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Interview - BLOOD FEAST - We really do treat things as old school as possible. That's the way we were brought up, so it'll always be there.

Interview with legendary thrash metal band BLOOD FEAST from USA.

Answered CJ Scioscia, thank you!

Translated by Duzl, thank you!

Questions prepared Jakub Asphyx.

Ave BLOOD FEAST! Hello to the USA! At the beginning of the conversation, I would like to tell you one short story. Sometime in 1993, I got perhaps a thousand times played a cassette from my friend. On one side was your "Chopping Block Blues" album and some punk on the other side. I was then orthodox thrash maniac and I didn't take this album out of the player for a month. I didn't even know what the cover looks like or who you are. Then you came back, in a completely different lineup, I searched in the old box for hours to confirm that it was really you. So the question at the beginning - Why did BLOOD FEAST stop twice their activity and how did the rebirth happen? If I'm right so the only original member is Adam?

CJ Scioscia: Yes, Adam Tranquilli is the only remaining original member. The first reunion of the band was in 1999, which was the only time all 5 original members got together. They played a festival here in New Jersey, the March Metal Meltdown. When the show was over the parted ways, a true one-and-done situation. Reunion #2 was in 2007, with only Adam and Kevin Kuzma (drums), plus members of Kevin's then band Annunaki. There was one show in Brooklyn, with Possessed and At War.

In 2010 the band was invited to play at the Headbangers Open Air festival. This is when current members Chris Natalini (vocals) and Tom Lorenzo (bass) came on board. This line-up last nearly 4 years and played a bunch of shows, including a return to HOA in 2013. But they were not really moving forward with new material – just an early version of "INRI".

By early 2014 Adam wanted to move forward with new material, but was stifled by the limitations of that line-up. Kevin resisted doing new material, and it was difficult for him to jam as he lived nearly 6 hours away. There was a cancellation of a festival, the 2nd guitar player suddenly couldn't do it. That seemed to be the final straw for Adam. He got me in the band that same day, and 3 months later we had Joe Moore on board to play drums. So we had the Future State line-up in place, and we began working on Adam's songs.

I am an old dog, I formed my opinion on music in the nineties, when everyone recognized each band from other. Sometime in 2017 a friend came to me and started to recommend some young thrash bands. I stared at him for a moment, shaking my head in disbelief, then saying, "If you want to hear a pure thrash, listen to" The Future State of Wicked ". The next day he returned, his eyes wide and repeated over and over, that he hadn't heard such a good sound for a long time. Where did you record the album and how did you achieve such a moldy analog sound? Did you edit songs anyway?

CJ Scioscia: Wow, that's super-cool, thank you!!

We recorded FSW at my recording studio, LCBW Recording. I've been a recording engineer since the '80s, and have had my studio since 1993. Fun facts – the place were my studio currently located, since 2002, is where the band recorded The Suicidal Missions demo back in 1986, and I mastered the Last Offering Before The Chopping Block CD in 2012.

The goal for FSW was was always the same – keep the old school vibe, but with the clarity of modern recording technology. It helped that I'm from the same era, and was playing thrash at the same time as the original band. So I understood what was required. What also helped was that we had time. The albums from the '80s were probably rushed since the budgets were so small.

Two years have passed since the release of "The Future State of Wicked", but I still have the album on the stand in a place of honor and every time I need to clear my head from today's shits, I play it. It's like therapy for me. Do you know what really killed me? Cover! It's such a beauty that I had to order a T-shirt immediately. I know he was painted by Drew Elliott, I just don't know who he is? I couldn't find information about him. How did you get together? And how did the idea for the theme come up?

CJ Scioscia: I believe Drew Elliott did the original album artwork for Kill For Pleasure and Face Fate through New Renaissance Records, the label the band was signed to back in the '80s. He created the famous (infamous??) character that is on those albums.

Adam knew he wanted to work with Drew again, to bring the artwork back to those standards. He contacted Drew via FaceBook, and Drew was interested. Adam gave him the album title, and he came back with the the main idea. It evolved a little bit and became what we have on the cover.

I remember that I was always fascinated by the old interviews with SODOM, where the redactor asked them how they recorded new albums. Mostly they answered that they met in the rehearsal room, got madly drunk and then make a new record. Not perfect, but with a great energy. How does BLOOD FEAST record? Is it still party or are you older settled gentlemen?:))

CJ Scioscia: There's not a lot of partying going on these days, ha ha ha. Unfortunately we're all older and have adult responsibilities. We do rehearse in the same room that we record, but it's never a case of just pushing a button and off we go. We work on the songs very hard, and then record it all in pieces in a traditional 'overdubbed' manner. Drums first, then rhythm guitars, bass, etc.

Who is BLOOD FEAST's main composer? Is it Adam? Or are you all involved? And who has the last word? By the way, I must also mention the work of the second Adam on drums. That's kind of fire, this guy must have dynamite in his hands, right?

CJ Scioscia: Adam is the main writer. He is ground zero for Blood Feast's DNA, fer sure, but I have more contributions to the next album.

Adam Kieffer (AK) is a great drummer, and a pleasure to play with. He's very methodical in putting his parts together, which people will hear more of on the next album.

We recently interviewed German band PROTECTOR and veteran Martin Missy told us how great it is to see young guys in ragged jeans jackets at the shows. Thrash metal is experiencing a new boom, at least here in the Czech Republic. How does it look like in the US? And one more thing, please try to compare the current concerts with those in the 1990s. It is a big difference?

CJ Scioscia: The thrash metal underground is still alive here in the US. While it may never return to the heights we saw in the mid-to-late '80s, it's definitely better than during the '90s.

I have to admit that I still have a few dreams that I want to fulfill. I'd like to see AUTOPSY live. And then BLOOD FEAST. But do you play in Europe at all? Generally, are you band which like to perform a lot or are you choosing carefully?

CJ Scioscia: We will be in Germany in Novembre for the Hamburg edition of the True Thrash Fest. We'd love to play more, but for some reason we don't get asked to do other festivals. One in particular is Obscene Extreme in the Czech Republic. We scratch our heads aboot this all the time.

You will probably agree with me that your label Hells Headbangers Records is doing a great job. The guys have the same taste for bands as I do! In addition they also release vinyl, CD, cassettes. We fans are really excited and if I meet them once, I will give them a deep compliment, but how do you see their work from the position of the band? Are you satisfied? And how did you get together?

CJ Scioscia: We dig working with Hells Headbangers!! They are great people, and the effort they put into their label is tireless. We're happy with what they've done for us.

I guess I'm not going to be wrong if I write that you'll be a lot like me. I mean during the day we work to make a living for the families, and as soon as it goes, we spend time by metal. And I chose, like you, the real, dirty one. That's why I met a lot of great people. Do you hold as a band together? I mean if you just go for a beer and talk? I have a feeling lately that everybody around (on example at work) just stares to the phones and then doesn't know what to say.

CJ Scioscia: We definitely enjoy each other's company, and are a band of friends. There is some stress, as there will always be, but the fun times far outweigh the negative.

You play old dirty thrash metal. And you play it exactly according to the old practices which I like so much. But the time has changed. We have a lot of new technologies, of course the internet, which is a good servant, but a bad master. What has changed for you as a band? Did you have to adapt, change your mind? Just because everyone can comment (express himself, or just spit) today everything without understanding it requires a completely different approach.

CJ Scioscia: We really do treat things as old school as possible. That's the way we were brought up, so it'll always be there. Yet we have adapted to the new ways. You have to, otherwise you'll get left in the dust. All 5 of us have a good balance of between both worlds.

Last year I was really looking forward to your EP "Chopper, Sliced and Diced", but there is only one new song. Others are, if I'm not wrong, just re-recorded songs from somewhere in a live performance in Japan. The novelty really made me feel good, but we need a new long-length album. Will it be? And if so, when? Do you compose? Please tell us more about it.

CJ Scioscia: As you say, the CSD EP only had one new song. But that was fine, as "Concubine" is quite a ripper. Adam really wanted to re-record the other songs that were included. Those 4 – "Hunted Stalked And Slain", "Darkside", "Chopping Block Blues" and "Chemically Imbalanced" – have never sounded better. Then add the live track, "By The Slice", and it's a pretty nifty release.

The next album is almost ready to be recorded. We demoed the songs a few months ago, and have been rehearsing them hard. Maybe we can start recording in June, and hopefully have it mixed before the end of the year.

There will be 10 songs total – 9 for the vinyl release, with the 10th being a CD bonus track. Adam wrote 7 songs, and I wrote 3. One of mine is an instrumental, and will be the bonus track.

On the end I would like to thank you very much for the music you do, for the interview and for everything. It's really nice to hear true genuine honest thrash metal today! Wish all good to you in all directions and I firmly believe that I will finally see you live. I will buy you beer.

CJ Scioscia: Thank you very much for the interview Jakub. I hope we can get to the Czech Republic next year so you finally get to see us live. Cheers... and DRINK THE BLOOD OF EVERY CORPSE!!


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