground deserves honesty and good folks!

Interview with legendary band DECEASED from USA.

Answered Kingsley "King" Fowley.

Questions prepared and translated by Duzl, thank you!

Recenze/review - DECEASED - Ghostly White (2018):

Hi Kingsley! 
In the middle of November your eighth long-playing album "Ghostly White" come out, under this title we can imagine whatever, can you explain us what is going on and get closer to the concept of the whole album? 

Not really a concept, more so just a collection of dark-tinged songs dealing with fictional and non-fictional topics. You get everything from stories of haunted houses and entities to drug abuse and the legend of the boogeyman and my take on why it was created. 

What are the feedbacks to the new album so far? Are you interested about feedbacks on your recordings from fans, do you read a reviews and do they have some special meaning for you and are you thinking later if something else could be done – or done differently, or are you absolutely satisfied with each recording and are you happy with it? 

I read them all good and bad. This record has gotten a good amount of praise so far. People saying they like the attack and the various influences of sound from thrash to heavy metal to some punk rock also. I’m proud of the songs we’ve created and everyone hears music their own ways. I don’t live on reviews good or bad. I just read them to see a certain persons take on the music we’ve created. 

You and Mike are composing music and writing lyrics, is it the same on this new recording or did something change? Where did you record and who is signed under the sound and mastering? 

It’s very much the same with Shane Fuegal also contributing to the writing. We did the record at Oblivion studios where we recorded “fearless”, “supernatural” and “mourners’ records. Mike Bossier is the engineer there and I produced the record. 

The past album was released under your own label Shrieks from the Hearse, this year you came back to Headbangers Record, why this change? And how does it look with your own label right now? 

We did the last one as we were between labels. Hells Headbangers is a fantastic label and friends and offered us a deal that would pay for our recordings and get the product any and everywhere. The label we created is around if ever needed but we are very happy with h.h records. 

Unfortunately, your drummer Dave "Scarface" Castillo has died tragically recently. I am really sorry for your loss! It's still a quite fresh matter, despite this could you tell us please what impact this will have on the continue of DECEASED? Did you get an idea that you would be sitting behind drums again? 

One of my best friends on earth. Life is a wild, wild run. His drumming on record and live was incredible and he will be missed. I know he would want us to go on and we are. We have picked up a pal Amos Rifkin to play drums live and we’ll see how al falls into place slowly but surely. I write all the drum parts anyway so if it comes down to me having to record them in studio on albums, so be it. Only time will tell. 

You said in some interview that your collection is about 4000 CD's, 5000 LP's, and once that you even had 10,000 LP's, how do you get it statistically now? Did you really hear all the vinyls and CDs you own or are you just collecting them? 

I must play my music. I didn’t purchase them to praise them or me. It’s about the music. I have had probably as high as 15,000 records at my most. I am much down over the years due to obtaining the music on cd or just moving some on. Probably have 4,000 or so these days. Mainly the private pressed stuff never put onto cd format. Space is the obstacle with collecting records. I had to rent storage spaces and rethink my house layouts over the years from them. As for cds I probably have about 3,000 of them still. 

You are a big horror fan, can you reveal the name of a modern director, whose work you really like and his work inspired you in music, and tell us why? 

As for a newer horror director I was really into Alexander Aja for a bit a decade or so back. Then he let up and got soft and assembly line-ish. No one director inspires my music so much. Films for sure do, but not really a director in general. It would be neat to put Argentos ‘colors’ inside our sound though:)).

I remember your concert in Prague (Czech Republic) during your first European tour in April 2014 in Modrá Vopice. You played alongside with Heaving Earth and Mörkhimmel, do you remember that gig? 

Yes I do! We were coming from keep it true fest and it was late in the day the day of show, still no one comes to pick us up at hotel in Germany. Suddenly a guy shows up and says he will drive us to the gig in Prague. He drives 150 mph all the way there cranking Sabbath and Voivod all the while. We made it with minutes to spare and had a great gig with some great beef stew food too. crowd was very good and a really rocking good time. After the gig we stayed in town at a hotel that had half the walls missing and you could see into the streets in some of the rooms. The balcony also was loose and we felt we would fall. Great times! We must get back!!! 

Have you been playing again in Europe ever since? 

I have not seen you anywhere. We have not returned as of yet. If we don’t get over for at least a week this year, we will make it priority in 2020. 

Do you still remember your very first concert, as DECEASED? Could you tell us how it was, where did it happen and how many people came to see you? 

The first show ever was a living room party as a three piece, no bass summer of 1986. I didn’t even sing from drums. We set up played Bathory, Sodom, Slayer, Hirax, and Motorhead covers along with about 5 of our own songs. Friends watched and drank. We tossed off firecrackers and smoke bombs in the living room ha,ha. Our first show on a stage in a club was in 1989 in Washington d.c. we played first and most of our pals missed us as we went early. There were maybe 25 people in the room at the time we played. It was cool to hear the songs through a real p.a and the lights and all made it wild. It was a fun memory and set the wheel in motion. 

You are quite active on social media. Where do you see the positive and negative which they brings into the underground metal scene, when you compare it with the "stone age" in your beginnings? Do you think back about times when you begin or are you looking more ahead? 

For me passion and sincerity is always top priority, so many hanger-ons and people in it for a minute. I’m always going to be part of the underground and when I see liars, cheats, rip offs I call them out. We don’t need viruses and cancers in the scene. On the other hand it’s great to see the spirit of some of the younger generation keeping the metal spirit flying high. The internet keeps us all only a type away. This interview happened because of it and many things else both good and bad will happen because of it. There’s also google metalheads that think they know it all because they read some pages from the past of heavy metal. It takes more than knowledge, it takes that passion I mentioned earlier. The underground deserves honesty and good folks! 

Can you tell me what to expect from DECEASED in the Future? Some plans and visions? When are you coming to play to Europe again? How difficult is it for you to get to the European tour, is it about money, offers, or about to found a right musicians to play with live show, or some another reasons...? 

We’d love to get back to Europe, anyone reading that can help pleas get in touch. We do as many gigs as we can all over the world and it’s just a matter of setting it all up within our schedules as life gives us houses and wives and kids and work. We have to work within reality sadly. But we want to gig all over the world, so anyone reading that can truly help, please get in touch. As far as things we will do. Working on part 2 of our ‘rotten to the core’ punk rock covers record as well as a thrash metal one as well. Working in our new drummer with gigs here in the United States and slowly we start writing for our next record of original material too. 

And the last question at the end ... the previous album was released after six years, last album after seven years, does it mean that we will have to wait eight years for the next one? :)) 

Mike the guitarist had a very busy decade of work. He worked many years overseas and we had very little chance to write and rehearse new material, But soon he retires from all his hard work and we concentrate more on the records. Time will be better for him then! We will get on it and stay on it. Gotta keep on rocking:)).

Thank you for your time and answers! I really appreciate it! I wish you a lot of success with your new album and hope to see you soon somewhere on the European stage again! The last words are yours ..! 

Thank you for the support! Stay wild, ugly, and most of all loud!!!!! Cheers to all!~ UP THE TOMBSTONES!!!

Recenze/review - DECEASED - Ghostly White (2018):

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