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Interview - DESECRATION - I am totally old school and always will be!

Interview with legendary death metal band DESECRATION from United Kingdom.

Answered Ollie Jones, thank you!

Questions prepared and translated by Duzl, thank you!

Hi Ollie! 

I think there is not a metal fan in the UK who does not know DESECRATION, you have been on the metal scene for a long time, so can you tell me how you perceive yourself in the history of the British music scene? 

We started out in the mid 90's when death metal was having its best days and we haven't ever changed our style apart from playing better! I think the only thing that has changed in that time is the band becoming better at playing the music. We write good catchy riffs and we certainly never rush to put out an album, maybe new fans wont have heard of us until our next audio attack haha. We have been part of the metal scene for around 25 years though only bringing out albums each few years when we are ready to. We have never been pressured to write but it means we can get on with our buy lifestyles and bring out music that we actually like listening to and not crap which is written by bands who bring out albums each year. Being part of the scene for that amount of time you can imagine how many gigs we have done sharing the stage with just about everyone around the world. 

Tell me something about your current DESECRATION plans, the last long length album „Cemetery Sickness“ you released in 2014 , that album is for me really great and I often go back to listen it again and again. As well I think the reviews of this album were generally very good so when you are planning to go again to the studio and release a new album? 

We are writing tunes, still at early stages we have a lot of stuff in the making to release something possibly this year or definitely next year. We take gigs as they come. Not having much time to put into tours these days we dont hit the stage so much. We still enjoy it though. 

Let's go back to the history. You originally stood at the begin of the death metal scene at the beginning of the nineties in Britain with DESECRATION, whence came this moment or breaking point that you decided to join to EXTREME NOISE TERROR in 2002? Indeed, the music genres of these two bands are somewhat different. 

That came about because of doing some shows together. I really liked the stuff they were doing of course and being a fan of the band I was so pleased to become a part of it. Basically at the time ENT had one guitarist and I made a comment that the band would benefit from another one 'I'll do it' and that was that. I filled in for the then guitarist for a couple of shows and then the band had two guitar players. Andi then joined bacause the bassist left, and then Mike joined when the drummer left. It made good sense that we could rehearse together and sometimes write stuff easier as we ar all local to eachother. 

DESECRATION members are also playing in ENT, is it difficult for you to sometimes "switch" and create and compose death metal instead of crust punk? Did it happen sometimes on the rehearsals, that you are composing riffs for the second band and vice versa? 

No, not very often that happens. It isn't difficult. Sometimes though we come up with something and decide that is more fitting to the other band. The way is written is very different. Desecration stuff seems to take a long time. Whereas ENT comes like the click of fingers sometimes. An idea turns into a song. 

It's not long since I saw you play in London with THANATOS and DECREPID, how did you enjoy this concert? 

Yes we did, it was great. It had been a while since playing in London. It was a great crowd who enjoyed it also. 

What was the reason that DESECRATION had to cancel the performance on Obscene Extreme fest last year? You already played there in 2009 an 2013 and always it was a blast, I was really sad when you cancelled show last year. 

So was I. It was for personal reasons. I still attended and when I was there on the night we were playing and saw the crowd which i think was the biggest yet, I was like' fuuuuckk' but it couldn't be helped. Hope we can play it again. We have performed at that festival more than any other. 

Anyway Czech fans have another opportunity to see you this year in May at Nice to Eat You Death fest, can we as well look forward to hear some new songs? 

I think we will be playing some songs that haven't been in the set in Czech before. We do more stuff off the latest album. We wont disappoint that's for sure. 

You are active in three bands (DESECRATION, EXTREME NOISE TERROR, SODOMIZED CADAVER), which perform quite often, do you have time to follow what's happening on the scene? What was the last concert you went to without performing there? 

Errr, no I don't. I cant think of a concert I have attended and not played on for some time. Not that I dont want to, but yeah the time thing. It's fine for me, I get to see a lot of bands when i want to. 

Death Metal is no longer a "menace" like it was in the 1990s, you have a kind of own experiences. How do you perceive the modern music industry, and is something that makes you angry, and you would you like to change it? 

I don't really pay attention. Mainstream stuff is always gonna get a huge amount of publicity in comparison so let it be. I don't listen to this stuff though. If anything bar death metal, i would listen to 80's pop perhaps. not into any other genres but rock and metal really. 

The way of listening to music has changed greatly, most people download, listen than delete or listeners are under the control of applications such as Deezer or Spotify, recordings are not as time-consuming as when they were not available, would you agree? What about your relationship to music from this point of view? 

I am totally old school and always will be. I prefer a product that I can hold and look at lyrics, artwork etc. also physically putting on a record or CD is what i prefer to do than click a mouse. 

You are an old school person, what do you think about modern versions of metal? 


Can you briefly describe the main differences in the metal scene of the 1990s and the present? 

Musicians have become better but of course. Anyone can sit in their bedroom and play along , learning guitar by watching youtube tutorials (I should do more :P ). oh and the use of computer programs that have been available means nobody has to actually be that good to record music. 

DESECRATION are for me a band which despite having a big success even abroad still staying in underground, what is the main reason that you do not go on a regular big tour around the world every year as many bands do? How are you choosing where to play? 

I've said earlier it's down to the time we have. There are things in life like family ties, work etc that get in the way. Getting fucking old doesn't help! Twp of the guys are married. I was married a few years ago and have a young son out of that. We don't have a whole lot of time to uput into it. It's not so much choosing when and what shows, it's whether we can get away when they are offered. Also, depends on what's being offered of course. 

Do you think the approaching Brexit will significantly affect the metal scene in the UK? 

I don't wanna think about it. Very possibly, bands wont be coming over or going over into Europe as much. Really depends on the visa situation . If that's gonna come about there'll be extra cost etc 

And some non-traditional question on the end - What is your oldest metal t-shirt in your wardrobe and is some interesting story behind? 

Haha, probably Desecration! 

Thank you Ollie so much for this interview! Wish you big success with all your bands, see you soon and last words for all the old and new fans over the world are yours…. 

Old fans, thank you and stay brutal, see you all soon. New fans, pleeease check us out, we are not just a death metal band we are a metal band and we have fun playing it. \m/ 

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