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Interview - ENTRAILS - Pure Swedish death metal!

Interview with old school death metal legend from Sweden - ENTRAILS.

Translated by Markéta, thank you!

Answered Jimmy.

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Ave ENTRAILS! I have been listening to your new album “World Inferno” for a while now and I still discover some new parts of darkness. I have to admit that I expected a good craft from you, but I did not expect that you will totally kill me. This album is great. How are fans´ reactions and reviews? 

Thanks man.. the feedback is good actually.. a bit better than previous albums to be honest.. Ive been reading several great reviews and only a few crappy ones but the majority likes it and thats what matters.. so even if there is a poor guy writing a review who actually worship justin bieber or something its obvious they doesnt like our stuff.. impossible to please 100% of every one out there. 

This album has a classic Swedish sound. It kicks so much! But I have to compare it to your first demo records where the sound was dirtier. Did you change the composing process? The time and also technology are different then in 90s. 

Well the demos from 2009 was mixed by myself and at that time i had no clue how to do actually and didnt afford any better mix. at that time i wasnt into having a better sound. i was happy to finally get things going with my songs.. the stuff from the 90´s we did havent been released yet.. 

How ENTRAILS compose new songs? How is the whole process going when you create a new material? Who is the author of your music? 

I´ts I who does the music and then i let others (singer) to write lyrics. When am in the mood i sit in my studio creationg tons of riffs and then after a while when i have something like an idea of what´s being recorded i make a demo with some easy programmed drums in my pc just to get the feeling and the rythm right. and when demo is done its being intoduced to the rest for feedback and after that rehearsals and then recording. 

Your covers were always great. Is it important for you how the album looks like? Who is the author of cover for your “World Inferno” album? 

I came up with the idea and then Daniel Devilish did the painting. He have done every album cover after our first one (Tales from the morgue) though we have done a re-issue of that one so he did a new cover for that also based on the old one. 

Who is the author of your lyrics and where do you find inspiration for them? 

On the new album its our new singer who wrote the lyrics. and i let him do a theme to the albums and he found a sick way to do that and made it well in a surrealistic style. 

There are only 2 members from the original band left and that is you Jimmy. When I look at Encyclopedia Metallum there is a lot of people who played in ENTRAILS. Why is it like that? 

The first setting was in the 90´s and all was like 17-20 years old.. and they got tired and also moved to other places. the setting in 2010 was put together thru a friend 

And he was the first one who quit the band of some private reasons and new guy was into the band. then its the last change from 2016 when i needed to have more active members to do more shows and 2 guys left as they had so many other projects.. 

ENTRAILS was at the beginning of the phenomenon called Swedish death metal. I would like you to tell us a little bit about the beginnings. In 90s in the Czech Republic, there was the beginning of democracy and in your country, you have already created something new. How were 90s in Sweden? Do you remember how did you created your band? Me and also the fans would like to know how was it at the beginning. 

I barely dont remember anything beside that I and my best friend who played some drums started to make a band that we wanted to have, and we learned a friend who wanted to be in the band to play bass and he knew a guy who played guitars extremly well and he joined the band after a while. and at that time we had like 7-10 songs to rehearse and to record a demo that never was made properly. we had permission to use a studio but we didnt have so much help and the sound become not good at all so all tries we did ended up as a raw mix for own use. and today those tapes are in bad shape and sounds even worse. i´ve tried to save some by having them into the digital world but there are a lot to do with them until they can be official. (if they ever become that) 

I think that every single fan of ENTRAILS has the first two demo records from 2009. Have you ever thought about releasing them again? 

Metal Blade released those demos a few years ago, both on vinyl and cd.. 

You stopped playing between 1998 and 2008. Why was that? What was the reason for it? 

Got tired of the music when i couldnt find any who wanted to play with me so i sold everything and drove rally instead. an expensive hobby but extremly fun. 

The history of ENTRAILS started in 90s but at that time you did not released anything. Why? You did not have any label? 

As i mentioned above we tried to do demos but the sound killed those dreams.. and label wasnt our main goal to get at that time.. back then it was more a help from community and their work with young people and their passion for music and so on. but we lived outside that area and couldnt get that kind of help. we had to pay it all ourselves if we wanted to have something good and money wasn´t the thing we had plenty of. 

You play a classic typical Swedish death metal. You have never played anything else, you are “orthodox”. Personally, that is one of the reasons why I like your music. But have you ever thought about playing something different? To spice the music of ENTRAILS a little bit? 

I have been playing other music aswell but in a small scale and it was before i got into Death metal we did some thrash metal and some cover playing. but i have never been in another band as a solid member. I dont believe that is the right thing to do when playing music. to me its only one band that counts. Being in other active bands at the same time just make things difficult and some have to be put a side for annoying reasons. and shows will collide and so on. 

What are ENTRAILS´s plans for the next few months? Do you want to support your new album by a tour and do you want to go to the Czech Republic? 

Our plans is to get shows but our new booker havent solved this quite yet but working on it i hope. many things needs to be fullfilled to make it doable and today promoters doesnt really open their wallets to have foreign bands coming to play. we do hope we can be on Czech ground any time soon.. 

Are there any albums which have caught your attention recently? 

Nah.. I prefer the older ones from the 90´s and also 80´s 

Do you know and listen any Czech bands? 

The only band i can come up with now that i know is from Czech is Brutally Deceased and they does it good.. am sure there are more i listen to but i never remember where they´re from haha 

Thank you so much for the interview and I wish you a lot of sold out albums, hundreds of crazy fans and tons of great ideas. 

Thanks a lot. 

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