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Interview - VENOM INC. - Avé Satanas!

Interview with metal band VENOM INC.

Answered Tony "Demolition Man" Dolan.

Translated by Duzl, thank you!

Recenze/review - VENOM INC. - Avé (2017)

Ave VENOM INC.! When I saw you in 2015 for the first time in the Czech Republic, I was literally in shock. I admit I waited for "old tired guys", but you literally kicked my ass! I felt like you really wanted to play. I thought it would have wanted the new album. This year my dream has come true and you are releasing the novel "Avé". Did you want to release a new album from the beginning? At first I thought you were just a concert band to play old songs.

AA: Ah thank you..hahahaha...tired yes but without spirit or passion? NEVER!!!! The album was never in any plan. Infact I steered away from the idea because I wanted to make it ourely about the music...the legacy of Venom and the corrupt ventures....doing it for money as Cronos does...overcharging festivals...not spedning time ith fans....taking their money and showing contempt for them at the same time..usinf festivals to supply pyros and then claiming it's your stageshow...that you provide for fans...there is no investment....I do not take anything away from what was done in the early 80's at tha start...I'm just outlining who WE are....and why WE did this....The pnly reson we are touring AND have now produced an because of YOU...the FANS....who wanted it to in the end...I conceded and we delivered demos to Jonny Z and the rest just followed...

The first thing someone gets literally slammed into face by the great cover of the new album. It reminds me of the old Satyr with the flute. But it could be Satan himself. Tell us how you selected the cover and what he should actually represent? Who is signed under it?

AA: Thankyou. I had the idea over a year ago for the M:pire of Evil project...but then came AVE and it all fit...the artist who painted is serbian....and I chased him to find the finished painting....between himself and myself we decided to donate money for the cover to the sebian orphaned children it is close to his heart...the cover depicts the begining or the the observer see's it. Lucifer, the light bringer, the one who was given te task to guide man and bring him knowledge...we see walks towards one side...Adam and Eve embraced with the fruit from the tree of knowledge...he has his pan flute....his bag os serpents....and behind him the Temple of David...and two a wolf in sheeps clothing. The lanscape is barren...dry....trees with no life...and the sky forboding...signalling...the coming or the aftermath of something...The cover is to poke the onlooker...make them see...ask questions or figure it our them selves...all will depict something different...but this is because they see what they want to...this is how we discover....ourselves...

The sound of the new album is great. It is "old" and modern at the same time. Where did you record the album and who is signed under it? Did you speak like a band a lot to the final sound?

AA: The album was recorded in Newcastle, London and Portugal...Mantas has a studio in Portugal where the tracks were composed and the production was done by himself...The songs were shaped and tracks sent to Abaddon in Newcastle where Abaddon recorded his drums...then I felw to Portugal to complete bass and vocals....and we completed the lyrics and album themes...The idea was to create a pure it represents us, who we are live and as a band....the original memberds 38yrs ago had something...and we three also had something in 1988 to 1992...but now...we realised we are different together and we had a's that simple..none of us have anything to prove to we focus on just being us playing usic and the album represents just that...and Mantas did an outstanding job....not only on compositions and performance but producing this album too..

A separate chapter is the lyrics. Who is their author and what are they discussing? By your very nature you are trying to shock. I just wonder if it is still possible at this time, when everyone has seen everything and the borders are somewhere else than when metal was in the beginning.

AA: Trying to shock these days isn't the same as it was back in 1980..we have google. youtube, 100 news channels on tv.,..internet....everyone has seen of extreme have used just abou everything they can to shock to stand out chose a more contemplative path...showcasing man...from his destructive tendancies...Blood Stained, War his inner...perverse nature....Dein his helpless ness to follow as a sheep...Preacher Man..and Ave Satanas...also we had fun...Evil Dead and Black N Roll....and then with Forged in Hell and Metal We Bleed...we celebrated the fans and the live shows...inspiring us to do what we together,....myself and Mantas composed some already as ideas we expanded and some we already had direction on...

You are three of the musicians who played together between 1989 and 1992. How did you get recording together after so many years? Not only the times but also the technical possibilities have changed.

AA: 88 I joined and started to write for the album.....well myself and Mantas have worked together over the years always so we were already a team....having Abaddon there was simple..he has a style and that style is Venom...we just embraced what we all loved about the original idea they had and used that as our approach...but we all kept up with techniques used today I studios so knew how to employ them for best effect....we used analogue and you get them both..on this album...if is real and controlled but very very organic like the old says...

How does VENOM INC. actually create new material? And how did it come out on the last album? I am interested about the creative process of composing new songs.

AA: Various ways...could be I write a song Crarnivorous or Blackened Are the Priests...or we work together like the music for Parasite Idid and used baddons lyrics adjusting and adding some...or Prime Evil...where I had a riff and lyrics and we completed all together with ideas in a rehearsal room....or Harder than ever...which Mantas brought in already composed...we just create and if it feels right, however it comes in, then that is all we need...With Ave, I focused on the video..shooting, logistics, editing and the art work for the album...Mantas composed the riffs and song arrangements...then had some lyrics and some ideas and I put my ideas in and lyrics we finished together as we have a great way of working like that...we inspire each other...

You are a band that performs very often. You have astonishing shows. I even think that you managed to bring the spirit of your concerts on the new album. The album is very dark, predatory, believable. You have been playing for a very long time. I wonder how do you manage it "at your age"? It has to be extremely challenging physically and mentally.

AA: is difficult at times...but you know like Lemmy (and I intend on taking his ideals forward) it is what you do...and you are either it or not...we cannot perform without passion it is that matter how sick or tired...when you hit that perform with all you have...yes we did that on the album too. Nothing is faked...nothing just to make IS all about the is what we did and what we bullshit in press, no moaning fake calling it in shows. We do ot think it is enough just to be there...we are there to the best we can and deliver songs from our if they were just composed yesterday...there is a new audience and we want them to share the mighty legacy of songs without any schoolyard polotics....they do not care about...

Mantas and Demolition Man are also playing together in the excellent M-PIRE of EVIL. How does that look with this band? Will it continue? Are you going to get a new material or are you fully concentrating on VENOM INC?

AA: Yes, over Christmas this year we will complete the new M:PIRE album...'UNLEASHED' and it will be out summer 2018. VENOM inc has taken up the time but...Inc stand s for Incorporated.... of our music ...incorporated...and that includes our M:PIRE of EVIL

Let´s take a look on each song. The first one “Ave Satanas” is full of blasphemy and resistance to Christianity. In case of music, it reminds me modern ACCEPT. A burning album which sounds great. How about you and your relationship to Christianity?

AA: Oh ok...if that is what you see then cool.....I am a Lucifer...

“Forged in Hell” is for ma a concert hit. You successfully transformed the power of your live concerts into this song. Have you already played any songs live? How did they worked out?

AA: Not played live yet...but a Mantas composition in his definite the whole experience of live...pyro, fans...loud metal bleeding from amps...perfect

When I listen to “Metal We Bleed” I remember Lemmy and his MOTORHEAD. For me, this song feels like a tribute to one of the greatest rock Mohicans. Did this band influenced you at the beginning of your band? I remember that most of my friends (including me) wanted to be like Lemmy but we did not know how to play or drink 

AA: Ah interesting..perhaps like Overkill it again speaks of the live, the audience and the effect we all have on each other...and why we love our music...we bleed metal..I am here because of Lemmy and I want to carry his spirit forward and I will die as he did...playing music across the world...Did I wanna be him> NO...I wanted him to be him....I am ME..I always was and always will be ME. I do not need to be anyone else...:)

When I heard and saw the video for „Dein Fleisch“ for the first time, I thought to myself – VENOM play RAMMSTEIN. I know that does not make any sense, but the main melody is very addictive, and at first it is quite “obscene”. I feel that it is focused more on younger audience. I would like to know how did you write this song.

AA: hahaha...well myself and Mantas both like Rammstein but that wasn't the intention...infact Mantas thought it had a Sisters of Mercy vibe but...I guess the listener decides...perhaps it exposes a musical influence that is more contemporary...but that it's Rammstein? Hmmmm...not so the management wanted that out first and I shot the video in Rome to is meant to provoke...and it did just that....but...also meant to provoke thought...who is the bad, who hides their perversions...metal Or the 'normal' everyday people? ALLOF US, we all do...the song explores that theme.People expected and wanted the obvious from us right out of the I went the opposite direction...just like Venom always did...remain unpredictable...

From “Blood Stained” I feel inspiration from old heavy metal heroes. Is it true? How about VENOM INC. and heavy metal? I remember that you were (as VENOM INC) called by heavy metal at the beginning. And by the way, the solo is amazing!

AA: Thank you, I'll tell Mantas...It is heavy and I guess just puts all our inspirations into it...Sabbath etc,,,without losing who we are in there....I think we are Heavy all is...just as the genres are ...they are just extreme forms of the one...we are ALL one...regardless....

“Time to Die” is a very quick song which makes you turn your head. I think that you went to the rehearsal room and decided that this song will kill everyone. What is “Time to Die” about?

AA: It is about....Rome...the Gladiatorial a gladiator...was trained to die..the ultimate end he would receive...again a look at how man...and woman...consider death as just something that happens but in some can be for sport...something to is fast paced because their lives were it is like watching a clock....where the hands are moving fast...

“The Evil Dead” another rock´n´roll. I personally really like this song. It is so restless, thawing and it makes me go out, get drunk and then go to a club to see you. By the way – what do you prefer more? Concerts in clubs or big festivals?

AA: THAT is perfect....the opening riff Mantas sent reminded me of Randy Rhodes in Blizzard of Oz and kind of inspired the lyrical theme...very Ozzy I thought...something fun and if you get that from it then that is perfect and it does its job....I prefer playing....ANYWHERE..but clubs offer you a proximity to the audience festivals do yes I prefer clubs...

“Preacher Man” is dark at first, very thoughtful and then it moves forward vigorously. The beginning is just amazing. My wife told me: “I can imagine you dancing with the band on a concert”. The main riff reminds me old albums by OZZY OSBOURNE. Who was your idol when you started?

AA: My Idol? Lemmy.....still is....Mantas composition and he had lyrics which we completed the is a simple not listen to others and believe this is your path....make your own way, use your judgement to what you believe suits you...what others tell their opinion nothing more, you also shows how religion, mush like politics are just means to try and control; the masses...nothing more

“War”. This song evokes war. But we do not know which one? This humankind experienced so many of those. Unfortunately. Do you think that there will be time when people will realize that wars are shit?

AA: The song shows how we are constantly at WAR in our homes, cars, countries...with everything from a bully ot school to a culture to our own society....but the end result...we are simply moving forward to death,,,,,how fast we do that is up to us...

"I Kneel That No God" is the song which most evokes the old VENOM. It is energetic and at the same time dark song with a classic text. It feels like a personal confession, isn´t it?

AA: IT is....personal....let no man (woman) tell you who you are or what you must a goat not a sheep....therefore as a Lucifer....I kneel to NO GOD!

"Black N Roll” is the last song and it again reminds a little bit of MOTORHEAD and the old VENOM. It is simple, but at the same time addictive. Those songs are usually the most famous ones. The power of old rock´n´roll still works. But not everyone knows how to play it. And you killed me, again. Sometimes, I want to listen to this kind of music and I just do listening weekends. What about VENOM INC. and listening to music, what do you like?

AA: Ah thankyou...yes it kind of is a tribute to all that inspired play....traditional somewhat and the Lemmy in me came out...maybe on purpose but...we just had the best fun with this song..

When I looked at your music video for the song "Dein Fleisch" I was thinking that like this I imagine Satan is the present. Tony really did his job great. How did you come to first idea and story of this clip ? Who directed it?

AA:I scripted it....and shot it in Rome with Kamelia Productions....took 2 days, I directed and then flew back to London to edit...was intense but amaxzing fun...great cast and makeup....the relationship of myslef in the video was to represent the Lucifer from the cover a man...

Your fans will always compare your new album to the old recordings. As always they are divided into two groups. Some will admire you, others reprobate you, because the new album sounds different than the old albums. I wonder what direction VENOM INC wants to go in the future? By publishing the news you have already indicated a little bit. Now you are not just a "retro" band but you have your own new material. What's your next pitch? Will you be a regular band that will bring another album once in a while?

AA: well we are contraced with Nuclear Blast so there will be more...People tried to criticize and still attack me...and us...including Cronos from his festival stages...hoping...anyone will listen...but they are not...Nothing is missing...nothing is lost...we are ALL still here and still making music and enjoy It or not..that is up to each person..but to waste time denouncing it is futile...just do not listen...simple...People tried to attack us for using our name..then said we just played old songs live now we made an album and have toured the globe none stop in less than 3 they are now looking for other ways to say bad against us hahahaha....the album's crazy but...we just had 3 sold out shows on the west coast of the USA as well as sold out shows on the east coast and not counting ones in the middle and Canada...from east to west....THAT is real THAT is true and THAT is what matters...

Thank you very much for the interview. I wish your new album good sales and gigs full of crazy fans! Good luck in your personal life and I look forward to seeing you on the show!

AA: Thankyou so much for a great interview and I cannot wait to get to Europe and CZ best to you and all...and don not forget...YOUR band YOUR music YOU album...AVE!

Recenze/review - VENOM INC. - Avé (2017)

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