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Interview - BURIAL REMAINS - We don’t take energy from our fans, they need their own to headbang!

Interview with death metal band from Netherlands - BURIAL REMAINS.

Translated and questions prepared Duzl, thank you!

Recenze/review - BURIAL REMAINS - Trinity of Deception (2019):

Hi Burial Remains! 

Let's explain a little bit of the origin of the band. If I'm not mistaken, BURIAL REMAINS is a modified version of your previous project MIASMA OF GUILT. Why this change and how did Sven from FLESHCRAWL get into the position of a singer? 

Sven was already in the picture for Miasma Of Guilt and did Tormentor on the record. We were looking for someone who could do the full album and we asked Sven. Although his schedule was pretty loaded already, he said yes and here we are. 

In July you released your first album "Trinity of Deception" and what I noticed, you only collect really great reviews. I have to say that I also praise this album and recommend it to everyone. Can you tell me something about how the album was created, who is the main composer and how was your cooperation with Jonny Pettersson? 

The songs were written in a few Wednesday mornings. We knew what kind of style this band should represent and we could come up with riffs quite easy. The songs were also finished in a fast pace, so within a few months this album was done. We only needed the vocals then, which took more time. 

When we finally could send our stuff to Jonny, he knew exactly what to do. As far as mixing, we just said we wanted it ‘old school style’. 

The final sound is his or your vision? 

That’s funny you asked. The mix was really good and we were really satisfied with the result. When we heard the first master, we heard a more modern approach. After hearing the second we knew it was a blast! He really outdid himself here! 

Most of your fans consider "They Crawl" as the top song on the album… to be honest I chose "March of the Undead" which is not so technical or furious, but slow-rolling, has deep dark passages and gives the song a lot of pressure. Which song do you prefer and why? 

Wim: Tormentor 

Others: Hahahaha! 

Wim: No seriously…. Burn With Me and Trinity Of Deception. Both are really great songs! 

Danny: For me it’s definitely Trinity Of Deception. This song has everything we stand for. Rolling passages, fast riffs, just a good summary of this album. 

Philippus: Cruxifixion Of The Vanquished because all the layers are there. And the intro is the first thing that I wrote and the first riff we used for a song. 

Wim: All songs are exactly in the right position on this album. I works, has the right dynamics. 

Ralf Hauber (REVEL IN FLESH, HEADS FOR DEAD) worked with you on song "Burn with me", how did this synergy came about? 

Rai Wolters already worked this deal out with Ralf for Miasma Of Guilt. We asked him if we could use his contribution and had some decent conversations after that. Great guy and one hell of a vocalist! 

As a last song you have your own cover version of the song "Tormentor" from KREATOR. Whose idea was that? Does this song have any deeper meaning for you? 

Wim: Philippus! 

Philippus: ….. 

Wim: It should be Danny, he’s the biggest Kreater fan. 

Danny: I wasn’t even part of the band yet when this was decided. 

Wim. Oh…. I guess I came up with the idea. Or was it Rai? 

Philippus: Probably. I have checked live footage of this song and together with the album version we came up with the Burial Remains version. We did ok I think. 

The cover comes from Mortuus Art, which is one of my favorite artists! I have to say that the white-blue-black combination is absolutely amazing and immediately had to buy all your merch. Did you have a clear idea of how the design should look like, or did you leave „free hand“ to Mortuus? 

We had a few artists in mind and were looking for fitting artwork. Raul had this cover and immediately we knew that this was very suitable for Burial Remains. 

Recently THANATOS released the single "Blind Obedience" and have very similar art cover as you. Is white-blue-black combination in Holland „trendy“ now, or is it just a coincidence? Maybe in the future it could become a trademark of Dutch death metal bands, maybe Asphyx will join with their next album, what do you think? :))) 

We haven’t checked with Asphyx if they also follow the Thanatos-blue trend, but we are going to share the stage with them at one of the live shows so maybe you are lucky! ;) 

No seriously, it’s just a coincidence. 

Among other things, you released a special CD box which is very nice and contains a lot things, the only thing I still miss are vinyl, which this album definitely deserve and I just can't miss it in my collection and if it would be enriched with a poster that is part of the CD Box, that would be great! :) … Do I have some chance? 

Vinyl is scheduled and will take a few months. We expect that it will be available on the gig in Drachten. 

When it comes to posters and such… We have to wait and find out… Haha!

Gigs are the key to the band's success. What does playing live mean to you, are you the kind of band that drown on energy from the fans? Are you planning some tour to support the album? 

There will be shows, there will be chaos! We will play a clubshow at Drachten (NL) with Entrails, Asphyx, Fleshcrawl and many more. There are a few festivals scheduled, of which Harnbarg Metalfest is already confirmed. We are currently working on international shows as well, which will probably be confirmed later this year. 

We don’t take energy from our fans, they need their own energy to headbang! 

All of you are experienced musicians and you been already shared the stage with many big names, but if you could choose one band to support on the tour who would it be? 

Wim: Sisters Of Suffocation! 

Danny: Well, Dismember is active again so that would be nice but Sisters Of Suffocation is even better! 

Philippus: That’s the reason playing festivals is a benefit because there are a lot of bands that are worth checking out. 

Where would you like to lead BURIAL REMAINS in the future? I think you have set the bar quite high and it will not easy to overcome it, is it a challenge for you? 

Well actually we are already started with the next album. The release of ‘Trinity Of Deception’ took a long time so we had enough time to start writing new songs. We have a few songs finished and other songs need a few small adjustments in order to fit onto the album. 

Which band and their album do you consider as the very first Dutch death metal? 

This would be Thanatos. 

And a bit philosophical question to close our interview,... if you disregard death metal from your life, what would be left? 

Rather dull actually. We are putting a lot of time in listening and creating music as well, so we need that shit! 

Thank you so much for your time and interview! Wish you good luck with your new album and hopefully see you soon on the stage, last words are yours...! 

Do not hesitate to check for availability for shows! Check our label Transcending Obscurity for updates of our merch or get it at the live shows! 

See you soon and thanks for reading!

Recenze/review - BURIAL REMAINS - Trinity of Deception (2019):

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