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Interview - PERVERSITY - PERVERSITY is death metal from heart and always will be.

Interview with Slovak death metal band - PERVERSITY.

Translated by Markéta, thank you!

Answered Dodi and Kazateľ.

Recenze/review - PERVERSITY - Idolatry (2017)

Ave PERVERSITY! You have recently released your fresh new album “Idolatry”. I am really excited about it. How are the reviews and feedbacks? How about fans and critics?

Dodi: Hi, Jakub! The reviews are very good from all sides and we feel that there is a higher interest of our band now. This album took us a lot of time and we worked really hard on the sound and making of each song. I believe that “Idolatry” will be known as good album in the archive of the scene.

How did you compose songs on “Idolatry”? How did the process go? Who is the author of your music?

Dodi: Usually it all happens spontaneously in our rehearsal room. I bring the basic lines and the songs´ structures. Other ideas and new guitar riffs are brought by the others. Then we work together until it is done. When we are satisfied with the power and darkness of the songs it is the best feeling of the band.

The sound of the album is great. It is cold, dark and sharp at the same time. Which studio did you chose for recording? Were you able to have some comments on the final sound and mastering?

Dodi: The progressive recording process was really helpful for us. Everything was done by Mr. Martin Barla who is a drummer in Poprad´s band ASTAROT who has his own home studio. We worked with distributed forces and we had a lot of time off from each layer. The basic mix and master was worked by all of us. We are glad that finally the guitars are readable and deep. We wanted to have the real death metal sound, nothing clear but also modern at the same time. We are satisfied.

Who is the author of the lyrics and what are they about? Where do you find your inspiration?

Kazateľ: I do the lyrics. The title of our album tells you what the lyrics are about. This time I chose idolatry for your album. Basically, it is about worship of an idol or physical object as a representation of God. All religions strongly banned this idol. It can include making any kind of religious personality or other religious being such as prophets, saints and spirituals. Creating a symbols of any person or animal, using religious or secular symbols. The name of the album “Idolatry” refers also to the false Gods. Man can do idolatry anytime he bows, kneel or worship a stature of a different God or demon instead of the Christian God. This is my own point of view on various expressions of worshiping forbidden Gods, idols, cults or rituals. Basically, I have moved in my topics closer to the evil, confusion and darkness which are the things people have been afraid of for 2000 years.

You have always had a great covers of your albums. Do you take a special care about your covers? Who is the author of “Idolatry” cover?

Kazateľ: Thank you for that. You are right, we take a special care about the graphical handle of our albums in case of the cover or even the inside of the booklet. We have our professional designer – he is my younger brother Peter who is known as DigitalWortex. We have been working with him since our third album “Beyond The Reach Of Heaven”. We always tell him all the detail about the design either about my vision or he does everything on his own. Then I give him lyrics so he can be inspired when he is creating the design – either to each song or to the cover.

Dodi: We wanted to have music and the cover in some kind of a connection and to have the final product as “our” representative album.

The new album was released by Metal Age Production. Why did you chose this label and are you satisfied?

Dodi: MAP have been in this scene since 1993 and they are respected. I felt that we needed a support from abroad but also in here. MAP are a part of German EMP distribution so I know that our CD will go where we need it to go. It might even go to “ordinary” metal fans who do not just sit online and do not have the access to the underground. I have to say that Lavadome were interested and I was not sure what to do about it. In the end we are good friends and everything worked out very well. I am glad that this time we can think about LP edition, new T-Shirts and so on. The contract is signed but it is also about the trust. And the guys from MAP are metal fanatics which is even better.

I think that “Idolatry” would look great on vinyl. Have you thought about it? How is your relationship to vinyl and their sound? Are you a collector?

 Kazateľ: We think about releasing the album on vinyl but everything needs time. About LPs, nothing is better than their sound. I am a fan and collector. I love the smell of asphalt. Even when you hold the perfect big cover, my feelings are hard to describe. I think you know exactly what I mean.

Dodi: I will be happy when it happens. I hear from all sides that we as 21 years old band should have an LP and that Idolatry album wants it even more. Personally I think that it will happen no sooner than in 2018.

You play a typical, classic old death metal. You have never did anything different, you are “orthodox”. Personally, that is why I like your work so much but have you ever thought about doing something different, to spice PERVERSITY up?

Dodi: PERVERSITY is death metal from heart and always will be. We don´t think about it and that is how it is. I can imagine playing punk-grind but it would have to be a different project to just have a fun. In the past, we had some small jazz elements and rock moods. Now, we are too old.

Kazateľ: Personaly, I cannot imagine playing anything different. You know, this kind of music is something which you have to love with your heart and soul. It is a passion which recharges our batteries. As Dodi said, we are old band who is at the same wave. And if I am not wrong, in the past we had some smaller projects like Hnilobný Zákusok and Constipation. These were more grind in case of style. They were short projects but there are some records.

Nowadays, people download music online and they only use its digital form. How do you feel about this issue? I would like to know your opinion as a musician.

Kazateľ: The presentation of music via bands to fans is different. When there were mp3 formats for the first time, many labels and interprets did not wanted it. They said that these formats kill music and so on. They were actually right at some points but on the other hand thanks to mp3 there were more people who were able to listen to albums. I downloaded mp3s like crazy and sometimes I do that even now. When I really like a record I just go and by the physical copy and the mp3 goes to the trash. So personally, I like this new trend. But it is always about people and their approach. They either download the music and have it in their phones or players and they are a consumers of the digital form and that is it, or they after that buy the physical copy in CD, LP and they support their favourite band.

In a last few years there have been some young bands who try to play “old school death metal”. The majority is not very successful at this but there are some new good bands who realized what the music is about. Do you have any favourite band which is, from your opinion, able to make the “good old days” alive again?

Kazateľ: On one side it is good that there are new bands who wants to play the “old school death metal”, but on the other side there is too much of those. And the quality is not that great. Of course, even in 80s and 90s when the death metal was on peak, there were a lot of bands who played bad quality music. Today, they are legends who are googled by fans and people buy them on stock exchanges, and so on. Personally, I don´t like that. I know that my opinion might be different from other people but that is how I feel. My favourite bands are no longer together or they stopped playing death metal. Sometimes some smaller band surprise the scene but there is not enough of those. The only band I really like is BRUTALLY DECEASED. Every album is great.

Are there any albums which have caught your attention recently?

Kazateľ: Hm, good question. Since my musical taste is very wide from heavy to grind, and I also like other music styles like neo-folk and so on. So right now I like BRUTALLY DECEASED, HERETOIR, NECROBLOOD, RITUALIZATION, MEMORIAM, MILKING THE GOATMACHINE. And I am waiting for albums by MERRIMACK and SÓLSTAFIR.

Dodi: I really like the good old 90s albums. The last ones are BENEDICTION-The Grand Leveller, hehe. From the new ones MERCYLESS and SVART CROWN are great!

What are PERVERSITY´s plans for the next few months? Are you going to have any Czech Republic concerts?

Dodi: We would like to go back to Czech Republic. The last time we were there was in DEADLY STORM in Božkov and it was great. We only have a few dates for this year and we want to have more. We want to invite organizers that we would like to go somewhere.

Kazateľ: Right now, we are focusing more on the promotion of the new album. And as Dodi said we have planned some events – small concerts or summer festivals. Personally, I really liked playing in the Czech Republic. I have a lot of friends there from Brno to Pilsen. So I would like to go back, for sure!

Thank you for interview.

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