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Interview - DIVULSOR - Divulsor was born to be a one-man band, composing and performing live.

Interview with brutal death metal band from Brazil - DIVULSOR.

Answered Bruno Schmidt, thank you!

Translated and questions prepared by Duzl, thank you!

Hi Bruno! 

In 2015 you founded DIVULSOR which is basically your second “one-man band“ after WARCLOUDS, so can you tell me why did you decide to be a “one-man band” and why did you choose to play brutal death, because before you’ve been member of death metal bands. Did you have problems to find another guys for music you wanted to play or from begin you was sure you want to create and play music just alone? 

Hi Duzl, first of all thanks for this space in Deadly Storm. Actually with Warclouds I really tried to put a band together but had no success. The other bands I played in were great in a way, we recorded some material, did some shows, but Divulsor was born to be a one-man band, composing and performing live. Brutal death metal is one of the many metal styles I like, it wasn’t like a conscient decision, the songs started to form and then Divulsor started.

Do you consider DIVULSOR to be a band or a project? 

Definitely a band, it’s my main focus right now, no doubt about that. 

In 2018 you released your first EP “Defiled Corridors of Ruptured Oblivion” which contains 5 songs. When I listened it for first time and after seventeen minutes it finished, my reaction was – “hey, I want more”... why is this EP so short? 

Thanks, I appreciate that you dig the EP. Actually, those songs were written quite fast and I wanted to enter the studio and capture that vibe, but in my mind they would kind of be the preparation for a greater material which is the full-length album I’m currently recording. 

Can you tell me briefly something, about how you create material? I just imagine your sick mind which creating riffs and parts for all instruments, programing drums, writing lyrics, it has to make really chaos in your mind, doesn’t it? So what coming first and what after, then...? 

Yeah, the inspiration comes from multiple ways, you know? Sometimes I’m walking in the street, a riff comes to mind and I just sort of quickly record myself singing it in my cellphone. But most of the time it comes when I’m playing guitar, simply doing random riffs and the drums come along in my head. It’s fun doing that, but putting ideas together to make a song sometimes can be the most difficult part. 

What is the most difficult for you in creating process and how much material do you actually use from what you write? 

It’s real fun creating riffs and having the ideas coming out of your mind/fingers. Putting ideas together to make a song sometimes is the most difficult. I only use like 10% I would say hahaha the other stuff I either save for future projects, releases or maybe they may need some changes I couldn’t develop yet.

I wonder how big self-reflection you must have when you are only one author of all? 
Actually I don’t have much in that way, the only thing that passes in my mind is that for a live performance I have to control and organize 100%, it’s all on me while bands usually share their chores haha 

Do you ever miss criticism from band-mates or do you have someone who you play for him what you create and who gives you unbiased objective criticism or the only critics are fans and metal media for you? 

I never thought about that, but I guess I don’t miss it because for me it’s hard or almost impossible to write stuff together with someone. When other people are writing I prefer to say what I do and don’t like them to include in a song, but not putting one of my ideas along with it. Critics are hard, but I really appreciate when people enjoy Divulsor live. 

When someone says "one-man show“ in death metal, automatically comes to my mind Shawn and his INSIDIOUS DECREPANCY, which is the number one of this for me! Except some other like PUTRID PILE, BLOODSOAKED... is not many other who break through on scene. What have you seen as the biggest obstacles when you want to make a name as “one-man band“? 

Oh these guys are real monsters! Great, great composers. But you see I don’t really put them or “us” in this category “one-man band”, it’s hard for me. It’s all death metal, it’s simple you know? But I understand that in a live circumstance it has a different approach. That said, the biggest obstacle in my perspective is having a decent venue to play, with good equipment that will balance that voc/guitar/progdrums. But you see, because here in Brazil not all places have a good structure, that I would say is the only obstacle. But to make a name I guess it’s pretty much like any other band. 

For me, imagining just this is really terrible, haha....but how is it to stand on stage alone just with guitar and MP3 player, what about jitters and nervousness? Do you remember your first DIVULSOR gig, how it was? 

I got used to it, Duzl. The only and main thing that I worry is if everything is sounding good. But remembering the first one was really weird hahaha because it was the first time alone onstage playing metal!! My set was a bit shorter too. 

I recently saw your show in London, where I thought you had a great response from fans. If I am right, it was your first ever European gig ever, how did you enjoy? Did you notice any major difference between the South American and the European fans? 

I can’t express how great was that show, it was a real honor to play there and with those great bands in the bill as well. It couldn’t be better, got a great response, sold some merch, all sweet. 

Do you care about people who are talking shit about how stupid you look up there on stage by yourself or do you face up some prejudices and skepticism from the fans? 

I really don’t, Divulsor has played many in cities, Brazil has quite a big distance between cities and I drive to where ever I can, I really just want to play death metal and have fun, I’m sure some people don’t appreciate that one-man band format, but the ones who do are really worthy, no words can describe. Divulsor played in Argentina too and people really dig the band over there. 

Are you interested about to be in another band as a member again and can you imagine that DIVULSOR become a regularly band with few members? Now I am thinking if it is realistic for anyone to play the drums which you are programming on live, because they are fucking fast :))) 

Yeah, they are really fast and on purpose, to give another experience to the listener. But I’m almost sure that I won’t change that format, Duzl, because it gives me total autonomy. If I’m interested in jamming with people I’ll play other tunes hahaha. 

Any plans for releasing full length album? If yes when we can expect it? And some another your plans as European tour etc.? 

Oh yes no doubt, It’s already being recorded and I’m almost sure it will be due this year. About tours I’m really looking forward to play there again like last month, it would be awesome. 

On the end I will ask how do you see a future for “one-man bands – project” on extreme metal scene?  

Hmn that’s a hard question, I don’t think it will change much of the way it is today, some good bands will appear that’s for sure. 

Thank you for your time and answers Bruno! Wish you a big success home and abroad, hope to see you on the podium and take a beer after soon again and last words are yours... 

Cheers Duzl 

Duzl it was a real pleasure, very glad you liked the concert, pretty sure I’ll play over there in the near future, thanks again for conceiving this space for Divulsor.

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