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Interview - USURPER - Usurper is 100% real until death!

Interview with black thrash metal band from USA - USURPER.

Answered Dan Tyrantor, thank you!

Translated by Duzl, thank you!

Questions prepared Jakub Asphyx.

Recenze/review - USURPER - Lords Of The Permafrost (2019):

Ave USURPER! On March 22, 2019, your new album "Lords of the Permafrost" will be released by Souseller Records. As the name suggests, it will again be a whirlwind of honest black, thrash and old metal. When you went out of the studio, what were your feelings? Please introduce the fans a new album. What are USURPER in 2018? 

Dan Tyrantor: Lords Of The Permafrost is very much a continuation of where we left off all of those years ago with the Cryptobeast album. The lineup may have been slightly adjusted, but the mission stays the same. 

I have a new album for review from your label. So far I haven't heard him properly, but what I've heard so far sat me down on my ass. I always liked so much on you that you are not only orthodox and real, but you also remember the cold and dark tunes. Who is the author of the music and how do you compose and create new songs of USURPER? 

DT: Thanks! I hope you are able to stand up now! Usurper is 100% real until death! Rick Scythe composes the music, and then Joe and Scott will come up with insane drums and bass. Then either Rick, myself, or a combination of us both will write the lyrics. The cold and dark are just always there. This is Chicago. 

I was impressed by the really raw and "dusty" sound on the new record. Where did you record the album, mix it, who is under the production? 

DT: The sound was intentional. We recorded, and self produced the new album at Electrical Audio in Chicago with the assistance of engineer Taylor Hales. We used old Usurper albums as a reference, and I think it sounds great. Some of the rawness comes from the fact that we had only a few days to record. That sense of urgency made these songs sound even more feral and ferocious. 

I was also interested by the cover of the album. If I understand it, there's a mythical winged monster on it. Cover is simple, a bit mysterious. What this theme should to express? Signed under him is Juha Vuorma. I know about him only that he comes from Finland, could you introduce him to our readers? How did you pick the cover for the new album? 

DT: Juha is an amazing artist responsible for several pieces of artwork for Usurper. He and Rick discuss a general idea, and then Juha will listen to some advance tracks, and work from there. This cover is once again exactly what we were trying to convey with the music. If you read the lyrics to the album, it all comes together. 

As a band, in your lyrics you deal with Satanism, occultism, death, violence. What are lyrics about on the new record? What is the main theme and the idea of "Lords of the Permafrost"? 

DT: Both Rick and I are very much into reading about ancient folklore, alien overlords, cryptozoology, war, and historical atrocities. The songs on the Lords of the Permafrost album deal with these topics as well as a song called Gargoyle, which is about being a Heavy Metal maniac. 

I have to ask. You play a metal style that is strongly reserved for Christianity. You live in America, which is considered a Catholic country. Do you have any problems with this? Do you get space on TV, in the newspapers? How is life in your country, around you, affected by Christianity? 

DT: Usurper has no religious or political agenda. 

USURPER begin is back in1993. If I am not mistaken, then in 2007 you broke down and came back in 2015. What was a reason? And what did you do in the meantime? Did you deal with your other bands or did you hang the music on the nail? 

DT: Illegal downloading, and our former labels’ affinity for signing shitty nu-thrash bands while ignoring us meant that we weren’t getting tour offers like before, despite the two albums (Twilight Dominion and Cryptobeast) garnering high marks from publications worldwide. There was also infighting going on, so the decision was made to disband. Some of the guys continued with other projects, while I pursued other hobbies like bird watching, and cirrhosis. 

Your first albums from 1995 ("Diabolosis ..." and 1999 ("Skeletal Season") rightly still belong to the metal treasure chest. Do you still remember the style you create them in that time? Were you conscientious, ready to go to a studio or a bunch of "animals" that were all more punk way? Please remember how metal history was formed! 

DT: There was an overabundance of generic Death Metal in the middle to late 90s, interspersed with mediocre albums from classic thrash bands who were now wearing sports shirts, and surfing shorts. There were very few bands at the time who were still playing old school death and black Metal. Usurper just came into existence out of necessity. We still play songs from those albums today. 

If we stay in history ... how do you perceive the differences between the present and your beginnings? Everything has changed - technology, sound, recording studios, we have the internet, music downloads. How did these changes affect band's functioning? Did you have to adapt a lot? 

DT: Unfortunately, having an online presence is almost required in 2019. Like I said earlier, illegal downloading and file sharing sucks. We used to have an old website and even a message board. But we used these mostly to post inside jokes and to entertain ourselves. The modern age means less trips to the post office, but it also lacks that old personal touch. 

I'm watching your Facebook and I'm informed about your gigs, but to be honest, you are not playing outside America, am I right? Why not? You don't want or reason is finances? What about some tour to promote a new album in Europe with a stop in the Czech Republic? 

DT: As of this moment, we have a festival date for 2020 in Finland, and a South American tour. We will be working on some other European dates. We love Europe, and when the opportunity arises, we will come back! 

I have a feeling that as far as extreme styles are concerned, it has really reappeared in America lately. Especially underground metal bands are great! I'm interviewing bands, reviewing new albums and I feel like your scene is very strong. But this is my view of a man who lives outside America. What is your opinion? What about concerts, promoters, clubs, extreme metal music stores? 

DT: I honestly don’t keep up with newer bands very much. I’m almost 50 years old and I mostly still listen to the same stuff from 25 years ago. I don’t go to as many shows as I used to, either. Chicago has always been a Metal city, and there are concerts every weekend. 

Thank you very much for the interview and I wish to your new album great sales. Make your concerts sold out. I will be looking forward to see you on some of them. I wish you all the best in your personal lives. Force with you! USURPER FOREVER! 

DT: Thanks! Those words are more positive than anything my parents ever told me, haha!

Recenze/review - USURPER - Lords Of The Permafrost (2019):

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