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Interview - NEKROSITY - The initial spark turned into a sea of flames.

Interview with death metal band NEKROSITY from Sweden.

Answered Daniel, thank you!

Translated by Duzl, thank you!

Questions prepared Jakub Asphyx.

Recenze/review - NEKROSITY - Void Gazer (2019):

Ave NEKROSITY! Greetings to Sweden. How are you? What I follow you on social networks makes me feel like you're having a great period. Everywhere I read just superlatives about your new album. You have a great new album! Your work and determination bears success. How do you feel as a band right now? 

Hey Jakub! 

We're slowly starting to rehearse again after a little hiatus over summer and we are slowly getting back in shape again. The response for "Void gazer" has been outstanding so far, which of course feels great since we've been working on this material for quite some time. Every detail has its purpose on the record. So, yeah we're very satisfied with our current position and hopefully this will help us to reach out a bit further as a band. 

Let's go to the new album "Void Gazer", which probably interested our readers the most. How was the album created? How long did you record it? And how does NEKROSITY create new material? 

I usually create riffs at home since I am not one of these guys really who jam and create a whole song out of nothing at a rehearsal. The original idea and structure of the riff might drastically change during the creative phase. I trash a lot of ideas and only keep the ones that are in line with what we truly want to express. But everybody contributes with their part, since everyone in NEKROSITY knows how to handle a string instrument. So it's always someone who has an idea or new material. Once we start on a new song we usually create a frame of a song and make a rehearsal recording of it. We analyze it, dissect it, stripping it down to the bone. It might go through multiple shapes and changes before we feel satisfied with the result. Working this way has been very effective for us as band to get us in the direction we want, and that's how "Void Gazer" was created. The initial spark turned into a sea of flames. 

The new album is decorated by a great cover. Who is the author and how did you choose the theme? 

The front cover and layout was made by a friend of ours, Göran Nilsson (who also did the vocals on our second demo "Rot to Survive" by the way) & HYDRA GRAFISK DESIGN. Since we wanted the album to be entitled "Void Gazer" we sent him the lyrics and the track so he would get some inspiration and ideas for the artwork. After some correnspondance between us he started working on this piece that ended up as the multi dimensional horror you see on the front cover. Needless to say, we are very satisfied with the result. It reflected what we wanted to have on the spot and wrapped up the album as a whole. Top notch. 

The sound of the entire record is great. It is dark, cold and sharp at the same time. In which studio did you record the album? Did you speak as a band to the resulting sound and mastering? 

Thank you! For us is production as important as the song writing. We had a quite a few mixes before we were ready to go. As this was an album we were even more picky. We recorded at a studio, which doesn't exist anymore, called BOOM ROOM AUDIONEERING. The mixing and additional parts were done at AUDIODOME RECORDINGS. The mastering part was done in Gothenburg at a place called STUDIO FABRIKEN. We took part in the whole process and shared our thoughts with the engineers regarding the production. Demanding or not, but it needs to be a suitable production to get the right atmosphere on the recording. But they all did a great job and we are very pleased with the final result. 

Lyrics are an integral part of your album. What they are talking about? Who is their author and how did they originate? Are Lyrics really important for you? 

Absolutely, the lyrics play an important role in our music. That's one of the corner stones which adds another level to the experience. A lot of bands in the death metal scene lacks depth and spirit in their content which makes their efforts flat, rather than dark and oppressive, even though they might be skilled musicians. All of us have contributed to the lyrics, but I am responsible for most of the parts on this record. Easily put, what we delve into on this journey is the endless shapes of death and the horrors that lies within, without and beyond. I encourage people to read them to get the whole package. Form your own opinion and see where it takes you. 

You will surely agree with me that your music is influenced a lot by bands from the eighties and nineties. Looks like we grew up on the same bands. But surely it was some first one that inspired you to start making music even actively. Which one? And how was it growing up in metal Sweden? 

Indeed, we are very inspired by the bands from that period of time, even though we create our own interpretation of how we want death metal to sound. But bands like Morbid Angel, Autopsy, old Entombed, Necrophagia, Bolt Thrower, Sadistic Intent, Bathory, Death Strike, Asphyx etc. have absolutely contributed to shape our sound. It was very different than it is today. We discovered new bands through magazines, through other bands thanks lists on records and many times bought an album based on the front cover. I grew up with three of the members in NEKROSITY and we've played in different constellations together since the 90's. We often introduced new stuff to each other, dubbing tapes, borrowing and exchanging records etc. Black metal, Death metal, Thrash, Grindcore, Hardcore punk and other extreme styles were a part of our cocktail. It was a good and inspiring time for sure, for all of us. 

Nowadays most people download new albums from the Internet and use only their digital version. How do you see this issue? I am interested in your opinion as a musician. 

I think the digital format is a good way to reach out and spread the material but I don't consider this as a substitute to the physical release. And that's the thing, fans who're genuinly interested will still support the bands they like by buying their albums and merch, particulary when it deals with music genres like metal. I understand why people in general use this types of services though. It's easy, comfortable and everything is a click away but if you ask me it never gets close to the real deal. There is something special to put on an album and take part of the entire work of art. 

Recently, many young bands are starting to play old school death metal again. Most of them are not so good, but still we can found a few new, decent bands that understand what it is about. Do you have a favourite one and you think about them that they are able to "revive“ the old days? 

Yeah, it's been many new bands lately that have jumped on this old school wave and some handle it better than others of course. Some new Death Metal bands I really enjoy is TOMB MOLD, BLOOD INCANTION, SPECTRAL VOICE, DEAD VOID, TAPHOS, SUPERSTITION, CARNAL TOMB, BODYFARM, LANTERN etc.. 

What about NEKROSITY and concert? How difficult is it to arrange a tour for you? Do you just stick to Sweden or you want to go abroad? I know it's about money, but I still think that gigs will bring the most real fans to the music.

We rarely play live. At most of the time once or twice a year. But we're trying to change that now with the new album out and all. It's hard to get the proper amount of time to get everything around these days with families and everything included. We will most likely not do any bigger tours, but we're definitely up for going abroad to play if the circumstances are right. Regarding progression in death metal I am not an opposer to new and fresh ideas if it's done properly. I like some of the progressive bands myself, but that Death core thing is not my cup of tea at all. 

One question directed a little into philosophy. What does death metal mean to you? I don't mean playing technique, but rather what it means to you as a lifestyle, to you personally, how do you perceive it? 

Music in general for me is a tool to express something from within, like any other type of art. 

Dealing with this type of music can have a temporary cathartic effect during the process but it's really a repeating cycle in the end as you constantly push yourself forward. What we create together in NEKROSITY means everything to us in that matter. To embody and channel the visions which in our case embraces darker aspects, fictional or not. All though joy is one required emotion to keep going it's all but joyful a lot of the time during the making of new material. But if you create something that you truly believe in, you've accomplished something bigger and more rewarding than just another album. 

What are plans of NEKROSITY for upcoming months? Will we ever see you in the Czech Republic? I firmly believe in it! 

We're currently rehearsing for a final gig this year at the moment. Next year will hopefully bring more of that type of activities. A gig in Czech Republic wouldn't be off the map, as I stated earlier it's all about the circumstances. Other than that we will continue to write some new tunes for upcoming releases. 

Thank you very much for the interview. I wish you great CD sales and all the best in your personal life. 

Thank you very much this interview and your support in Nekrosity mate! Keep the fire burning! 


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