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Interview - ANALEPSY - We felt that there wasn't that much brutal death metal here in Portugal so we decided to give it a shot.

Interview with brutal death metal band from Portugal - ANALEPSY.

Answered Analepsy.

Translated by Markéta, thank you!

Ave ANALEPSY! Last year you released a great album “Atrocities from Beyond”. I have to admit that I listen to old school death metal bands but you crushed me. How did you compose the new songs? Who is the author of your music? I am always very curious about how a band compose. Who brings the riffs, who has the main word about everything, who is always unsatisfied, and so on. How do ANALEPSY compose? 

Analepsy - Hey! Thanks a lot for the compliment. Every member of the band has input on the composition of songs. Usually Diogo write a whole song on guitar and then Tiago does the drums on top, or Marco gets together with Tiago and they write together both guitars and drums. Flávio writes pretty much all the lyrics. What's cool about our formula is that each one of us brings something different to the table. Marco brings more classic metal vibes, like power metal ou hard rock, Diogo brings more old school brutal death metal and black metal influence in the mix, Tiago brings the tradicional slam brutality and also hardcore and beatdown, and Flávio, well, he plays a lot of sci-fi games, so he's always exploding with ideas for concepts and lyrics haha.

You new album was released in CD edition, on vinyl and cassette. One can tell that you took a really big care about the graphics of your covers. Who did the graphics for the new album and who is the author of the cover? From how many works were you choosing and why did you chose this one? 

Analepsy - The artist that did the artwork is Lordigan (Pedro Sena) and we are very satisfied with his work, it fits perfectly the music and the overall concept of the album. We didn't choose the artwork, we had already work with him in our EP "Dehumanization by Supremacy" so we knew he was up for the job. We sat with him one time discussing our ideas and within a couple months he had this amazing artwork done. 

The first thing that surprised me was the sound – it is cruel, breakthrough, raw and animal at the same time. Where did you recorded? How did the recording go? How many days did it take and who worked on the final sound? 

Analepsy - Thanks a lot! We recorded with our long time friend Miguel Tereso at his studio (Demigod Recordings). The recordings had some setbacks as it would be expected, but eventually we got the job done. We started recording in february 2016 and finished only in november (we have an official "making of" from the recordings on Youtube if you want to check out!).

Lyrics are often underrated in brutal death metal. What are your lyrics on the new album “Atrocities from Beyond” about? Do you take care about the lyrics? Are they important to your music? 

Analepsy - Yes! This time around we really paid a lot of attention to the lyrics that we wrote. "Atrocities From Beyond" is a repeating story that occurs in a multiverse where an entity has a prediction of what's going to happen, it ends up happening and in the end it comes back to the beggining, as everything will happen again. The multiverse is destroyed by a vermin entity that ends up consuming itself and leaving nothing but its dead atoms floating in space. From those atoms new life can now be created. To be destroyed again.

When I go through your discography I can see that you have gone a long way. People can tell that your band works on itself. How often ANALEPSY rehears? Are you a group where the members regularly meet or are you more like a punks who just let it free? 

Analepsy - Haha we are like punks who just let it free! We usually don't rehearse unless we have to learn a new song. But that's due to us living very apart from each other, which makes things harder. 

Your music is influenced by classic brutal death metal but also slam. What bands do you listen to? Do you have any idols, someone who made you start with brutal death metal music in the past? 

Analepsy - Yes there were a few bands that we had as influences in the beginning. Those would be Pathology, Abominable Putridity, Vulvectomy and Putrid Pile. But individually we listen to a lot of different stuff, too much to write here haha.

Last year I saw you on a great NICE TO EAT YOU FESTIVAL in Libchavá. I have to say that you totally crushed me. How did you enjoy the festival and did you like it? What did you think about the fans? 

Analepsy - Thanks man! Yes, we had an amazing time playing there. The fans were really supportive and offered a great atmosphere. A huge thanks to our fans that were at NTEY! 

When I look back again…What was the first impulse to put a band together? Why brutal death metal? It is not a style which would bring you big “fame”. 

Analepsy - True that haha. Our ex-vocalist Ricardo had this idea of a brutal death band a while ago, and decided to form the band after he met Flávio and Marco, out of pure love for the music. We felt that there wasn't that much brutal death metal here in Portugal so we decided to give it a shot.

You came from Lisbon and you play extreme death metal. I am sure that our readers would like to know how the Portuguese death metal scene is. To tell the truth I do not know many death metal bands except you. Could you recommend any to us? 

Analepsy - Haha yes, exactly as I was saying there isn't that much brutal death metal here, but some good bands woud be Bleeding Display, Grog and Dead Meat. 

Last year you have released a split album with KRAANIUM. Why did you chose this band is clear to me but I would like to know when and how did you come up with the idea of releasing a split. How did the cooperation and recording go? The result is a total massacre from both bands. Are you satisfied with the result? 

Analepsy - Actually the idea for this split came from Kraanium, as they invited us to do it. We decided to go for it and accepted their invitation. It was a tough process really. Our drummer Tiago did most of the job when it came to recording the Analepsy part, and mixed and mastered the whole split. We faced some delays by both bands, like the unfortunate passing of Martin Funderud, which made us all decide to dedicate the split to him. It contains the last vocal lines that Martin recorded (the very last ones being the guest ones he did on our first song "New Inception..."). Thanks, we were satisfied with the work yes, and it definitely has a different meaning to us than the other records.

What are ANALEPSY´s plans for the next few months? Can we see you in a concert in the Czech Republic? Have you thought about doing a tour to support your new album? 

Analepsy - Next few months we will focus on the gigs that we have and slowly continue to think about new ideas for a new album. Maybe some new videos will also come up in the meanwhile. For now we don't have anyhting planned for Czech Republic unfortunately! We already did two tours with other bands, but we never thought of a tour with the single purpose of promoting the album. 

Are there any interesting albums which have caught your attention recently? 

Analepsy - Defeated Sanity's "Disposal of the Dead // Dharmata" for sure!

Do you know or listen any Czech bands? 

Analepsy - Yes! Our good friends Epicardiectomy! Hehe, other than that we know some other Czech bands like Congenital Anomalies, as Tiago also mixed their latest full-length. Also Jig-Ai, Ahumado Granujo and Fleshless. 

Thank you so much for the interview. I wish your new album (and not only to it) high sales and personally I wish you only the best. I will be looking forward to see you on some concert! 

Analepsy - Thanks a lot! We appreciate very much your time writing the interview, and wish you all the best too. 


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