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Interview - OPPROBRIUM - Metal for me is energy, enjoyment. Something positive and not negative.

Interview with legendary death metal band OPPROBRIUM from USA.

Answered Francis M. Howard, thank you!

Tranlated by Duzl, thank you!

Question prepared Jakub Asphyx.

Recenze/review - OPPROBRIUM - The Fallen Entities (2019):

Ave OPPROBRIUM! I wish a nice day to the USA. I hope you are doing well. I admit that your previous band INCUBUS, I really admired in my youth age. Albums from the nineties are still in my collection on honor place today. Maybe it was once discussed somewhere, but my memory does not really work so you they actually changed INCUBUS name and transformed yourselves into OPPROBRIUM? Please remind this to our readers. 

(Francis) We've changed our band name to OPPROBRIUM in 1999. We are using the name OPPROBRIUM for 20 yrs now. We feel comfortable with the name OPPROBRIUM then the old band name. Reason being that we feel that the name OPPROBRIUM gives us more flexibility in what lyrics we wish to write. Plus the old band name Incubus did not fit our type of lyrics, so we are glad that we are called OPPROBRIUM now.

A lot of bands have a better and worse period in their production, but you and your brother never stood at a tough, messy album. Still, even this year, this is a classic, pressurized death thrash, played with enthusiasm and energy. As if the only difference from the past is that you no longer have your hair, haha. How do you explain that? Do you still approach to the creation with the same enthusiasm? Are you composing the same way? Could it be that technology has changed, but Howard brothers are still the "old good dogs"? 

(Francis) Concerning enthusiasm during the creation of an album. Yes, it's a must. Deep down my heart I just want to write songs to make us happy and to make our fans happy. Sometimes we succeed, other times we don't. Concerning the technology, it does help a lot today. There is so many choices now days for sounds, it's an amazing time to be an musician when it comes to recording songs and choosing for an example an guitar sound. I think that the technology has helped us in delivering to our fans a more detailed sound. 

We are stiil 100% energy when it comes to music, with our mature age it helps us a lot, because we are no longer concern with proving this or proving that, we just want to write great songs and that's all. 

This year, you have released a great album "The Fallen Entities" at German High Roller Records. Tell us how it came out? Did you record in the same studio, with the same people? The sound would match it. 

(Francis) Moyses was the one that got in contact with HRR, as a band we each have different tasks in order to keep things rolling. Steffen from HRR is a fan of the “Discerning Forces” album and he was very happy to sign us. We are very happy with HRR. Great label, great people. 

Concerning the studio, if I understood your question correct, Moyses and I recorded the album our selves in our home studio. Moyses did the drums and some of the lyrics. I had to do the vocals, guitars, solo, bass and lyrics. We've work together for so long that everything just flows with us. But we had a lot of time to work on the album and take our time, we are very happy with the final product.

I'm looking at the cover made by Daniel Tyka. His apocalyptic imagery on the title of a novelty I like a lot. I just could not find any information about Daniel. Respectively, the internet has just thrown out the name of a writer and painter from Los Angeles who is into a futuristic visions. It is he? If so, how did you get together? And what exactly the image to express? 

(Francis) Daniel Tyka is an great artist, the album cover looks like a movie in a way in my opinion, when I first picked a copy of the LP and saw the cover with the final artwork, that it was what it came to mind when I saw the great artworks of Daniel Tyka. You can see his great art work at ArtStation. Daniel did an awesome artwork. The band is very happy with it. We found Daniel Tyke via ArtStation website. I've scanned to him an sketched idea on paper that I made and we've send it to him, so he could have an ideia on what we were looking for, for the album cover and when he finished the artwork and Moyses and I saw the final artwork we were very, very happy with the album cover. 

The image represents the fallen angels, because in the Bible it does talk about the vehicles of the angels so called chariots of fire. The book of Ezekiel documents the vehicles of the angels also. The album cover was inspired by Genesis 6 and that after that event of Noah's Flood there was an second influx of the fallen angels as it is documented in the Bible. 

You're from Louisiana. So jazz, blues, or Afro-caribbean rhythm will pop up in head to everyone immediately. It is said that rock'n'roll grow up from these roots. But from classic rock to death metal is still a long way to go. What bands and artists have actually influenced you in your beginnings? I still cannot defend the idea how you are going throw small, dusty town and some blues-man sitting on a corner with a guitar and sadly singing. I know it's a cliché, but I have to ask. How have you been influenced by the environment in which you grew up musically? 

(Francis) The band was formed in Louisiana, But Moyses and I were born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Louisiana has an great culture and specially great food that I love. The Bands that influenced me was Rush, Kenny Rogers, The Police, Hard Core bands, Dio, Black Sabbath, Ratt and Dio when it came to guitar solos. And so many other from Phil Collins to Paul Simmons and many many others. That was my roots when it came to enjoying music.

You play old music like death metal itself. How do you perceive new directions in death metal? Its mixing with death core or technical death metal? Do you have any favorite bands in "modern death metal"? 

(Francis) I listen to anything that sounds good musically. As far as newer bands, I really don't listen to a lot of newer bands, but I am sure there are lot of great bands out there. 

I have to ask another personal thing. I also have a brother and you know it. Sometimes there are disagreements between the guys, each one is a personality, a hard heads, and in death metal emotions have to go out, otherwise he does not have the right balls. Are you fighting together? When we were with my brother, we were fighting each other all the time. How do you make it when you are composing? Who has the main word? 

(Francis) When we write new songs, we each listen to each other, that's the main key in order to get things done when writing a new album. As far as Moyses and I having disagreements, well, we do sometimes, but mostly when it comes to the band side of the business. Apart from that, we are very easy going. So in a way we both have the word, that's the way I see it between Moyses and I.

What about OPPROBRIUM and concerts? Do you play a lot? Are you touring or choosing only bigger festivals? And what about Europe? What are OPPROBRIUM plans for coming months? 

(Francis) If we get a million dollar to play a show we will definitely do it, LOL. Just kidding. Seriously now, well, We do want to play live again, But I really do not like to make plans, will see what 2019 has in store for OPPROBRIUM. 

You surely have as a band some dreams, goals you want to achieve. Can you tell us? You are a death / thrash veteran, you record great albums, we can still hear from you enthusiasm. Do you miss anything else in the puzzle? 

(Francis) Well, we still hope we can make a living out of the band, that hasn't happen yet. That is the only goal that I have in a way, but if not, well at least I've tried. Concerning the question if I miss anything, well, not really, because I see that everything happens for a reason, so that we can grow spiritually.

At the end one a bit philosophy question. What does death metal mean to you? I do not mean the technique of playing, but mean what does it mean directly to you, to your person, how do you feel it? 

(Francis) Metal for me is energy, enjoyment. Something positive and not negative. It's a great style of music. It unites people in an positive way. That is how I see it. 

Thank you very much for the interview. I wish to OPPROBRIUM all good, a lot of sold media, full concerts and inspiration for the future. I firmly believe my dream come true and I'll see you somewhere live. All the best even for whatever you do in your personal lives. 

(Francis) Thank you very much Jakub for this great interview. And for the opportunity to be in your great magazine. I wish you all the success also my friend. And yes, hope we get to play live in your great Country of Czech republic. Thank you and Thanks to all our fans worldwide for enjoying our music.

Recenze/review - OPPROBRIUM - The Fallen Entities (2019):
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