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A few questions - interview with death metal band from Malaysia - REPUTDEATH.

A few questions - interview with death metal band from Malaysia - REPUTDEATH

Ave, can you introduce your band to our readers? – When was it founded and what style of music do you play , etc.?

Hey! Thanks for the interview Jakub! REPUTDEATH was formed in 2010 around KK-town / Sabah (Mas) and we play old dirty death metal.

Where and under what conditions were you recording the new demo? Who was in charge of sound, production and mastering?The latest demo from us, “Slurking, Reeking, Leeching” demo was recordead at Route-33 Studio around May to June 2019, and it’s takes around 3 or 4 weeks to completed all the recording process. All drum, guitar and bass track was nicely done in similar ways like our previous promo tape. All recording process includes mixing and mastering was monitoring by our guitarist and it’s not take too much time seem we need to finished it up as soon as possible before our tour starts back in July.

How many copies were released and which medium was used for this new edition (CD, digital, vinyl, cassette)?

The new demo out in very limited copies of tape under Chickenshit Records, and it’s totally sold out from us right now. Later, Goatlordth Records will press it’s again in CD format early next year. Also the new demo are available in digital format through our bandcamp. Don’t forget to check!. 

Who is the author of the lyrics and how were they created and about what do the lyrics deal with?

Sometimes, mostly the lyrics that we wrote depends from our demo concept. For the latest one, we’re very obsessed with the part of human putrid-decompose and filthy swamp-creatures. which you can hear many words of worm, maggot, corpses,rotting embedead from our song. The writing process of our lyrics are the quick part to be done when we’re released a stuff.

Who created the logo of the band, and who took care of the graphics and the website? What about you and social networks? Do you consider these things important?

The logo was ugly done by Marcus Larrson, and mostly all the cover arts from our demo are done by me. We’ve using some social media platform like bandcamp to spread our music and existence. We think social media is useful for promotion of the bands and now days, almost everyone has internet access and it’s easy to discover new music from around the world.

Which label did you choose for releasing your demo and why this label? Are you satisfied by how your label represents you and takés care about you?

Chickenshit Records, KK-town based on death metal label. They handle our tape cassette version since our debut demo back in 2012. And for the latest one, we seem happy to work with Goatlordth Records to releases our new demo in CD, this is our first collaboration with this label and hopefully everything going good.

Which bands do you idolise and where do you get your inspiration?

It’s always be the mighty Autopsy! Also to be mentioned Impetigo, Dismember, Nihilist, Repulsion, Rottevore, Death Breath, Phlegm, Anatomia, Necrophagia, Cianide, and Hooded Menace give our music a space to breath more stinking!

Did you send your record to some Labels - which are the labels? How was the response?

Seem we didn’t have much times, and our tour it’s about reeking at the same times. Chickenshit Records was the best option to releases our stuff.

How many gigs have you played? Which type of gigs do you prefer, whether it's (clubs or festivals) and which of your performances would you consider as the best?

Not entirely sure, seem we didn’t count it’s. We play all space/bar/clubs shows. The split show with Deathevoker totally bring us good moments to be remember and we can’t forget.

What about your plans for the future? What do you want to achieve with the band?

We’ll continue to release as much stuff as we can. We’ll entering the studio again before the year end to records our new demo. Nothing, just play more reeking-deathmetall tunes!

How and where can your fans contact you? Can you provide some contact information?

Contact through our email :

Thanx for the interview.

Thanks Jakub! Cheers from us!

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