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Interview - KRISIUN - We play with heart, integrity and loyalty to those who support us.

Interview with legandary death metal band from Brazil - KRISIUN.

Answered KRISIUN, thank you!

Translated and questions prepared by Duzl, thank you!


You are legends and one of the icons of metal scene in Brazil. You formed KRISIUN in 1990 and you influenced many bands all over the whole Latin America and abroad. When you founded the band, did you think you could be on the metal scene for so long? What else do you want to achieve, what are your goals? 

Thanks. Well,when we first started the band we haven't really thought about how long it could last or even if that would become our profession,we were just three kids crazy about metal,trying to play fast and have some fun. I think our main goals are to stay alive, improve ourselves as musicians and persons and help this style of music to stay solid and real. At the beginning of September, you released a new album called "Scourge of the Enthroned" ... I'm excited about the album, from your last albums is "Southern Storm" and this new one top for me. 

What about feedback for your new album from fans and metal media so far? How satisfied are you? 

The responses were pretty good so far, even the sales were better than the previous ones, we did hit that billboard site for the first time. The tour offers also increased,we haven't stop since the release show last September in Germany. It's not that easy to keep working things out after so many years, I guess yes,we are satisfied, even-though it can always be better. We are still motivated to keep playing this kind of music, every time we get to work on some new material ,we're gonna get focused on it and try to do our best. 

Your new album is called "Scourge of the Enthroned," as well as the first song. What is the meaning behind this name? I was also surprised by the album cover by Eliran Kantor, it is different from your other albums, what is the reason? 

I think the main meaning behind it, It's about the every day battle we have to face to survive as band,how to find the inner power within ourselves to overcome the enemy,the opposition. The music business is filled with overrated acts and fancy calls. Been a band from South America makes it even harder to get it done. So, Scourge of the enthroned could mean our music destroying the so called fake kingdoms out there. As for the cover, we definitely wanted to get something different than before, More organic,less digital. Eliram is an amazing artist,we knew he would come up with something killer as he did. I had enjoyed this cover so much. 

How did the writing and recording process go and has it become easier over the years? Or do you feel more under the pressure by the big expectation from your fans? 

Our writing process comes up naturally, it's us three jamming together and discussing ideas and possibilities, It usually takes a few months to get most of it done, with a few possibilities to change a few things on the studio. The recording process could be a little bit more tricky ,it takes a lot of work to achieve the sound we are looking for. Yes,there is a little pressure from all sides but it's never a big deal or something we can't deal with. 

What is the main difference between this new album compared to your last album „Forged in Fury“ and how do you feel the band has improved or changed after releasing 11 albums (new one included)? 

I'd say the Forged in fury album has a little bit more mid tempo parts, heavier melodies. Back then we were listening to a lot of classic heavy metal albums, such as Judas Priest, Maiden, Motorhead...We wanted to do an album like that. It's definitely a different album compared to everything else we had done. As for the latest album, I think it went faster,more savage and aggressive. We wanted to keep it heavy but also bring back the speed and aggressiveness. I don't think we had really changed our style of playing and writing but it's important and crucial to come up with different ideas and elements to keep it fresh and interesting. 

Could you compare the metal scene in Brazil in the early nineties and now? In what direction did the scene evolve? What was the situation with regard to tour managers, booking agents, clubs, etc.? Who has more support - local South American bands or bands from Europe and the USA? 

There's definitely a solid scene down there, most of bands are coming down for a few shows every year pretty much. I think the whole scenario had improved a bit since the last few years,as far as clubs and booking agents as well,but still,there's also a bunch of non professionals fucking things up every now and then. There are two sides of the coin, I honestly can't complain about it, we do pretty good shows down there for solid audiences as they usually go crazy when we play. But in another hand,the larger audiences and the bigger festivals rather support international acts. 

I'm a girl, so I wonder what you think about the girls on the metal scene, do you like girl bands as Nervosa, Nemesis, Demonomacy ... etc, do you think it's easier to break through for them? Or do you think that death metal should be just a "man thing“, sometimes I hear these opinions. 

Hell yes, I do like girl bands for sure. I think the number of girls playing metal had increased tremendously for the past few years. If you think about 10-15 years ago, there were a lot less girls playing metal music. Now a days you find not only girl bands but girls playing in bands with guys as well, some of them are pretty bad ass. I remember when Nervosa first came up, a bunch of jealous guys were bashing them and their music, now Nervosa have a record deal and have the opportunity to play overseas while the guys who used to bash them still stuck to their little worlds and not going anywhere. Funny :) 

Do you feel that as musicians, even after all these years you are still developing? What do you consider to be milestones in the development of KRISIUN In your opinion what has been the biggest contribution the band have given to the metal scene? 

Well, I think the driven force that has kept us doing what we do is the passion and love we feel for this music. We are still motivated to go out on tour and record albums,travel to different places and make new metalhead friends. We just don't sit there and wait for things to happen. If you want to be a good musician you have to work on it. It takes a lot of practice and study. I like good music in general, Like classic music, blues, jazz...It definitely helps to develop your self as a musician. As for our contribution to the metal scene, I think we did stick around because we had never follow any trends of tendencies, we play our music without caring about the negativity of those who try to stop us from doing what we do, we care about our fans, I'm not saying we are the perfect band playing perfect music, but we play with heart, integrity and loyalty to those who support us. 

Which concert in the history of KRISIUN you consider as an extraordinary one and why? 

It's hard to mention one concert,I could mention a few. When we opened for the mighty Black Sabbath in our home town, Porto Alegre,last time we play the "Helfest" In France, we gathered a huge audience in front of the stage as they went off right the way, the circle pit went nuts, some other festivals too, Party San, summer breeze,Sweden rock.... they were all great, also the club shows,it's always great to play in São Paulo, either indoor or outdoor shows. The whisky in LA, Le fouf in Montreal, NY city...We always had a blast on those places. 

What about young blood on metal scene in Brazil? Would you like to recommend us some another bands which recently took your attention? 

Well,honestly I was expecting more killer new bands to appear into the scene, I don't know, maybe it's the modern days, I think younger musicians rather play different kinds of music Instead of metal. The newer good bands are not necessarily new, some of them are formed by not so young guys from previous bands. But I could mention a few. Exterminate, Havok666, Funeratus, Violator.... 

What are generally your future plans for KRISIUN? When do you come play to Europe, do you already have some offers? 

Yesssss, like I mentioned before the demand has been pretty good since the new album came out. Right now we are in Europe playing some festivals,then we are heading over Dubai,Australia,Singapore, Phillipines...Back to south America also for some festivals,then back to Europe in August for more festivals,then USA in September for a tour with Kataklism, Exorder and Hatched. Then Chile and some other south American countries in October. 

Do you have any secrets or untold stories about KRISIUN that you could share with our readers? 

I have a funny one. One time we were touring with the mighty Morbid Angel. They are serious guys but can be humorous sometimes,specially Tucker. Our sound guy didn't cut his hair for a while,so his hair started to look like King Diamond's hair. We had the idea to dress him up like the King, with the make up and everything. We asked Tucker if we could get him on the stage during the Morbid show, He dug it right the way. The other guys in the band didn't know about it. So,at some point Tucker yelled to the crowd. "We have a very special guest tonight, put your hands together for King Diamond" then our sound guy walked on the stage and wave to the crowd. Some guys thought he was really the King, the guys in Morbid Angel didn't know what was happening,it took a little while until they found out and start laughing. 

Thank you so much for this interview! Last words for all the old and new fans of KRISIUN all over the world are yours…. 

Thanks for the interview! Thanks to everyone who support and believe in fucking metal. Cheers and beers. 

See you on the road.


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