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Home » » Interview - INFEST - Lyrics are focused on all the stuff we see around us in Serbia, and in this World generally. War, hunger for power, generations influenced by religion and their mass obliteration ideology.

Interview - INFEST - Lyrics are focused on all the stuff we see around us in Serbia, and in this World generally. War, hunger for power, generations influenced by religion and their mass obliteration ideology.

Interview with death/thrash metal band from Serbia - INFEST.

Answered Vandal.

Translated by Markéta, thank you!

Ave INFEST! You have recently released your new album “Addicted to Flesh”. I am thrilled with it! What feedback have you received? How do fans and critics feel about your album?

V: All hails Jakub! First of all, thank you very much for a chance to spread a word about Infest!

Yes, new album is here, and it has really cool feedback from the critics and from our fans also. We are really satisfied with it all :) It is the way Infest has always been, aggressive and fast, but still we made some changes, within melodies and atmosphere.

How do INFEST compose new songs? How does the process go while creating new material? Who is the author of your music and how did you compose songs for the new album?

V: Well, I am the one who makes riffs and lyrics, and when I feel that the song is ready, we make rehearsal for arrangements and some modifying if it’s necessary, until we are all satisfied with a new product. For Addicted to flesh album, it took a lot of time, because I didn’t want to get into routine of making a songs, and I really needed some more inspiration, because I wanted it to be different in a kind of way, and I believe we made something different :).

The sound of the album is great. It is dark, cold and shape at the same time. In what studio did you record your album? Were you, as a band, able to have some comments about the final sound, mastering?

V: We recorded in “Citadela music studio” in Serbia, where we have, also, recorded “Cold Blood War”.

Luka Matković is amazing when we talk about mastering, mixing and recording. A man full of ideas for a sound we need. Also, he is a session player of Infest, and did a lots of shows with us, so he knew what we needed and how to express our passion though the sound.

Who is the author of your lyrics and what are they about? Where do you find inspiration?

V: It’s me, again :) Lyrics are focused on all the stuff we see around us in Serbia, and in this World generally. War, hunger for power, generations influenced by religion and their mass obliteration ideology. We are surrounded with corrupted state of mind in here, so it really awakes the worst in me, awakes the person who really hates, a man full of anger, with no way to change anything. That’s how I use my music then… Trying to make lyrics in a way that people can see what’s going on, and in the other way, with our music, we are trying to make people unite, without religion, without any other shit someone forced them to do.

You have always had great covers for your albums. Do you take a special care about how your albums look like? Who is the author of the cover for “Addicted to Flesh”?

V: Thanks a lot! I am really glad that you like it!

For this album, we made a cooperation with CrniAndjeo82 Design, and believe me, this guy is amazing!

He is also involved in Infest T shirts designs, together with ArtWars Media Design and BlackDeath sign.

Very professional guy with lots of great ideas, and the most important, very flexible. If he makes a design, and we have some ideas for it too, there will be no problem to make it with us, or to change it totally, so I believe we found a golden man for Infest artworks, this time.

The new album was published by German Defying Danger Records. Why did you choose this label and were you satisfied with the result?

V: We met Jens, the owner, few years ago, and since me started to talk about music and our dedication to music and old school style, we knew that it will happen. So when we started to record a new material, we made a quick deal with Jens, and I must admit that we are really happy that we are under his flag, because he is one true metal maniac, and it’s a great pleasure to be in the family.

I think that “Addicted to Flesh” would look great on vinyl. Have you thought about that? How is your relationship to LPs and their sound? Are you a collector? 

V: I agree 666% with you! We are in cooperation and in a deal process with Jens about it, so let’s see. I am a vinyl and cd collector, so for me personally, mp3 music is destroying music totally. There is no more passion in buying music and in reading booklets, enjoying the great LP sound… today, everything is online, everything is so easy to find… and in one way its good to research music, but its killing the real value of music, if you ask me :).

You came from Serbia, your country experienced the hell of a civil war in the 90s. How was it to listen to extreme metal at that time? Were you influenced by the war – in case of lyrics or seeing the world?

V: I was really young in that period, so I cannot say a lot about it, but I can say about consequences which we still feel. We had really cool bands back in a days, and not many of them still play, and also lots of them just vanished after the war because of embargo Serbia had then. There was no money for normal life, for food and drink, no job for people… factories were closed, country was economic ruin… so many people just gave up from the bands and everything, in a way to survive. All of that situations are deep into the mind of all the people who have lived here back in a days, so I must be influenced with all that, because it my everyday scenario, talking to people and listening stories about it. And also bombing Serbia in 1999, was really visible to all of us. Ruined cities, bombs, dead people, innocent people… and for what? No reasonable explanation… Influences coming out of everything…

You are a band which plays live concerts a lot. You often go to the Czech Republic to play concerts. The last time I saw you was in Volyně where you totally smashed me. It was a total metal inferno! How do you feel about concerts as a band? You travel a lot and sometimes there is only a few people on the concert but still you do 100% on the stage. Do you enjoy the live shows?

V: We are really trying to make as much concerts per year as possible. We share the passion from the stage with people. 5 or 5000 people… It’s the same for me. We are there to play music and to share the same spirit with the guys. It’s not fashion, its passion. The best way to meet people with similar ideas and thoughts is within the music. With so much dedication and love invested, there are a lots of new friendships, brotherhoods and connections. We love Czech Republic, and we have a lots of good friends there. Even our third album was recorded in Czech Republic :)

Music is life, and only those who truly believe in that, will never make it industry.

How is it with live shows in Siberia (oh, mistake)? Do you organize them by yourself? Do people go on metal shows in your country?

V: I don’t know about Siberia, I have never been there :)) But in Serbia, things are getting better, though every year. We will have a new big festival from this year on, and its called BELGRADE METAL MEETING, and I can proudly say that we will share the stage with Kreator, Vader, Daboga, Noctiferia and Bombarder. MH promotions and Serbian Hellbangers did a great job with this organization!

People are coming to a shows, of course It depends which bands and what kind of a band It is, but generally, it’s much better than in previous years.

I really like Serbian bands TERRÖRHAMMER and SACRAMENTAL BLOOD (and you of course). Can you recommend some other bands from your country?

V: Well, lots of bands are there, really :) I will be sorry if I forget to mention someone, but at the first ball: The Stone, Bombarder, Quasarborn, Alitor, Vehementer, Bane and many more:).

You play typical classic old death metal. You have never went off this path, you are “orthodox”. Personally, that is one of the reasons why I like your music. But have you ever thought about playing something a little bit different, to spice your music up a little bit?

V: Actually, we are mixing death and thrash metal with all the aggression we can produce :)

On our latest album, we tried to mix a little bit, but we share the traditional spirit of underground music, so no place for too much experiments :)

We all listen lots of different music, including blues, rock, and many more, so I believe that I am getting softer because I am getting older:).

Are there any albums which have caught your attention recently?

V: Oh yes! I don’t download music, so I always look into buying cd’s and LP’s. That’s the main reason why I haven’t heard lots of new music. :) Few days ago I got the last Asphyx, and it just crushed me totally, and also Black Sabbath “13”. So many bands and so many good songs, so I could not make them on one short list :).

Do you know and listen any Czech bands? 

V: Of course! We have toured with our brothers Panychida, and we are very good friends with Avenger, too. Also, Inferno, Masters Hammer, and many more :)

What are INFEST´s plans for the next few months?

V: At the moment we are in a booking process, for the summer festivals, and we must make a tour plans for this year, so lots of stuff to do. Also, we will record a music video for one of the songs, so it must be time for everything.

Thank you for the interview and I wish you many sold albums, hundreds of crazy fans and tons of great ideas.

V: Thanks a lot my friend. It was a pleasure to answer all of your questions. Looking forward to seeing you again and have a beer! All hails DEADLY STORM!!!!

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