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Interview - MORBUS GRAVE - Darkness, blasphemy, death, suffering and devastating death metal!

Interview with death metal band from Italy - MORBUS GRAVE.

Answered vocalist Erman, thank you!

Translated Duzl, thank you!

Questions prepared Jakub Asphyx. 

Recenze/review - MORBUS GRAVE - Lurking into Absurdity (2022):

Ave MORBUS GRAVE! Greetings to Italy. I hope everything is fine with you. I was really looking forward to your new album „Lurking into Absurdity“, I have always had a lot of fun with previous records and I was happy to come back to them. How did the new piece come about and why did it actually take so long?

Hello Jakub first of all thank you for the interest about Morbus Grave . Well, during the pandemic disease we start to rehearse new material . At that time we had the intention to do a new demo but we got a lot of new songs we decided to use them for the release of the album.

I must say that the news literally cut me open. It is dense, massive, dark and at the same time cold as a corpse's hand. That's exactly how I like it! Where did you record the album or who mixed it? How did you feel about going to the studio and how did you manage to get such killer material?

Thank you so much for the kind words …You hit the spot perfectly…Exactly we wanted it to sound cold and at the same time raw and direct.The album was recorded in Macabro Bunker Recordings , the recording studio about Maso our guitar player. He followed all the things about the recording process, the mixing and the mastering album the whole album itself. Well we worked a lot about on the tracks and probably the process to compose all the material take a long time …but anyway we are totally satisfied about how it came.

I always take the recordings as a whole and you underestimated not only the sound but also the cover. Who did the cover of "Lurking into Absurdity"? Did you have any requirements or did you choose from already prepared paintings? And how the cooperation went.

The cover, as the previous releases, was done by Thomas Westphal (Necromaniac Zine). We know him from a while, for this release we have never giving him any ideas but he always followed and listened to the band , the drawnings that he did were born listening to Morbus Grave and , they respect the concept of the band and the record for sure.

Texts are an integral part of the album. It states that you deal with death. So classic death metal themes. What are the lyrics to „Lurking into Absurdity“ about, who is their author? Where did you get your inspiration for?

Yep , lyrics are very important for us…What we want to represent since the beginning of MG is what means for us , Nightmares , Obsessions and Traumas…. in the same way we have always tried to deal with issues that could be defined as absurd ... with lurking into absurdity we want to tell the story of a person who lives in a parallel dimension wrapped in oblivion and doesn't know how to get out of it ... let's say that the sources of inspirations are many as could be the winnings on serial killers or as can be the obsessions of each of us ..

And what about concerts? What about them at the moment in Italy? Do the clubs work or do you still have any restrictions? A lot of bands were replacing them with live streams on social media, but I wasn't into that. I need a club, beer, girls!

Nowadays situation in Italy is not the best …We live in Milan and a lot of venues and clubs closed for the pandemic disease because they didn’t have money to survive …We played this year only three gigs …we prefer underground venues and for sure clubs dedicated to the underground …Probably the most important gig of this year was in Lonate Ceppino (Va) we opened for Cerebral Rot and Mortiferum …

We don’t like social media and live streams for sure these stuff ha nothing to do with us ….hell yeahhhhhh as you told before for sure we need girls and cold beers ehehehehehehehehe.

And what about the underground scene in your country in general? Does it live in Italy? Are you from Milano, it's a big city, do you meet somewhere for death metal? If I visited the city, where should I go to the concert? And what about the fans? Do bands support?

Underground scene here is good, there are a lot of bands and a lot of friends … perhaps the main problem is that going forward there are fewer and fewer clubs or the same bands always play. We as MG have never tried to throw ourselves in the middle maybe that's our problem .. but probably because we are still anchored with a 90s mentality .. which surely nowadays could be right but also wrong at the same time in as for making yourself known, the use of social media has become increasingly important.

If you come to Milan , you can go to Slaughter Club ( if there is a gig coming) or Black Inside ( that is outside Milan ) . About band support we have always had some great feedback which we have done recently..

Do you have any dreams with the band? In the underground you have a good name, but you want to move somewhere higher? I mean, are you attracted to a tour with a big name, to play at a big festival, to release another record at a well-known label? What dreams and vision do MORBUS GRAVE have?

We'd like to be able to play outside Italy, in some European festival ... despite the name being around a lot in the underground but we have never managed to have this opportunity ... So far we are quite satisfied with how Chaos Records has worked...The name MG has always been linked to the underground and we have never had high fact we arrived at the record after years...and this for us was a fundamental point of arrival...perhaps the nex step will be to paly in Europe….

What does death metal mean to you? Why did you choose this style? How did you get to it and what kind of musicians were your role models when you started? Do you perceive death metal "only" as music or is it also a lifestyle for you? You can look at this page philosophically.

Death Metal it has always meant something rough and at the same time devastating and direct. At the very beginning we started to listen to bands like Iron Maiden , Cinderella , Def Leppard and later thrash stuff like kreator, pestilence , possessed , celtic frost and so on …that changed our mind …Death Metal is for sure a way of life ..everyone of us has is own work but all if us is totally dedicated and devoted to death metal.

Do you have a band in your area that you would recommend to us? And what are people going to see when they are going to clubs in Italy?

There are a lot of bands that we can suggest you : NecroMorbid, Funest, The Rite, Extirpation but the list could be much longer.

Hoping that the people that came to our gigs will bring us girls, beers and weed as well…ahahahahahahaha

What can we look forward to from MORBUS GRAVE in the upcoming months? Aren't you going to release „ Lurking into Absurdity“ on vinyl also?

Chaos Records will release vinyl in 2023. We actually have a deal with Burning Coffin Records from Chile that will release south-american tape version for the album , and Unholy Domain from Italy will release European version too on tape.

At the moment we are working on new material…two songs have been already composed … maybe we'll work on a split or a mini but it's too early to talk about it ...

Thank you so much for the interview. I'm going to play the new „Lurking into Absurdity“ again. It's great! Good luck and I hope that we will meet somewhere at the concert and have a beer together!

Thanks to you and to Deadly Storm Zine .

Hoping to meet you soon and we will share for sure some beers

Support the underground and stay death

…in darkness….

Recenze/review - MORBUS GRAVE - Lurking into Absurdity (2022):

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