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Interview - MORTA SKULD - Death Metal is music in its purest form.

Interview with legendary death metal band MORTA SKULD.

Answered Dave Gregor, thank you!

Questions prepared and translated by Duzl, thank you!

Hi David! 

When you released the album "Wounds Deeper than Time" two years ago, I immediately ran to buy a vinyl and I must say that I spin it in my gramophone for a really long time and still I am returning to this album. In my opinion, you have started exactly where you ended up in the nineties. How do you evaluate the album with hindsight? Did feed-backs and sales fulfill your expectation? 

We didn't really think about it and just felt it was natural progression. And it sold pretty well but never as well as one would like but grateful the fans enjoy it. 

What I have noticed recently has changed the post of bass player and AJ has replaced by John Hill, can you tell us a few words about this exchange? Why did AJ leave? 

Aj left the band to move on and is in college at this point, john had been traveling with us for sometime at that point and felt he was perfect fit for us. 

Next week, your first ever performance in Europe is waiting for you! You will play at Netherlands deathfest, what was the reasons that you have never played in Europe before? 

We had few opportunities back in the day but our drummer at that time didn't want to travel and that is why we are finally getting to come over now. 

Also in July you will play in the Czech Republic at the Symbolic fest, do you have any knowledge or idea of what the Czech metal scene looks like? 

I really don't hate to say it or sound bad but don't know much of the scene there. 

Which songs can we look forward to? I suppose we'll see a cross section of your entire discography and maybe some new songs, right? 

That is always hard to please everyone but we think we have good set right now. We have four to five dying remains songs and two surface songs and two songs off of wounds album and we always end with demo song. 

Will you bring some merchandise, old and new albums - CD's, LP's? What will be available to buy in Czech, should we break ours piggy-banks? :) 

We will be bringing what we can but plan on having cds. shirts and patches for sure. 

It is clear that nowadays musicians do not have it simply, here is a big competition, they all rip off each other, people do not go to the concerts, they are downloading music etc, ... So I ask - if you could change something in the current music industry, what would it be and why? 

There will always be something as there are way more bands then there once was. However i think the labels and contracts need to change and make it more fair toward the artist. 

How important is for you visual side of your band and outfit on stage? I ask because I have seen a few videos from your shows and lately you are playing in simply pure black “T-shirts”, is there any philosophy or intention? 

We just want to be looked at as professional and not to mention few of us are older and not teens anymore, and with that i feel looking professional and having the fans pay attention to your music and not a band shirt you are wearing are more important to me. 

Do you have any secrets or untold stories about MORTA SKULD that you could share with our readers? 

Just that we would have been doing things like this alot sooner but our drummer back in the day got sick on our first tour and refused to go on and that hurt the bands future and hence why we are doing what we are now. 

Are you already working on material for the new album and if so, will it be out in the near future? 

Yes we have almost 8 songs at this point and still have more work to do but they are shaping up nice. And we are hoping for a 2020 release. 

Can you tell me what to expect from MORTA SKULD in the Future? Some plans, visions, or aims? 

New album and hopefully bigger shows. 

In my opinion, the death metal scene is quite unique in the own way, most of the fans are really true fans by heart and death metal is their lifestyle, it's not just about pose, and they do all because they simply love it. Do you think any other music genre can connect people the same way as death metal did? 

Yes our fans are very different then others and they are so devoted to this music and live it and breathe it just like we did when we started doing this almost 30 years ago. And no i think we are a very select people and know what we like. 

In the end, I will ask a "simple" question: What do you like most about death metal? 

I like that there are no rules and you can do what you want without having to conform to anything, its music in its purest form. 

Thank you so much for this interview! Wish you big success with your Europe shows, have a great time guys and see you in Netherlands and later in Czech , where we will hopefully take a beer together! Last words for all your fans are yours…. 

Thank you to you and all the fans that support us and the other bands like us. Cheers.


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