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Interview - HELLFUCK - Black thrash metal assault from beyond the grave!

Interview with thrash metal band from Poland - HELLFUCK.

Translated Duzl, thank you!

Questions prepared Jakub Asphyx.

HELLFUCK - Diabolic Slaughter (2022):

Ave HELLFUCK! On September 9, 2022, you released your new album „ Diabolic Slaughter“ with Godz ov War Productions. As the title suggests, it is a ride full of real black, thrash metal. When you left the studio, how did you feel? Please tell us, the fans, something about the new album.

AVE! When we recorded “Diabolic Slaughter” we knew this album sounds exactly how we wanted it to sound like - 100% pure old school Thrash/Speed metal. Plan was to record songs that we all would like to listen to, and we achieved that. We’re really satisfied with the final shape of our debut album.

+You are a band composed of all experienced musicians who play mostly death metal. How did HELLFUCK come into being? I'm guessing a good pub and a lot of beer. Who first came up with the idea to play thrash/black metal?

Lots and lots of beer (haha). It was during one of the parties in our rehearsal space. Our drummer and guitarist came up with a crazy idea to create some thrash metal songs with screamed vocals. More beer drunk, more ideas for old school songs. This is how Hellfuck was founded (haha).

+I'll admit, your news has me on my ass. What I really like about you guys is that you are not only orthodox and real, but you don't forget the cold and dark melodies. Who is the author of the music and how do you compose and create new HELLFUCK songs?

Most of the riffs were written by Marcin (Embrional/Azarath), drums were arranged by Dariusz (FAM/Embrional/Stillborn). Since we all live in different parts of Poland, most of our music is made at our homes. We’re exchanging ideas remotely and when we have a raw version of a song, we meet and work on an arrangement until we feel that this is the final version we all accept.

+What I enjoy about the new album is the sound which is raw and “dusty”. Where did you record the album, mixed and who did the production?

All instruments and vocals were recorded in our drummer’s Panzer Studio. This is also our rehearsal space. Glad to hear you like the sound of the new album. We used our amps that we’re using live so we can recreate guitar sound during concerts. The post-production (mix and mastering) was made by Haldor Grunberg - Satanic Audio

+I was intrigued by the album cover too. If I understand correctly, it's got skulls from a tombstone on it. The cover is simple, a bit mysterious, but it fits the music perfectly. What is this theme supposed to express? And who made it?

Album cover was drawn by Maciej Kamuda, a young and promising Polish artist. We didn’t give him any suggestions, he was given carte blanche to create art influenced by our music. The result exceeded our expectations. It was supposed to be oldschool and evil, and absolutely is (haha).

+In your lyrics you sing about blasphemy, satanism, occultism, antichristianity, death. What are the lyrics on the new album about? What is the main topic and idea of “Diabolic Slaughter”?

You have already answered this question (haha). Our lyrics are about people (real or imaginary) who have done a lot of bad things to our world. We disagree with some aspects of the current situation in our country, and we sing about that.

+I cannot help myself and I have to ask. You play metal style which is strongly against Christianity. You live in Poland which is considered a strong catholic country. Do you have any problems there? Can you be promoted on TV or in the newspapers? How is the life in Italy affected by Christianity?

Although Poland has a very strong metal scene, metal music is not very popular here. You can barely hear/watch it on mainstream radio or TV. Fortunately we have a lot of good gigs, with many good metal bands. Sometimes some groups of people try to impose their will on us and put pressure on cancelling a concert, but we don’t care. Not too much to say about life in Italy, but they have a lot of great metal bands too. (haha)

+HELLFUCK have only been on the scene for a while. How far do you want to go? Big festivals, long tours? Are you just a project or a regular band that will work classically? After all, each of you have a lot of commitments in other bands.

We are a regular band. We’ve already played a couple of shows, and have a few more scheduled for 2023. They will be either club concerts or festivals. Since all of us have regular jobs we mostly play Friday/Saturday shows. There is also an idea of going for a longer tour next year. We will see what the future holds. Even if we are involved in a lot of other bands we want to find some spare time to rehearse and play gigs with Hellfuck.

+Looking back in history, how do you perceive the differences between now and your beginnings (as musicians)? Everything has changed - technology, sound, recording studios, we have the internet, downloading music. How have these changes affected the way the band operates? Have you had to adapt a lot?

All of us have been in the metal music industry for more than 20 years. When we started our first bands as teenagers we only had some second-hand guitars. Nobody could even dream about professional drums or amps. We didn’t know how to play metal, but we had a passion to do it. Today, after so many years our hairs are turning grey here and there, but the passion remains. Obviously nowdays we have families and jobs, but we still try to find some spare time and meet in our rehearsal room to play together. We’re not afraid of new technologies, we're adopting them. Each one of us have their own mini studio at home, where we can record our riffs and ideas and easily send them to other band members.

+I follow your Facebook and I am informed about your concerts and I know that next year in January you will play in Czech Republic. What can fans look forward to? Where exactly will the concerts be?

Yes, we’re going to play two shows in Pilsen and Brno on the 27th and 28th of January. We’re going to play whole “Diabolic Slaughter” album so fans can expect some oldschool speed/thrash carnage! We have also one show scheduled for September - United in Brutality festival in Srbská Kamenice. We’re excited and looking forward to playing for Czech fans. We’ve been visiting this country quite often since they have a huge metal community with good bands and fantastic festivals. We are at home there!

+I feel that extreme styles are very popular in Poland. Especially death and black metal bands there are amazing! I receive a lot of new albums for reviews, I do many interviews and I feel that your scene is very strong. But that is my point of view of a person who does not live in Poland. How do you feel about that? What about concerts, promoters, clubs, shops with extreme metal music?

Polish Death/Black metal scene is very strong. We do have a lot of concerts, a few big festivals (like Mystic Festival) and small festivals (like Injure Grind Attack). There is definitely a shortage of venues where you can play metal concerts. As I’ve mentioned earlier metal music is not very popular in Poland in general, so club owners prefer to run disco or hip hop concerts rather than a metal gig - obviously from a financial point of view. There some stationary stores with extreme music (i.e. Metal Shop in Cracow), and quite a few webshops.

+Thank you so much for the interview and I wish your album great selling, your concerts to be sold out. I am looking forward to see you at some concert. I wish you also luck in your personal life. Let the force guide you! HELLFUCK FOREVER!

Thank you very much for your support. Keep supporting extreme metal. You’re doing a great job! Hope to see you at some concert. “Peace is a lie. There is only Passion…” (haha). Until next time!

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