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Interview - VULCANO - There is a huge difference in the 80's scene with the current one.

Interview with legendary metal band from Brazil - VULCANO.

Answered Mr. Zhema.

Translated and questions prepared by Duzl, thank you!

Hi Zhema, 

You are legend and one of the icons of metal scene in Brazil. You formed Vulcano at Sao Paulo in 1981 and you influenced many bands all over the whole latin america and abroad. When you founded the band, did you think you could be on the metal scene for so long and are you still excited by today’s metal scene in Brazil like you were 36 years ago? 

No! I was a young man who just wanted to play in a Heavy Metal band without any pretense. I was one of those collectors of rock LP's and a visitor of musical instruments stores. Some years later I founded VULCANO. From there to here the scene here in Brazil has grown absurdly, and the status quo changed a lot. Today there are 100 times more headbangers than in that era, on the other hand there are also 100x more bands, and if in the 80s a gig happened every 60 days there are currently 3 to 4 shows daily. This kind of situation somewhat reduced the general excitement. On our part I continue on the road for passion to Metal.

Basically, you were first heavy metal band in Brazil, can you compare metal scene in Brazil from early 80’s and metal scene now? Which direction the scene evolved ? What about situation with tour managers, booking agents, venues, is there? Who is there more supported, local and South American bands or bands from USA and Europe? 

There is a huge difference in the 80's scene with the current one, you just think of the opposites, in the 80's there was no media support or booking agencies, there was no press office, there were no venues for shows, there was no equipment available, good instruments and mostly there was no internet. Besides all of Brazil was on a strong military regime. Nowadays this all exists in abundance, except the military regime.

In my opinion the Brazilian scene has grown towards Thrash Metal Mainstream post 90's. When comparing an underground gig with a mainstream show the proportion of audience present and dedicated infrastructure is from 1 to 1,000. Here in Brazil in my opinion the American Thrash Metal Bands have more support in general. But, I must be clear for me!

And how was envolved Vulcano? You leave your satanic image, make a changes in line up, you put bigger thrash-influenced than Black….etc. How do you see the changes over the years? When the band was in the strongest line up in your opinion? 

I Think that nothing changed we just leave spikes, chains and bullets belt, because we think those stuffs don’t make part of our visual nowadays. We play better than before so it’s natural our music change a little but not radical as it seems, at least it's how we think. I think the current lineup is always the best lineup, if not we have to change.

Last year in December 2016 you released your tenth full-length album named „XIV“ what sort of receptions has the album recived so far from fans and the metal media? Can you take us through the concept of this album? Seems to me you keep over all your albums everything what you set in early 80‘… album is influenced by Sacrofago, Possessed, Nifelheim…you never make any bigger experiments in your music over the years.

I'm the man behind of composition and themes of VULCANO and this is my way to play, I compose songs that please me, I don't worry about musical tendencies or modern styles of composition, I compose just what I like. I also do not believe that this last album has any kind of influence from the bands mentioned, I believe that I'm very influenced by the N.W.O.B.H.M associated with my way of playing. Yeah! All of VULCANO's albums have a concept behind them, the theme covered in this album is the one-sided covenant of a God to his chosen people where faithfulness and faith are angrily kept with curses, destruction, blood sacrifices and cruel punishments, a vengeful and cruel God reigning through fear. Also some songs, the theme permeates the ecstasy of the soul of a true "headbanger" with its intrinsic nature in the exaltation to Metal, pure and honest. The most important Metal magazine here in Brazil gave us 9,5 from 10, and I can say you its very hard to happen this, so I think "X I V" was well receipt by media and fans.

Who was responsible for the cover artwork of „ XIV“ and what’s the meaning of it? Again you released album by yourself, you don‘t want to cooperate with any label or what is behind? 

I created the symbol on the cover. XIV (Fourteen) is because VULCANO have 14 albums in Its career (I count full length and singles with unprecedented and no repeat songs) and I thought in the way to put this title inside in the Hexagram and I got it! The Hexagram is beside the Pentagram like powerfull exoteric and alquemic symblols. When VULCANO returned to the scene in 2003, here in Brazil no label or recording company was interested in us. We belonged to the 80's and there were passed the whole 90's. Metal here was more "modern". There was no interest in VULCANO. So I created my own label, RENEGADOS RECORDS (in Portuguese, Renegados is Renegade). When "Tales from the Black Book" album was released it was a hit and so it was I who did not want to work with other labels.

Do you remember time when „Bloody Vegeance“ was released? This album become „sacred“ for your fans and critics. It is still most celebrated album in your discography by your fans. What is a reason in your opinion? Do you think it’s because of the time when it was released, because was influenced more by black metal than other yours albums or just because was first? 

I think It’s because it has an unique style. Those songs sounds singular, it's riffs are totally original. Beside this that album has an atmosphere captivating and Its cover was aggressive for those times. We had only 24 hours with which to record and mix Bloody Vengeance, with minimal opportunities for overdubs. This fact only helped fuel their hellish flames that much higher, raw and honest. tons of people ask us a new bloody Vengeance, but it's impossible to do it!

Basically is possible to say that you live in the „shadow of Bloody Vengeance“ what do you think? All your next released albums were compared to „Bloody Vengeance“ and any other album never reached a same status. But which album is most important for you personally? 

"Bloody Vengeance" is a stigma for us. Like you said, all our next released albums is always compared to "Bloody Vengeance". I don't think that's fair because VULCANO has many relevant albums, all you have to do is listen to the last three album.

Remind us what led to the split up of Vulcano in the early 90’s? And how difficult was put band together again after break for decade? 

The Brazilian metal scene went in the opposite direction to VULCANO and I did not want to fit into that. I thought it was better to stop the band than to surrender to a Metal Music style that I do not like. When we returned, fourteen years after we written "Tales from the Black Book" and this album refers back to the 80s and many headbangers were waiting for this rescue after the decade and a half of 90s

What about young blood on metal scene in Brazil? its a lot of band influenced and dedicated to the by ancient 80s like Farscape, Apokalyptic Raids, Violator, Necronomicon.etc..would you like to recomend us some another bands which recently took your attention? 

To be honest i don't know much about the current scene, but I must to say you there is a band called "FUNEBRO" that caught my attention. They release its debut CD and I invited them to play with VULCANO in November 3rd.

I personally think that the way of consuming the music has changed a lot within the recent years, would you agree? Are you still going to gigs and support bands ? What was the last album which you bought and what actually are you listening to? 

You right. It's rare to see young guys buying CDs or vinyl, Spotify and Deezer rules nowadays. I support the bands of my way, helping them, advising them and offering opportunities of gigs. My last acquisition was "The Rise of Chaos" from Accept.

Which shows do you remember as a special in the history of the Vulcano and why? 

I do not have a specific show, but I can say you that all the shows we did in London were "killer", because the audience always welcome us with open arms and go crazy when we play the first chords until the end of the show.

What are generally your future plans for Vulcano? Are there any new songs already written and when do you come play to Europe, do you already have some offers? 

I always have a lot of written songs waiting for an opportunity to get into some album. For while being we are finishing our Brazilian tour, this Sunday we'll play with VENOM in São Paulo and we are negotiating a European tour with NIFELHEIM again, but it is still not sure.

As a metal veteran, what do you like to recommend to all bands that are starting go walk their path in the metal scene? 

Play live! Play live! Play live! and Play live! Everywhere!

At the end lets go on to the beginning. Do you remember your early influences as a guitar player? The first riffs you learned, your first guitar, first effects, etc.?

My first contact with a guitar was in 1975 and my first song played was "Sylvia" from the Dutch band FOCUS. I got a Brazilian guitar called "Giannini" it was not good guitar, but helped me. When I felt safe in that song I started to run behind Black Sabbath songs. My first international show was Alice Cooper in March of 74.

Wow! I'm old!

Thanks you very much for your interest in this interview Zhema! All the best for you and Vulcano an pleasese finish with some words for the old and new Vulcano fans around the world.

I thank you for the opportunity to put some lines on my band VULCANO, so your readers will know a little about us.

Spend some time listening to our albums, you can find them all in BANDCAMP. (

All the best and keeping banging!!

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