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Interview - MASS INFECTION - At this time, lyrics are more into dark entities and people's most horriffying nightmares.

Interview with brutal death metal band from Greece - MASS INFECTION.

Answered Nick Lytras.

Translated by Petra, thank you!

Questions prepared Jakub Asphyx.

Recenze/review - MASS INFECTION - Shadows Became Flesh (2018):
Ave MASS INFECTION! I'm just listening to your new album "Shadows Became Flesh" and I think it is really great. Where do you see the progress from the previous album? Which kind of sound did you want on the album and how satisfied are you with the result? 

Hello and thank you for your comment. I can see progrees on several parts of this album. From riffing and composing to recording and final production. Yes, we are really satisfied for "Shadows Became Flesh". I think we succeed to deliver the music and atmosphere we had thought from the beginning.

The history of the band going back to 2003. How did the idea of playing brutal death metal originate? Who were your idols? Please remember for us! How it is like to be a death metal band in Greece? 

We enjoyed very much playing death metal from those days. The early 00' was the golden era of Brutal Death Metal in my opinion. Tons of great bands here and there. Our influences was mostly from the 90's death metal and from several bands of the 00' brutal death metal scene. Too many to mention but i can tell you some names like Death, Hate Eternal, Origin and many more. 

How has the new material for "Shadows Become Flesh" been created? Can you tell us something about creating/composition process of MASS INFECTION? 

Most of this album composed last year from George and me. The way we work on each album is first of all the gathering of riffs. Most of them composed by George and some parts from me. After all we are trying to compose a specific track from start to finish. You know we are testing riffs focused on a specific motive we want for each track and thinking on how's the drums will go on this. We are making a basic drum machine and after that we send it to other members. After that we are rehearsing and many ideas came out on every track. That's the way we are working on in every album.

In death metal sometimes one forgets about lyrics. What are the lyrics on the new album about and who is their author? Are you trying to communicate something by them, to deliver some message? 

Lyrics once again written by our former bass player Victor, who's technically not in the band, but he is behind the lyrical theme of Mass Infection until now. At this time, lyrics are more into dark entities and people's most horriffying nightmares. He's really doing great job! 

Who is the author of the cover for the news release "Shadows Became Flesh"? I like his work very much. How did you choose the motif for cover? 

Credits are going to a new and very talented Greek painter called Maximos Manolis. He's work is really admirable. We saw his work and on that time we was really sure that this cover fits 100% exactly of what's we have thought. The atmosphere and colours on his work (oil paint on canvas) are really dark and sinister.

You made again a big progress in sound of MASS INFECTION. This is exactly the sound that suits me. Distinctive, readable, dynamic and at the same time unclean and dirty. In this form, it absolutely fits to you. Where did you record and who is signed under the resulting of mix, etc.? 

Thank you very much for you comment. Album recorded during summer 2018 at our own studios (INFECTED STUDIOS) by George. Recordings took about a month. "Shadows Became Flesh" recorded and mixed by George as i told and mastered by Alan Douches (Death, Deicide, Hate Eternal) from West West Side Music in New York.

When I go through your discography you have really gone a long way. It's possible to see that you're working hard as a band. How often are you meeting at rehearsal room? Are you an honest band that regularly meets in rehersal room or you have it more in free regime? 

Unfortunately rehearsals are a part of Mass Infection that is difficult since the beginning. I can't remember a period of Mass Infection with daily rehearsals for more than 2-3 days. We are living in different cities in Greece so we can't see each other really often. Nowdays this part has the same difficulty cause Giulio is living in Italy so, fullband's rehearsal is not really often. We are working mostly with stringed instruments and then we are arranging some full band's rehearsals. All these years we've worked on this way.

Death metal is not exactly a style that would be on the spotlight for the fans. It a reason why support is really important. In the old days I have fixed that a favorite group is supported by buying CDs, t-shirts, going to a concert. But the time has changed. The world is ruled by internet and downloading music. How do you perceive these changes as a band? Did you have to adapt somehow your operation? What about fans are they as well different? 

I think that when you really want to support a band you shall do what you have told. It's a world of difference between a physical and a digital copy. You can use internet for downloading yes, but if you like it, buy it. It's the only earning a band has. Specially in the underground!

You've already played in Czech Republic - in 2016 at METALGATE CZECH DEATHFEST! Do you still remember how you liked the concert? What about some tour to promote a new album? If you have some plan for a tour are you coming again back to our country? 

Yes of course i can remember, it was a great festival nearby the lake. Great! We love Czech Republic and hopefully we will come over for some gigs maybe. Nothing arranged yet. Yes we are planning a european tour in 2019. As soon as it's officially booked, it will be announced! 

What about some new album that got your attention in recent time? 

I enjoyed very much some new releases from Monstrosity, Marduk, 1914 and Obliteration.

What are the plans of MASS INFECTION for upcoming months? 

Rehearsing and booking shows wherever is possible! 

Thank you for your interview and wish you a good CD sales, hundreds of crazy fans and a ton of good ideas. 

Thanks a lot Jakub! For band's news and official merch visit: 
Support the underground!

Recenze/review - MASS INFECTION - Shadows Became Flesh (2018):

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