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Recenze/review - BESTIAL PROFANATION - Sanctuary of the Living Dead (2022)

BESTIAL PROFANATION - Sanctuary of the Living Dead
CD 2022, Putrid Productions Records

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My, kteří posloucháme death metal dlouhé roky, moc dobře víme, kde se nachází vchod do podzemí. Každý to máme jinak, ale když potkáme dobrou hudbu, tak se vždy necháme pozvat do nekonečných katakomb. Byla hluboká noc a probudily mě děsivé noční můry. Šel jsem kousek za město, na hřbitov, o kterém se vyprávějí šílené příběhy. Už na mě čekali. Zdravíme se v nemrtvými a podáváme si ruku. Dnes pro mě mají překvapení.

Argentinskou smečku BESTIAL PROFANATION, která hraje pravý, nefalšovaný death metal, u kterého nadskakují víka od rakví. Poctivá záležitost pro všechny, kteří mají rádi opuštěné márnice, čerstvě exhumované hroby a reálnou krutou smrt. Myslím, že ve společnosti těchto šílenců se mi bude opravdu líbit. Jejich hudba totiž smrdí jako rozkládající se tělo.


Jako bych byl pozvaný na večírek, ze kterého neodejde nikdo živý. Hraje se tady death metal, chřestí se kostmi, pije se krev z lebek našich nepřátel. Pokud bych měl zmínit nějaké vzory, ze kterých kapela čerpá, volil bych kapely jako MASTER, CIANIDE, PESTILENCE, OBITUARY, POSSESSED a spoustu dalších. To ale není tak důležité. Hlavní pro mě je, že jsem ve společnosti těchto zombie moc rád. Vždyť co může být lepšího, než pivo a tanec za zvuků ostrých riffů, dunivých bicích a chorobného vokálu? Jako bonus si můžete zatančit s těmi nejkrásnějšími dívkami. Co na tom, že už jsou dávno mrtvé? Pro mě je nejdůležitější, že má nahrávka prašivý zvuk a nekonečně temnou a chladnou atmosféru. Byla hluboká noc a probudily mě děsivé noční můry. Šel jsem kousek za město, na hřbitov, o kterém se vyprávějí šílené příběhy. Už na mě čekali. Zdravíme se v nemrtvými a podáváme si ruku. BESTIAL PROFANATION, kapela z Argentiny a jejich první dlouhohrající album (ještě mají na svém kontě loňské EP "Legion of the Undead"). Tihle maniaci moc dobře vědí jak na mě. Syrově, uvěřitelně, s krvavou jiskrou v oku. Démoni se probudili a touží po krvi. Jsem tu správně! Prašivý death metal, u kterého odpadává maso od kostí! 

Asphyx says:

We, who have been listening to death metal for many years, know very well where the entrance to the underground is located. We all have it differently, but when we meet good music, we always let ourselves be invited into the endless catacombs. It was deep into the night and I woke up with terrifying nightmares. I walked a little way out of town, to a cemetery about which crazy stories are told. They were waiting for me. We greeted the undead and shook hands. They have a surprise for me today.

Argentinean pack BESTIAL PROFANATION, who play true, unadulterated death metal that makes coffin lids jump. An honest affair for all those who like abandoned morgues, freshly exhumed graves and real cruel death. I think I will really enjoy the company of these madmen. Because their music smells like a decomposing body.

It's like being invited to a party where no one leaves alive. Death metal is played, bones are rattled, blood is drunk from the skulls of our enemies. If I had to mention some role models the band draws from, I would choose bands like MASTER, CIANIDE, PESTILENCE, OBITUARY, POSSESSED and many more. But that's not so important. The main thing for me is that I love being in the company of these zombies. After all, what could be better than beer and dancing to the sound of sharp riffs, thunderous drums and sick vocals? As a bonus, you can dance with the most beautiful girls. What does it matter if they're long dead? For me, the most important thing is that the record has a dusty sound and an endlessly dark and cold atmosphere. It was deep into the night and I was awakened by terrifying nightmares. I walked a little way out of town, to a cemetery about which crazy stories are told. They were waiting for me. We greeted the undead and shook hands. BESTIAL PROFANATION, a band from Argentina and their first full-length album (they still have last year's EP "Legion of the Undead"). These maniacs know how to get to me. Raw, believable, with a bloody sparkle in their eye. The demons have awakened and are out for blood. I'm right here! Dusty death metal that makes the flesh fall off the bones!

01. Returned From The Grave
02. Necrotic Hordes
03. Drowning In Bodies
04. Cadaver Resurrection
05. Sanctuary Of The Living Dead
06. In Other Plane
07. Eternal Funeral
08. Only Death
09. Forgotten Cemetery
10. Infected Brain
11. Spells Of The Bokor

Matias carrasco- Guitars / vocals
Cristian Sarmiento - Bass
Alexis Basanta - Drums
Alexander Alonso - Rhythmic guitar

A few questions - interview with black death metal band from Chile - CHAOS PERVERSION.

A few questions - interview with black death metal band from Chile - CHAOS PERVERSION.

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review CHAOS PERVERSION - Petrified Against the Emanation (2022):


Ave, can you introduce your band to our readers? – When was it founded and what style of music do you play etc.?

Welcome readers of Deadly Storm Zine, Chaos Perversion It is created in 2016 independently, after a couple of years of gestation, the recording of the First EP in which Daniel Hermosilla (Nox Fragor art) joins in the vocal part and the art visual.

The music style varies between the aggressive death metal/black metal and the dense and melodic part of death/doom.

Where and under what conditions were you recording the new album? Who was in charge of sound, production and mastering?

I recorded it in a studio called Faktor music with the sound engineer called Pedro Sazo in the middle of winter 2018, this located in a field on the outskirts of the city of Puerto Montt, South of Chile.

How many copies were released and which medium was used for this new edition (CD, digital, vinyl, cassette)?

The first edition that was self-produced under my label called Ritualization prods, only 100 copies were published on Pro-Tape, which were distributed only in Chile, due to the start of the pandemic.

Subsequent Re-Issues were by Total Death Records at 500 copies (MX) on CD Digipack and Sentient Ruin Laboratories (USA) on 10-inch Vinyl 300 copies + Pro Tape 150 copies + Digital Platforms

Who is the author of the lyrics and how were they created and about what do the lyrics deal with?

I compose the lyrics and gave them to Daniel Nox Fragor so that he floods the Tracks with darkness, The Themes are Varied but basically they are personal experiences under different kinds of Rituals. In addition to Witchcraft, aspects and experiences of Tantra and dream trips are touched upon.

Who created the logo of the band, and who took care of the graphics and the website? What about you and social networks? Do you consider these things important?

Daniel Nox Fragor is in charge of the visual part such as the logo, cover and sigils.

I manage the Facebook and Bandcamp website, I'm not a big fan of social networks but they are there for anyone who wants to communicate without problems, just like email.

Which label did you choose for releasing your album and why this label? Are you satisfied by how your label represents you and takés care about you?

The first to show interest was Gerardo from Total Death Prods. We know each other in person and we have similar tastes in music and of course I am satisfied with its distribution, I have seen the CD on several websites of major labels globally.

Then Mattia from Setient ruins joined us, with whom we had chat meetings between the 3 and both labels have fulfilled what was promised, so far everything has worked very well despite one or another fishing.

Which bands do you idolise and where do you get your inspiration?

Uff there are several bands of which I am a fan, the inspiration is born from the fluidity and the hard work at the moment of composing only. I like Originality in spite of how groped the genre is, so I try not to resemble any particular band, rather I look for musical self-indulgence.

The bands I've been listening to lately are Krypts , Anatomia , Malokarpatan , The Ruins of Berverast , Baxaxaxa , Cultes des Ghoules , Ofermod and many more.

Did you send your record to some Labels - which are the labels? How was the response?

Of the self-produced edition under my label, yes, as I mentioned above, I moved copies only in my country Chile and made exchanges with some labels, apparently they had a good response, the scarce 100 copies left in a couple of weeks. To other countries of At the moment I have not moved anything, that is what the Labels have been dedicated to.

How many gigs have you played? Which type of gigs do you prefer, whether it's (clubs or festivals) and which of your performances would you consider as the best?

With Chaos Perversión we haven't debuted live yet, the reason is due to the lack of musicians.

At the moment it is not the priority although I do not rule it out in the future.
(Working on that)

What about your plans for the future? What do you want to achieve with the band?

Last year I recorded what will be the next EP of Chaos perversion, with similar characteristics to the previous one, then I intend to make a compilation of both Eps to make an LP.
Those would be the short-term plans (this year).

How and where can your fans contact you? Can you provide some contact information?

Yes, of course, to my email or to the Facebook page via Imbox, we have copies of the EP in different formats and soon shirts as well.

Thanx for the interview.

I appreciate your space and interest, greetings from the end of the world.

CHAOS PERVERSION - Petrified Against the Emanation (2022):


A few questions - interview with black death metal band from Chile - CHAOS PERVERSION.


review CHAOS PERVERSION - Petrified Against the Emanation (2022):

Ave, podrías presentar tu banda a nuestros lectores? – Cuándo se fundó y qué estilo de música tocas, etc.?

Bienvenidos lectores de Deadly Storm Zine , Chaos Perversion nace en el año 2016 de Forma independiente , tras un par de años de preparación se presenta la grabación del Primer EP en el cual se suma a Daniel Hermosilla (Nox Fragor art) en la parte vocal y el arte visual.

El estilo de música varía entre lo agresivo del death metal/black metal y la parte densa y melódica del death/doom

Dónde y en qué condiciones grabaron el nuevo disco? Quién estuvo a cargo del sonido, la producción y la masterización?

Lo grabé en un estudio llamado Faktor music con el sonidista llamado Pedro Sazo en pleno invierno del 2018, esto situado en un campo a las afueras de la ciudad de puerto Montt, Sur de Chile.

Cuántas copias se lanzaron y qué formato se utilizó para esta nueva edición (CD, digital, vinilo, cassette)?

La primera edición que fue auto producida bajo mi sello llamado Ritualization productions se editaron solo 100 copias en Pro-Tape las cuales fueron distribuidas solamente en Chile, a principios del inicio de la pandemia.

Las posteriores Re-Ediciones fueron por Total Death Records a 500 copias (MX) en CD Digipack y Sentient Ruin Laboratories (USA) en Vinilo de 10 pulgadas 300 copias + Pro Tape 150 copias + Plataformas Digitales

Quién es el autor de las letras, cómo fueron creadas y de qué tratan las letras?

Yo compongo las líricas y se las entrego a Daniel Nox Fragor para que inunde de oscuridad los Tracks , Las Temáticas son Variadas pero básicamente son experiencias personales bajo diferentes especies de Rituales. Además de la Brujería se tocan aspectos y experiencias del Tantra y los viajes oníricos.

Quién creó el logo de la banda y quién se encargó de los gráficos y el sitio web? Estás tú a cargo de las redes sociales? Consideras que estas cosas son importantes?

Daniel Nox Fragor se encarga de la parte visual como el logo, portada y sigilos.

El sitio web de Facebook y Bandcamp lo manejo yo, no soy muy fanático de las redes sociales pero ahí están para quien quiera comunicarse sin problemas, al igual que el correo.

Qué sello elegiste para lanzar tu álbum y por qué este sello? Estás satisfecho con la forma en que tu sello te representa y se preocupa por ti?

El primero en mostrar interés fue Gerardo De Total death Prods. Nos conocemos en persona y tenemos gustos de música similares y claro que estoy conforme con su distribución, e visto el CD en Varias páginas web de sellos importantes a nivel global.

Luego se sumó Mattia de Setient ruins con el cual tuvimos reuniones de chat entre los 3 donde ambos sellos han cumplido con lo prometido, hasta el momento todo ha funcionado muy bien a pesar de uno que otro percanse.

Qué bandas idolatras y de dónde sacas tu inspiración?

Uff son varias las bandas de las cuales soy fan, la inspiración nace de la fluidez y el arduo trabajo al momento de componer solamente. Me gusta la Originalidad a pesar de lo manoseado del género por lo que intento no asemejarme a alguna banda en especial, más bien busco la autocomplacencia musical.

Las bandas que escucho arto últimamente son Krypts , Anatomia , Malokarpatan , The Ruins of Berverast , Baxaxaxa , Cultes des Ghoules , Ofermod y un largo etc.

Enviaste tu disco a algunos sellos? Cuáles son los sellos? Cómo fue la respuesta?

De la edición auto producida bajo mi sello sí, como comenté más arriba distribuí copias solo en mi país Chile e hice intercambios con algunos sellos , al parecer tuvieron buena respuesta , las escazas 100 copias se fueron en un par de semanas. A otros países de momento no he repartido nada, cada sello por separado se ha encargado de hacerlo.

Cuántos conciertos has tocado? Qué tipo de conciertos prefieres, ya sea (clubes o festivales) y cuál de tus actuaciones considerarías la mejor?

Con Chaos Perversion aun no hemos Debutado en vivo, la razón es por la falta de músicos.
De momento no es la prioridad aunque no lo descarto a futuro (Se está Trabajando en eso)

Qué hay de tus planes para el futuro? Qué quieres lograr con la banda?

El año Pasado grabé lo que será el Próximo EP de Chaos Perversion, el cual posee caracterísiticas similares al anterior, luego pretendo hacer un compilado de ambos Eps para hacer un LP.

Esos serían los planes a corto plazo (este año).

Cómo y dónde pueden contactarte tus fans? Puede proporcionar alguna información de contacto?

Si claro, a mi correo o a la Página de Facebook por Imbox , Tenemos copias del EP en Distintos Formatos y Prontamente poleras también.

Gracias por la entrevista.

Agradezco tu Espacio e interés, saludos desde el fin del mundo.

CHAOS PERVERSION - Petrified Against the Emanation (2022):

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Prý udělej něco i v zimě, říkali... Tak jo... Dáme si trochu zimní thrashové nálože! Slovenští Catastrofy konečně vyslyšeli volání fanoušků a s čerstvým albem "Taký je život" v kufrech se po čtyřech letech opět ukáží v Praze. S sebou si přivezou parťáky Brizolit a Tatrofka 200025000... České zastoupení obstará rozjetá Exorcizphobia, která má za sebou rok nabitý skvělými koncerty i novými songy! Celý večer odstartuje banda United Corpses.

KDY: SOBOTA 5. 2. 2022 v 18:00

facebook událost:







Recenze/review - GUTRICYDE - Gutricyde (2022)

GUTRICYDE - Gutricyde
EP 2022, Corpse Gristle Records, In-Cess Underground

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Nechte mě v klidu tlít na starých hřbitovech. Nehodím se do dnešní doby. Mám rád, když je muzika prašivá, se zastřeným zvukem, když pálí a žhne, když bolí. Jsou mi proti srsti mnohá dnešní uskupení s krásnými promo fotkami, s muzikanty, co vypadají jako uhlazené modelky. Mám rád smradlavou krev, temnotu a hluboký underground. Možná jsem si někdy myslel, že nahlédnu i do vašeho krásného světa, ale není mi přáno. Když totiž slyším kapely jako GUTRICYDE, probudí se ve mě staré vzpomínky a propadnu zase peklu.

Je mi tu, na upuštěných pitevnách, opravdu nejlépe. Tak proč se přetvařovat a hrát si na něco, co mi není vlastní? Pokud to máte stejně, tak určitě nové EP těchto šílenců zkuste. Je brutální, devastující a když jste na death metalu vyrůstali, tak si budete mlaskat blahem. 

Zavzpomínáme si na CANNIBAL CORPSE, MORTICIAN, FULCI, ANALESPY, TORTURE KILLER, CARCASS, NAPALM DEATH,  ale i spoustu dalších, nekompromisních amerických kapel. Texty jsou morbidní, zvuk hnusný a ošklivý. Díky tomu, že má stejnojmenné EP necelých třicet minut, tak nestihne nudit. Možná je chvílemi trošku monotónní, ale věřte tomu, že když budete kopat hroby, tak vám to vůbec vadit nebude. Pitváme dál a najednou dávno mrtvý pacient obživne. Hádejte, kdo ho naštve jako první? Možná jste si neměli hrát s jeho mozkem. GUTRICYDE předkládají samozřejmě nechutnou a hnusnou hudbu, ale o to právě jde. Jsou uvěřitelní, z každého tónu je cítit nadšení, odhodlání, kus zahnívajícího masa. Nahrávku jsem si dával vždycky ve chvílích, kdy jsem byl šokován (ano, pořád se to stává) z některých lidských činů. V momentech, kdy mi připadalo, že se horory mění v realitu. Nechte mě v klidu tlít na starých hřbitovech. Nehodím se do dnešní doby. Mám rád, když je muzika prašivá, se zastřeným zvukem, když pálí a žhne, když bolí. Texasané tohle všechno splňují a přidávají spoustu věcí navíc. Jako třeba vytrhané zuby i nehty, pálení železem, trepanaci lebky, lámání v kole, natahování na skřipec a mnoho jiných zážitků, které jsme si vymysleli, abychom mohli druhým ubližovat. GUTRICYDE a jejich nové stejnojmenné EP je odkazem starých časů. A opravdu mě baví. Morbidní, krvavý death metal, který nezná slitování!


Kopat hroby ve zmrzlé zemi je těžké a náročné. Občas objevím i staré kosti. Bývají vyskládány v poloze, v jaké se pohřbívalo kdysi v devadesátých letech. Stejně jako hudba, kterou hrají GUTRICYDE. Nové album "Gutricyde" má v sobě také cosi shnilého, nechutného. Možná za to může parádní prašivý zvuk, nebo psychotický obal, nevím, ale jako celek se poslouchá novinka velmi dobře. Ihned se mi usadila v žilách, zadřela pod kůži. Stala se pro mě povinností, protože jsem death metalista tělem i duší. Mám rád sychravá rána u nás na hřbitově, když chodí nemrtví teprve spát. Vždy se mi líbil death metal, který má krvavou a temnou atmosféru. GUTRICYDE vytrhli ze země staré krvavé kořeny, očistili je od špíny, máčeli ve smrtícím koktejlu a poté vypálili na hudební nosič. Procházím se spolu s kapelou v morbidní galerii. Na obrazech jsou znázorněny různé způsoby smrti. Kapela letos zvolila ty nejkrutější. Stačí si poslechnout pořádně nahlas "Gutricyde". Země je zmrzlá a mrtvoly se usmívají. Myslím, že jsem tu správně. Death metal v rukou texaských démonů zabíjí na potkání. Temný, zákeřný, jedovatý, devastující smrtící kov staré školy, který vás navěky strhne do záhrobí! Morbidní, krvavý death metal, který nezná slitování!


Asphyx says:

Digging graves in frozen ground is difficult and challenging. Sometimes I find old bones. They are usually laid out in the position in which they were buried in the 1990s. Like the music they play GUTRICYDE. The new album "Gutricyde" also has something rotten, disgusting. Maybe it's a great dusty sound or a psychotic cover, I don't know, but as a whole the news listens very well. She immediately settled in my veins, stuck under my skin. It became a duty for me because I am a death metalist in body and soul. I like a dry wound in our cemetery when the undead go to bed. I've always liked death metal, which has a bloody and dark atmosphere. GUTRICYDE ripped old bloody roots out of the ground, cleaned them of dirt, soaked them in a deadly cocktail, and then burned them onto a musical medium. I'm walking with the band in a morbid gallery. The pictures show different ways of death. This year, the band chose the cruelest ones. Just listen to "Gutricyde" out loud. The earth is frozen and the corpses are smiling. I think I'm right here. Death metal in the hands of Texas demons kills rats. Dark, insidious, poisonous, devastating deadly metal of the old school, which will drag you into the grave forever! A morbid, bloody death metal that knows no mercy!


01. Bestial Copulation
02. Texas Curb Stomp
03. Run (For Your Life)
04. Anal Pickaxe Maceration
05. Gestative Morbidity
06. Cannibal Cartel
07. Molestation Of Decaying Remains
08. 69 Einstein
09. Prolong The Suffering
10. Pedophile Pulp
11. Pull

Bret Smith - guitar/vocals/lyrics/samples
Lance White - bass/vocals/lyrics
Ray "Gutty" Mora - butcher
Art - Sdenzil Budon.
Logo - Ley Art
Recording - Gutricyde studio
Mix/Mastering - Pat Patino
Released by: Corpse Gristle Records

A few questions - interview with death metal band from USA - GUTRICYDE.

A few questions - interview with death metal band from USA - GUTRICYDE.

Answered Bret Smith (Bass, Guitars, Vocals), thank you!

Ave, can you introduce your band to our readers? – When was it founded and what style of music do you play etc.?

The band is going through a lineup change. Currently the bands linup consists of: Bret Smith (guitar, vocals, drum samples), Lance White (bass guitar and vocals) Ray “Gutty“ Mora (A.K.A – The Butcher) as our mascot. Very soon, Lance will be on guitar along side Bret and a new bassist will be introduced.

Where and under what conditions were you recording the new album? Who was in charge of sound, production and mastering?

The new EP “Gutricude“ was recorded in a small bedroom studio in Texas. Mixing and Mastering were done by Pat Patino‘ of the band “Djinn Guhl“.

How many copies were released and which medium was used for this new edition (CD, digital, vinyl, cassette)?

As I recall the first release will consist of 500 CD’s and cassettes. The EP will be released on CD, cassette and streaming digital platforms. Maybe we will see some vinyl in the future.

Who is the author of the lyrics and how were they created and about what do the lyrics deal with?

Bret and Lance are authors of the lyrics. The lyrics are typically written around a topic for the track, which is usually something to do with brutal vengance on pedphiles, human traffickers, child abductors, corrupt politicians ..etc...basically anyone that preys on other humans.

Who created the logo of the band, and who took care of the graphics and the website?

Starting with some simple sketches, we rendered the services of “Ley Art“ for original logo. The website graphics are a combintation of artwork from Ley Art and Sdenzil Budon. The website was put together by Bret Smith.

What about you and social networks? Do you consider these things important?

Social networks are the best tool there is for promotion of any kind now days. We consider them to be very important as you can reach across the entire world within seconds.

Which label did you choose for releasing your album and why this label? Are you satisfied by how your label represents you and takés care about you?

After a few inquiries from labels we decided to go with “Corpse Gristle Records“. The determining factor for me personally was the communication and the explanation of how the process would go. So far we are very happy with the engagement of the label and its owner.

Which bands do you idolise and where do you get your inspiration?

Back in the 90’s during the Embalmed days, the bands that inspired us were; Carcass, Bolt Thrower, Napalm Death, Deicide. Those bands still influence us today, however the list has grown to include bands like: Fulci, Analepsy, Abominable Putridity, Torture Killer, Mortician..etc.

Inspiration for writing comes from different things and at diffrent times. It may come from a movie, another song, a news artical or we might just hear a brutal riff in our heads.

Did you send your record to some Labels - which are the labels? How was the response?

We actually did not send any tracks to labels. We released a couple of singles that were going on the EP, and by social networking we were contacted about the plans the band had for the release.

How many gigs have you played? Which type of gigs do you prefer, whether it's (clubs or festivals) and which of your performances would you consider as the best?

We have played about 8 gigs. Personally I think we prefer small club venues. We havent played any really big festivals, 7 or 8 bands are the largest shows we have payed. One of the gigs that stands out was at Haltom Theater in Halton City Texas. The lineup was great and the theater has a projector that allowed us to play brutal horror movie clips on screen behind us as we played. There are soem videos floating around on You Tube.

What about your plans for the future? What do you want to achieve with the band?

The future is hard to predict, however we are writing new material and plan to continue as long as life permits.

Our goals are to have a good time, write brutal tunes for the people around the world that enjoy Death Metal and horror.

How and where can your fans contact you? Can you provide some contact information?

Thanx for the interview.


úterý 25. ledna 2022

Interview - SIK SALVATION - Death metal is a huge distraction and freedom in creation.

Interview with death metal band from Slovakia - SIK SALVATION.

Answered Martin Pazdera (vocals) and Lukáš Trón (vocals, bass, quitars, drums), thank you!

Translated Petra, thank you!

Questions prepared Jakub Asphyx.

Recenze/review - SIK SALVATION - The Death Manifest (2021):

Ave SIK SALVATION! Greetings to Slovak cemeteries! I want to start by paying a tribute to you. When I received your album "The Death Manifest" for a review, I had a lot of work to do so I started to listen until on vacation. And what didn't happen? I haven't listened to anything else for fourteen days! I think you really went well. Can you please describe to us how this material was created?

L: Hi Jakub! UF!!! I don’t know what to say! Just WOW.... thank you very much for your compliment and we are very happy you like our album so much. Well, how the album was created? Everything started alongside with corona epidemic. I had much more free time because the classwork was online, so I started to play with many music ideas. After some time, I had finished a few songs

M: Jakub hi! I'm very happy that SIK SALVATION has improved your holiday, perhaps you have really rested and gained strength for the next year, which I believe will be much better than that fucking year 2021. Thank you for the nice words, we tried to do our best and basically everything we experienced last year. Lukáš overestimates me; I just came and growl. The tribute belongs mainly to him for putting everything into the final form. When Lukáš sent it to me and I heard it, I couldn't believe my ears. The massive raw Swedish sound just convinced me to go on our first meeting. Then I said yes to him…

I'm a little confused about the SIK SALVATION status. Somewhere I read that you are a project, somewhere else a regular band. But you indeed are only two in the band. Are you open to the possible joining of the new members as well? Are you looking for new musicians?

L: For now, we are only the studio project, but I can say we compose the music together as a band. We would like to get the band on the stage; hence, we already have some volunteers for live playing. However, we don’t look for additional members to join the band as official musicians.

I read somewhere that you got together in a pub. I am glad there is still a metal band that did not meet on the Internet, haha. I have been listening to PERVERSITY from Prešov for many years; I am a big fan. I know it lives pretty well in the underground there. But you two were active in other bands. Can you tell us the whole story behind it and how did you end up with style called Swedish death metal?

L: In my case, it started with my first band IRIA, where I still play the drums. Thanks to my bandmates, I got some basics of composing music, playing the guitar, etc. I don't know if I would have found a way to make music without them, and I'm very grateful to them for that. In addition to IRIA and SIK SALVATION, I have some other studio projects. And my father, who is the best teacher in this field so far, showed me the way to death metal (metal in general) because he always shows me some new band that I am entirely out of. One of the first death metal bands I heard were Swedish by pure chance - BLOODBATH, ENTOMBED, GRAVE, but of course, there was also America with SUFFOCATION, DEATH, and so on.

M: I got to Swedish death metal as a teenager quite interestingly, through the band OPETH. I was listening to a lot of progressive metal at that time, and I had OPETH in my ears 24/7. I liked Mike Åkerfeldt's growl, and I knew about him that he works in other projects besides OPETH. Somehow naturally, I got to the BLOODBATH project, where I liked the diversity of the staff. Each BLOODBATH member played in their successful main bands, and together they created one whole, one emotion. This emotion that I had during listening to death metal once caught my heart and still holds me. Basically, now we are in a similar situation like this Swedish colossus (OPETH). Everyone has their own other projects, bands in which they try to express their emotions. Our emotions met in SIK SALVATION, and I am pleased about that. Many may have been surprised at how it is possible that I switched from romantic vocal positions in GLOOM to dirty growl as if from the graveyard. It wasn't about finding a new expression but rather a reminder of when I was more into death metal. After all, I am inspired by contrasts not only in music but also in everyday life. When I have more death metal mood, I express it. If I want to be gentler, I'll do it. There is nothing in it. Only the desire to live your life to the fullest, in all its contrasts.

Let's go to the new album. "The Death Manifest" is pure Scandinavian music. Nevertheless, I feel some other influences here. I don't know what it is, maybe your handwriting, and that's probably what fascinated me the most about the record. Additionally, sound is also essential. It's dusty, traditional, yet a little different. Where did you record the album? Who took care of mixing and mastering?

L: We recorded in my home studio White Death Studio. I with my IRIA bandmate Nihil, we managed the final sound. Moreover, Nihil sounded the bass guitar and helped with the mix, because he is a big expert in these things.

The cover art is traditional, yet different. I like the way you refer to old classic records from the 1990s, and at the same time it's "more modern". Who is the author and what exactly does the motive mean? For example, I interpret it as a skull of a man after death who looks at the blood-stained ground. It seems very nihilistic to me!

L: I am the author, but I created it under my brand “Emptybia Design”. Otherwise, one interesting thing in my opinion is that the motif of the cover is originated from the time when I went to primary school, so it is about 8 years old and is basically my very first cover, which I had drawn by hand using the pencil and crayons, haha. But to answer your question... the cover of the album refers to human selfishness. It is an abstract of the fact that as people never learn from their mistakes (for example, from war, or even this epidemic), a lot of "blood" always flows, it gradually accumulates, and Death thus reminds us that there she is still and always will be. This is how I interpret it, but if people find something in it, it will only be great.

M: I also see the image of today's society. We want to have beautiful shiny lives, we want to appear to others that we are OK and our life is great and that is the way we present it on social networks. But under this “mask” hides our egoism and all the diseases we possess as a society. It doesn't matter if there is a covid here or not. That's what we are, and the current situation just set us up a mirror. There could be a sinking ship instead of a skull, and it would still mean the same to me.

Not to mention that there are several guests on the record. Who, how did you get together and why them?

M: We wanted to achieve something more extensive, which would be interesting or different in terms of band staff. And I don't think it will be different in the future. Concerning the selection of guests, this was directed by Lukáš. He contacted everyone, they agreed and a great collaboration could begin. I think he relied on the big names of the death metal in our little country. The offer was accepted by Martin Lukáč, who is known to the metal world not only as the musician and singer of NOMENMORTIS, but also as an excellent publicist. The lyrics to "In This Chapel of Blood" are from his pen. Ľubo Lokša from bands MORDUM and CONTEMPT (Košice) recorded a wonderful guitar solo in the song "Deathsoul". PERVERSITY's throat Ďuri Handzuš sing with me in the song "Gravewomb", for which he also wrote the text. And Marek Kaščák from STABBED (Košice) joined us in track "Cremator" with vocal. The staff is really varied and it is basically such a friendly cooperation between Prešov and Košice.

The topic of the texts is quite clear and stylish again. Who wrote them and where did you get the inspiration for them? Death, inferno, war. Did you draw from books, movies?

L: The lyrics are a death metal classic, so more or less like you described it. But at least for me, some lyrics are a more personal matter.

M: There was no need to go to books or movies either. It was enough to realize how people had been behaving for the last two years, and the inspiration came by itself. Most of the texts were written by Lukáš, but as I mentioned above, some were performed by our guests.

I don't know if you will agree with me, but thanks to the fact that the SLOVAK METAL ARMY label has ended, it is as if the water above Slovak metal has closed a little. Juraj and I were friends for many years and thanks to him I was perfectly informed about what is happening in Slovakia. His death was a huge shock to me and it still hurts a lot. In addition, it seems to me that even though he received lot of critics on his work, Juraj did incredibly much for metal. SIK SALVATION, like other new bands, don’t have many possibilities to release their albums. Or am I wrong? Are you planning to release the CD "The Death Manifest"? What about vinyl, cassette?

M: Juraj has undoubtedly left a huge mark not only as a passionate supporter of the metal scene, but above all as a human. I would say that he literally sold the soul to metal, and I will respect him for this for the rest of my life. Over the years, he has created something that probably no one in our country has created in Slovakia. It is very sad for me to realize that he basically has no follower in such activities. I want to believe in better times for metal, as well as for young metalheads who want to move their music somewhere. I also perceive SIK SALVATION as something new, young, even though we both already have something behind us. I know that Juraj would like our music and would do his best to get us among the people. Unfortunately, Juraj is no longer with us and we must help each other as best we can.

I will follow up on the previous question. It seems that most people are only on Facebook; without this social medium, no one makes a move. They only draw information from FB. Everything is terribly fast; the band releases a record, everyone just shares and shares, but over time everything goes quiet, and not even a dog barks after the music. In my opinion, suitable labels and then concerts are the only solution. At concerts, only real fans with big hearts meet. Do you want to get SIK SALVATION into the world? Have you already approached publishers abroad?

L: Yes, we tried it, and there were a lot of them. But only a few of them answered. However, something is going on, but we won't reveal anything yet.

M: We want to keep the old-school feeling of SIK SALVATION music in the approach we want to promote the project further. Of course, without Facebook, Instagram, or streaming platforms, no one can move anywhere today, but as you said, that's not all. We'll see what the future holds, but what we can tell you for sure is that the album will also be released on physical media. We will inform you how and under what circumstances.

So now a few words about the concerts. I'm an old dog; I still believe the band will gain the most fans at festivals or on tour. Will you play live? I know, in two, it's a bit of a problem, but still. This is how you would get your music directly to people who don't spend their time on different networks but really support, perceive, and are faithful to the music. How is SIK SALVATION doing with the concerts?

L: As we mentioned above, we should have a concert line-up more or less completed, but it will take a very long time to synchronize together. We both have our main bands, but we believe that it will happen one day, but this year it will definitely not be.

M: When the right time comes, we will definitely deal with it. For now, however, it remains a vision for the future. In addition, we have to wait for the situation in our country to calm down, because people are confused and afraid. I was lucky to go around a few events with GLOOM last summer. But they could be counted on the fingers of one hand.

Every musician has their dreams. You also play with other bands, but what do you plan with SIK SALVATION? Where do you want to move the band? What are your idea and vision? Is it a festival, a tour with a famous band, or a record release with a good label?

M: First of all, we would like to release our debut on physical media and ideally in some good label. If we do a good promo, it will get into people's veins, and we will go even further. We would like to move it as far as possible.

Death metal is a demanding hobby and an even harder lifestyle. What does it mean for you? What do you enjoy most about it and how do you perceive it? How did you actually get to him?

L: For me, death metal is a huge distraction and freedom in creation. I enjoy it doesn’t have to be extremely complicated to be good. I prefer more straightforward death metal, whose songs are not the result of examples on a calculator. And as I got to it, I stated above 😊.

M: For me, death metal means creativity or the opportunity to express oneself fully, without hesitation, and maybe even so that it may not be pleasant for anyone. There is a considerable dose of sincerity, unbridled energy. For me, death metal is represented by the people who stand behind it and support it, even if they don’t have money for the bread. Juraj (Haríň) was undoubtedly one of them. All the honor to the death metal community not only in Slovakia but also in the Czech Republic.

I deliberately ask this question to all bands to do some promotion for the future. Please tell us what SIK SALVATION is planning soon? What can we look forward to?

L: At this moment, the new information is that "The Death Manifest" is nominated for the debut of the year in the Hard & Heavy category at the Radio Head Awards. We try to promote it as much as possible because we didn't expect it and it means a lot to us. So if your readers want to, they can vote for us; we will be highly grateful for that. And besides, we are already working on a new album, which should see the light of day next year. We have already finished some songs, and I think it will be a worthy follower of "The Death Manifest".

M: Lukáš said everything that awaits us in the near future, and I will just add that I am very much looking forward to it. Of course, there are more plans… everything we will gradually dose.

And this is it. Thank you very much for the interview and for sending "The Death Manifest." I hope to support you soon by buying a CD and not just an mp3. Thank you for your music, and I hope to see you somewhere at the concert soon. I wish you all the best with the band as well as in your personal lives! SIK SALVATION rules!

L: We thank you, Jakub, for this great interview! Greetings to the Czech Republic and your readers, and thanks to everyone who heard "The Death Manifest", downloaded, etc. We appreciate your support! Cheers! Ave metal ...

M: Thank you, Jakub, for doing this interview. May you continue to create such quality content as before. Maybe we meet at some great metal party!

Rozhovor - SIK SALVATION - Death metal je obrovské odreagovanie a sloboda v tvorbe.

Rozhovor s death metalovou skupinou ze Slovenska - SIK SALVATION.

Odpovídali Martin Pazdera (vokály) a Lukáš Trón (sprievodné vokály, gitary, basa, bicie), děkujeme!

Přeložila Petra, děkujeme!

Otázky připravil Jakub Asphyx.

Recenze/review - SIK SALVATION - The Death Manifest (2021):

Ave SIK SALVATION! Zdravím na slovenská pohřebiště! Dovolil bych si vám na začátek vyseknout poklonu. Když mi přišla na recenzi deska „The Death Manifest“, měl jsem zrovna hodně práce a k poslechu jsem se dostal až o dovolené. A co se nestalo? Čtrnáct dní jsem neposlouchal nic jiného! Myslím, že se vám album opravdu povedlo. Můžeš nám na úvod prosím popsat, jak vlastně vznikalo?

L: Zdravíme ťa Jakub! UF!!! Tak k tomu fakt neviem, čo by sme povedali. Proste WOW... veľmi ti ďakujeme za takúto polkonu a sme nesmierne radi, že sa ti album až tak moc páči. No a ako vznikal album? Tak celé to začalo keď začala korona. Mal som popri škole oveľa viac času ako obvykle, lebo sme prešli na online výučbu a tak som sa hral s rôznymi nápadmi. Po čase som mal hotové nejaké skladby a povedal som si, že keď to bude mať nejakú lepšiu formu, tak by to niekedy trebalo vypustiť. O nejakú dobu na to došlo k tomu, že som Maťovi predložil niektoré z hotových skladieb ako ukážku, a tak to potom už išlo samé… a vôbec to neľutujem, lebo si myslím, že mám po boku najlepšieho a najoriginálnejšieho speváka, akého som len mohol mať a za to som nesmierne vďačný.

M: Jakub nazdar! Tak to som veľmi rád, že ti SIK SALVATION vylepšil dovolenku, snáď si si poriadne oddýchol a nabral silu na ďalší rok, ktorý verím, že bude oveľa lepší ako ten blbec rok 2021. Ďakujeme za uznanie, snažili sme sa do toho dať maximum a v podstate všetko, čo sme minulý rok zažili. Luky to preháňa, až sa červenám :D Ja som len prišiel a nabručal som mu to. Poklona patrí hlavne jemu, že to dal do formy, v akej to je. Keď mi to Luky poslal a vypočul som si to, neveril som vlastným ušiam. Masívny surový švédsky sound ma proste dostal na prvé stretnutie. Tak som mu povedal áno…

Mám trošku zmatek v tom, co jsou SIK SLAVATION zač? Někde se o vás píše, že jste projekt, někde zase regulérní kapela. Je ale pravdou, že jste pouze dva, což mě přivádí na myšlenku – jste otevření i novým členům? Hledáte někoho?

L: Tak aktuálne sme iba štúdiový projekt, ale dá sa povedať, že tvoríme ako kapela – to je spolu a vždy keď sa dá. A čo sa týka nových členov, tak iba môžem povedať, že by sme radi SIK SALVATION dostali na pódiá a pri tejto príležitosti už máme aj nejakých dobrovoľníkov, ktorí sa ku koncertnej zostave chcú pridať. Ale ako oficiálnych členov do projektu zatiaľ nikoho nehľadáme.

Někde jsem četl, že jste se dali dohromady v hospodě. Konečně taky nějaká současná skupina, co se neseznámila ne internetu :)). Dlouhá léta poslouchám z Prešova PERVERSITY, jsem jejich velkým fanouškem. Vím, sleduji, že to u vás docela žije. Vy jste ale prošli jinými kapelami. Můžeš nám prozradit jakými, a jak jste se nakonec dostali ke stylu zvanému švédský death metal?

L: Tak u mňa to začalo v mojej prvej kapele IRIA, kde stále pôsobím ako bubeník. Vďaka mojim spoluhráčom som dostal nejaké základy tvorby hudby, hrania na gitaru a podobne, a tak to už išlo ďalej. Neviem, či by som si bez nich našiel cestu k tvorbe hudby a za to som im veľmi vďačný. Popri IRIA a SIK SALVATION mám ešte nejaké iné štúdiové projekty. No a k death metalu (celkovo k metalu) mi cestu ukázal otec, ktorý je pre mňa v tomto obore doteraz ten najlepší učiteľ, lebo vždy mi pustí niečo z čoho som potom úplne mimo. Jedny z prvých death metalových kapiel, ktoré som počul boli čírou náhodou švédske. Išlo o bandy ako BLOODBATH, ENTOMBED, GRAVE, ale bola v tom samozrejme aj Amerika, a to v zastupení SUFFOCATION, DEATH, a podobne.

M: Ja som sa dostal k švédskému deathmetalu asi ešte ako násťročný a to celkom zaujímavo, cez švédov Opeth. V tejto dobe som počúval veľa progressive metalu a Opeth som mal v ušiach doslova 24/7. Páčil sa mi growl Mika Åkerfelta a vedel som o ňom, že okrem Opeth pôsobí aj v ďalších projektoch. Nejak prirodzene som sa dostal ku projektu BLOODBATH, na ktorom sa mi páčila personálna pestrosť. Každý člen BLOODBATH pôsobí vo svojom úspešnom projekte a spolu vytvárajú jeden celok, jednu emóciu. Táto emócia, ktorú mám pri posluchu death metalu ma svojho času chytila za srdce a drží ma doteraz. V podstate podobne ako tento švédsky kolos, sme na tom aj my dvaja s Lukášom. Každý má vlastné ďalšie projekty, kapely, v ktorých sa snaží vyjadriť svoje emócie. Naše emócie sa stretli práve v SIK SALVATION a ja sa tomu veľmi teším. Možno zostali mnohí prekvapení, ako je možné, že som od romantických polôh v GLOOMe, prešiel k špinavým záhrobným growlom. Nešlo o nejaké nachádzanie nového vyjadrenia, ale skôr o pripomenutie si časov, keď som sa death metalu venoval. Koniec koncov ma nielen v hudbe, ale aj v živote inšpirujú kontrasty. Keď mám chuť na death metal, vyjadrím to. Ak sa chcem vyjadriť nežnejšie, urobím to. Nič v tom nie je. Iba chuť prežiť svoj život naplno, vo všetkých jeho kontrastoch.

Pojďme k novému albu. „The Death Manifest“ je ryzí hudba severského střihu. Přesto z ní cítím i nějaké jiné vlivy. Nevím čím to je, možná vaším rukopisem, a asi je to právě ono, co mě na desce nejvíc zaujalo. Hodně za to může zvuk. Je prašivý, tradiční, přesto trošku jiný. Kde jste nahrávali, kdo je podepsán pod mixem a masteringem?

L: Nahrávali sme v takom mojom domácom štúdiu White Death Studio a pod celkovým zvukom som podpísaný ja a môj spoluhráč z IRIA Nihil, ktorý nazvučil basu a pomohol s mixom, lebo je v týchto veciach veľký macher.

Tradiční, přesto jiný je i obal. Říkal jsem si, že se mi líbí, jak v něm odkazujete na staré desky klasiků z devadesátých let a zároveň je „modernější“. Kdo je autorem a co přesně motiv znamená? Já si jej kupříkladu vykládám jako lebku, člověka po smrti, který se dívá na krví potřísněnou zemi. Působí na mě hodně nihilisticky!

L: Autorom som opäť ja, ale vytvoril som ho pod svojou značkou Emptybia Design. Inak taká menšia zaujímavosť podľa mňa je, že ten námet obalu je ešte z čias, keď som chodil na základnú školu, čiže je starý cca už 8 rokov a je v podstate môj úplne prvý obal, ktorý som mal nakreslený ešte ručne s ceruzou a farbičkami, haha. No ale aby mala otázka aj odpoveď... obal albumu je takou narážkou na ľudskú sebeckosť. Ide o abstrakt toho, že tým ako sa ľudia nikdy nepoučia zo svojich chýb (napríklad z vojny, alebo kľudne aj korony), tak vždy pretečie veľa „krvi“, tá sa postupne hromadí, a smrť sa nám takto pripomína, že tu stále je a vždy bude. Takto si to interpretujem ja, ale ak v tom ľudia nájdu niečo svoje, tak to bude iba super.

M: Obraz dnešnej spoločnosti v tom vidím aj ja. Chceme mať krásne nablískané životy, chceme pôsobiť, že sme v pohode a nad vecou a na sociálnych sieťach to takto aj prezentujeme. No pod pozlátkom sa ukrýva náš egoizmus a všetky choroby, ktoré ako spoločnosť máme. To je nezávislé od toho, či tu nejaký covid je, alebo nie je. Takí sme a aktuálna situácia nám len nastavila zrkadlo. Mohla by tam byť aj potápajúca sa loď namiesto lebky a stále by to pre mňa vyjadrovalo to isté.

Nelze nezmínit, že je na desce několik hostů. Kteří, jak jste se dali dohromady a proč právě oni?

M: Album sme chceli uchopiť ako niečo rozsiahlejšie, čo by z hľadiska obsadenia bolo zaujímavé či iné. A myslím si, že to nebude iné ani v budúcnosti. Čo sa týka výberu hostí, celý bol v Lukášovej réžii. On všetkých nakontaktoval, oni súhlasili a parádna spolupráca sa mohla začať. Myslím si, že stavil na osvedčené mená, ktoré si v našej malej krajine s death metalom už čo to preskákali. Ponuku prijal Martin Lukáč, ktorý je metalovému svetu známy nielen ako muzikant a spevák NOMENMORTIS, ale taktiež ako výborný publicista. Text ku skladbe „In This Chapel of Blood“ je práve z jeho pera. Ľubo Lokša z Košických MORDUM a CONTEMPT nám nahral nádherné sólo do skladby „Deathsoul“. Hrdlo PERVERSITY Ďuri Handzuš si to so mnou strihol v skladbe „Gravewomb“, pre ktorú napísal aj text, a Marek Kaščák z Košických STABBED mi kontroval vo vypaľovačke „Cremator“. Obsadenie je naozaj pestré a v podstate ide o takú prešovsko-košickú kamarátsku spoluprácu.

Témata textů jsou vcelku jasná a opět stylová. Kdo je psal a kde jste pro ně brali inspiraci? Smrt, inferno, válka. Čerpali jste z knih, filmů?

L: Texty sú death metalová klasika, čiže viac menej tak ako si už sám povedal. Ale aspoň pre mňa sú niektoré texty osobnejšou záležitosťou.

M: Nebolo treba ísť ani do kníh či filmov. Stačilo si uvedomiť, ako sa správajú ľudia posledné dva roky a inšpirácia prišla ako na zavolanie. Väčšinu textov napísal Lukáš, no ako som už vyššie spomenul, niektorých sa zhostili naši hostia.

Nevím, jestli se mnou budeš souhlasit, ale díky tomu, že skončilo vydavatelství SLOVAK METAL ARMY, tak jakoby se nad slovenským metalem trošku zavřela voda. Byli jsme s Jurajem dlouholetí kamarádi a díky němu jsem byl dokonale informován o tom, co se na Slovensku děje. Jeho smrt byla pro mě obrovským šokem a dodnes mě to hodně bolí. Navíc mi připadá, že i když měl i kritiky své práce, tak toho dělal Juraj pro metal neskutečně moc. SIK SALVATION, stejně jako další nové kapely, nemají kde svá alba vydávat. Nebo se pletu? Dočkáme se CD „The Death Manifest“? A co vinyl, kazeta?

M: Juraj po sebe zanechal nepochybne obrovskú stopu nielen ako horlivý podporovateľ metalovej scény, ale predovšetkým ako človek. Povedal by som, že doslova zapredal dušu metalu a ja si ho za to budem vážiť do konca svojho života. Za tie roky vytvoril niečo, čo u nás na Slovensku nevytvoril snáď nikto. Je pre mňa veľmi smutné, keď si uvedomím, že v podstate nemá následovníka. Chcem veriť v lepšie časy pre metal, aj pre mladých metalistov, ktorí svoju hudbu chcú niekde posunúť. Rovnako aj SIK SALVATION vnímam ako niečo nové, mladé, aj keď obaja už máme niečo za sebou. Viem, že Jurajovi by sa naša práca páčila a urobil by maximum preto, by nás dostal medzi ľudí. Juraj už žiaľ nie je medzi nami a my si musíme pomôcť najlepšie ako vieme.

Navážu ještě na předchozí otázku. Mě poslední dobou připadá, že je už většina lidí jen na facebooku, bez něj nedají ani ránu. Čerpají informace pouze z něj. Všechno je děsně rychlé, kapela vydá desku, každý jen sdílí a sdílí, ale časem vše utichne a po muzice neštěkne ani pes. Podle mého jsou trošku řešením dobré labely a pak koncerty, kam přijdou opravdu jen praví srdcaři a fanoušci. Chcete SIK SALVATION dostat i do světa? Oslovili jste vydavatele i v zahraničí?

L: Áno skúšali sme to a bolo ich fakt veľa. Ale odpovedalo nám iba toľko, že by sme ich zrátali na jednej ruke. Niečo sa avšak rysuje, ale nebudeme ešte nič prezrádzať...

M: Oldschool feeling hudby SIK SALVATION by sme chceli zachovať aj v prístupe, akým chceme projekt ďalej promovať. Samozrejme bez facebooku, instagramu či streamovacích platforiem sa človek dnes nepohne nikde no ako hovoříš, nie je to ani zďaleka všetko. Uvidíme, čo prinesie budúcnosť, no čo ti vieme s istotou povedať je, že album vyjde aj na fyzických nosičoch. O tom, ako a za akých okolností budeme informovať, keď to bude aktuálne.

Tak a teď ke koncertům. Jsem starej pes, pořád věřím na to, že si kapela nejvíc fanoušků získá na festivalech, na turné. Budete hrát i naživo? Já vím, ve dvou je to trošku problém, ale přesto. Takhle byste dostali svoji hudbu přímo i k lidem, kteří netráví svůj čas na různých sítích, ale opravdu muziku podporují, vnímají a jsou jí věrni. Jak jsou na tom SIK SALVATION s koncerty?

L: Ako sme už uviedli vyššie, tak nejakú tú koncertnú zostavu by sme viac menej mali, ale zobehnúť to celé potrvá ešte veľmi dlho. Obaja máme svoje hlavné kapely, ale veríme, že to isto jedného dňa príde, ale tento rok to určite nebude.

M: Keď príde ten správny čas, tak to určite budeme riešiť. Nateraz to však ostáva ako vízia do budúcnosti. Navyše musíme počkať, kedy sa situácia u nás ukľudní, pretože ľudia sú zmätení a boja sa. Ja som mal to šťastie, že som minulý rok s GLOOMom obehol pár akcií v lete. Tie by sa ale dali zrátať na prstoch jednej ruky.

Každý muzikant má své sny. Vy hrajete i s jinými kapelami, ale co zamýšlíte se SIK SALVATION? Kam až chcete kapelu posunout, dostat? Jakou máte představu a vizi? Je to třeba nějaký festival, turné se slavnou kapelou, vydání nosiče u dobrého labelu?

M: V prvom rade by sme chceli vydať náš debut na fyzickom nosiči a ideálne aj u nejakého dobrého labelu. Ak urobíme dobré promo, ľuďom sa to dostane do žíl a pôjdeme ešte ďalej. Radi by sme to posunuli najďalej, ako sa len dá.

Death metal je náročný koníček a ještě těžší životní styl. Co znamená pro tebe? Co tě na něm nejvíc baví a jak jej vnímáš? Jak si se k němu vlastně dostal?

L: Pre mňa je death metal obrovské odreagovanie a sloboda v tvorbe. Baví ma, že nemusí byť extrémne zložitý, aby mohol byť dobrý. Ja osobne mám radšej jednoduchší death metal, ktorého skladby nie sú výsledkami príkladov na kalkulačke. No a ako som sa k nemu dostal som uviedol už vyššie 😊.

M: Death metal pre mňa znamená živočíšnosť či možnosť vyjadriť sa naplno, bez okolkov a možno aj tak, že to nemusí byť hocikomu príjemné. Je v tom obrovská dávka úprimnosti, nespútanej energie. Death metal sú pre mňa aj ľudia, ktorí za nim stoja a podporujú ho, aj keby na chleba nebolo. Takým bol určite aj Juraj. Všetka česť death metalovej komunite nielen na Slovensku aj u vás v Českej republike.

Tuhle otázku dávám záměrně všem kapelám, aby si udělali trošku propagaci do budoucna. Prozraď nám prosím, co chystají SIK SALVATION v nejbližší době? Na co se můžeme těšit?

L: Tak momentálne máme okrem albumu nové to, že je „The Death Manifest“ u Radio Head Awards nominovaný na Debut roka v kategórii Hard & Heavy. Snažíme sa to propagovať najviac ako len vieme, lebo sme to nečakali a veľa to pre nás znamená. Takže ak tvoji čítatelia budú chcieť, tak za nás môžu zahlasovať (, budeme za to nesmierne vďační. No a ešte okrem toho už pracujeme na novom albume, ktorý by mal uzrieť svetlo sveta už budúci rok. Máme hotové už nejaké skladby a bude to myslím dôstojný následovník „The Death Manifest“.

M: Lukáš povedal asi všetko, čo nás najbližšiu dobu očakáva a ja len dodám, že sa na to veľmi teším. Samozrejme plánov je viac… všetko ale budeme postupne dávkovať.

A je to. Děkuji moc za rozhovor i za zaslání „The Death Manifest“. Doufám, že vás budu moc brzy podpořit i koupí CD a nejen mp3. Děkuji za vaši hudbu a doufám, že se brzy potkáme někde na koncertě. Přeji vám, ať se vám s kapelou daří a ať vám to klape i v soukromých životech! SIK SALVATION rules!

L: My ďakujeme tebe Jakub za tento fakt skvelý rozhovor! Pozdravujeme do Česka, a taktiež aj tvojich čítateľov a ďakujeme všetkým, čo si „The Death Manifest“ vypočuli, stiahli, atď. vážime si vašu podporu a majte sa! Ave metal...

M: Jakub drž sa a ďakujeme, že sme s tebou mohli pokecať. Nech aj naďalej tvoříš taký kvalitný obsah ako doteraz. Snáď sa už vidíme na nejakej parádnej metalovej žúrke!