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Interview - MASTER - For me the priority is the music, nothing more, nothing less.

Interview with legendary death metal band MASTER.

Answered Paul Speckmann, thank you!

Questions prepared and translated by Petra, thank you!

Recenze/review - MASTER - Vindictive Miscreant (2018):

Hello MASTER! Hi Paul, I am glad you have time for this interview. At the end of the last year you released the new album “Vindictive Miscreant” – the fourteenth in the row, incredible. And immediately, you went on tour in Brasilia. So the first question has to direct to the new record and this tour. Please, share with us your current feelings. 

Things have changes drastically since you sent the interview. The Brazilian tour was a fantastic trek for about three weeks! We traveled a majority of the tour in a bus and the final 6 shows or so were airplanes. It was a long journey in a short time, but well worth it for me. 

I have to admit, at first I had no idea what the title “Vindictive Miscreant” means. I had to translate it. Could you reveal to us who is the vindictive miscreant, if it is someone specific? From the lyrics, I know he has a sardonic face and satanic smile:)).

The song was written specifically about an old friend from another band in Belgium who recently quit the band or was forced out, I guess. Unfortunately, touring is very difficult for some, due to the lack of home amenities, shortages of beer, sometimes food, and marijuana can also be a big problem for some fellas. For me the priority is the music, nothing more, nothing less. 

I have realized that almost every cover art of your records was made by different artist and of course, everyone used his own approach, so covers are very diverse. Who took care of the new cover and which one do you like the most? 

Mark Cooper Art from Florida is responsible for the latest masterpiece. As for choosing a favorite, this would be difficult as the different artists and cover represent a different time and place in the history of the band! So, to single out a particular piece would be unfair to the legacy. If I like a piece of art I see, I try to procure it if I can. As for the latest piece, I saw this come online in the morning after an evening spent with the band Dehuman, at the guitarists home, before traveling on to the next concerts! I saw it and secured the purchase immediately, luckily, I was quick enough! 

From your beginnings, you changed many labels. Transcending Obscurity released your last album and, in my opinion, it is one of the best labels. Kunal has a good nose for unusual music. How did you get there, are you satisfied? 

Rogga Johansson spoke to me about the label several years ago and after some conversation with the label boss, a deal was struck. Yes, the work Kunal and Transcending Obscurity is fantastic, the only problem I am constantly having even on this very day, is that the bastards at the Czech customs are continually stopping products and like all governments demanding money for delivery. 

Do you have some deal for releasing of upcoming records there? 

We did one record so far and we will discuss the future when it becomes necessary! 

Does the label also help you with the organizing of concerts, tour? Or do you have some manager or all this promo-related stuff is on you? I am asking because you have some America, World or whatever tour every year. Or do you have enough contacts in the world and organizing is then easier? 

I am speaking with bookers and promoters and finding gigs as often as possible. I have made friends with several agencies over the years and from time to time they book tours for us, and we do our best to do them whenever possible! I am looking for concerts online all the time or the band would stop period. 

Concerning the concerts, does MASTER has specific conditions for the selections of supporting bands? Is it enough for you to have a recommendation from organizers or you don’t care about the supporting bands? 

We have nothing to do with the actual booking in this sense, the agencies handle the support bands. So sometimes they are great other times not so great, rolling the dice sometimes I suppose! 

With MASTER you have visited many countries around the world, but exist some of them, where you didn’t play, and you would like to perform in the near future? 

Sure, there are many places in South America we have never visited as well as Asia, so hopefully this will be remedied asap! 

Paul, you are an inseparable part of the scene around 35 years. What still motivates you to write, to play, and go for a tour? 

This is a specific need in my life, and without it there is no life. After playing for so many years it becomes a way of life. For some or I should say many, it’s like a weekend warriors thing, and for others it is real life! I often hear and will hear again, I used to be in a band etc. I used to be in Master! 

What do you like the most from your life of a musician? 

I like seeing the many places in the world, and seeing the many friends and fans across the globe. 

Isn't it exhausting sometimes? 

Sure, it can be, but you have to keep your chin up and deal with it. Otherwise it’s best to stay home and get a day job! 

How do you overcome difficult situations if they appear? 

Smile, and keep your mouth shut! 

You live in CR for almost 20 years. What would you say, how the situation in the US changed during this period? Are the conditions for life better nowadays? 

I left the USA when George Bush junior was the new president, so this was the right time to go for me. As for how life is it depends on whom you talk to. Many people love Chump and supposedly he has created more jobs, and money for the USA, but since I am not living there it’s hard to really know whether it’s true or not. I found more freedom and peace in my life here in Czech and specifically in Europe in general brother! 

I read somewhere that in your free time you like to pick the mushrooms. Is it relaxing? Are you enjoying also the post-processes to prepare them for drying or freezing? Or are you maybe cooking? 

Mushrooming is one of the most important hobbies in my life and yes you can find me in the forest, even alone many times searching for the edible delicacies. YES, I have to help the wife to prepare them for drying and freezing as well, but honestly the best part is the search for the mushrooms. 

Are you mostly the city person or rather you go somewhere into the forest to absorb new energy, power or maybe inspiration? 

I prefer the forest of course, I ride the bicycle 3 days per week in the summer otherwise visiting the gym 3 days per week, when not on tour. I always combine the two in the summer, but it’s still cold here in Morava at the moment! 

Do you live in a house or flat? Are you that kind of man, who can fix everything broken in the house, do you like the work around the house? 

I live in a house and fortunately I have a great brother inlaw and father inlaw that help with fixing things. When my father was trying to teach me these skills as a younger man, I was more interested in smoking pot, drinking beer, and playing Rock’n’ Roll! Obviously searching for the beautiful women as well! 

I know everyone asks you about your speaking in Czech. Let me ask you how looks, for example, the situation when you go to the shop or post office in your town. Do they know you and talk with you in English or you have learned some general phrases in Czech and I am sure you must at least understand what they speak to you. 

It still can be difficult at times, but many times I can figure out what they say. As you said you get accustomed to people aand they are easier to understand. I do the shopping around here, and yes I am at the Post 3 times per week after the gym in the morniong, no problems there anymore. I am a lazy pig to be honest or I would have learned more, but life goes on. Luckily for me all bands must share the English language to tour so anywhere else it’s fine! 

Do you have some favorite pub, where you usually go for a beer, spend time with your friends? 

I no longer visit pubs unless friends are in town which is not very often. I get enough of the party at shows and on tour! But, I never condemn anyone for it, as everyone needs some sort of relax after working hard every day at their jobs. 

Is it known about you that you prefer listening to good old classic bands in your privacy, but do you monitor current bands playing let's say “old school”? Since many of the young groups are returning to old styles, they even sound like cut out from the nineties. Could you recommend us some band? 

No, don’t follow anything new, this would be a question for Master’s former members I suppose! 

I know it could be tough, but try to imagine that you play your very last show on the stage. Where should be this concert, who should attend this show and which song would you like to play like your last one in your life? 

Maybe a huge fest like Wacken Open Air, The Truth would be song and all my contemporaries would be there. 

And your last words? 

Sure, I wish the best to you and everyone on the Czech scene of course, thanks for the cool questions and see you one day I suppose! 

Thank you very much for the interview. I wish you all the best.


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