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Interview - DESULTORY - Desultory will stop to exist as a band with this year´s album, we will not do anymore albums or play live anymore.

Interview with Swedish death metal legendary band - DESULTORY.

Answered Klas Morberg.

Translated by Markéta, thank you!

Ave DESULTORY! I have to admit that your new album “Through Aching Aeons” absolutely crushed me. It has everything what death metal should have. How are reactions from fans and critics? What about reviews? Are you satisfied with your work?

Thanx a lot, it seems that the album are getting great reviews almost everywhere both from fans and from critics, and that of course feels great as we worked really hard with the material on this album and since this will be the last album from Desultory it feels good to end it with an high standard album.

The first thing which caught my attention is the great cover b Pierre-Alain D. Why did you chose him and how did you chose the cover? What the cover is supposed to represent. I still look on it and it makes me thing but I cannot figure out what is on the cover. Some kind of a monster? I like the cover so much, it just draws my attention.

Yes, we found this artwork by Pierre-Alain and we felt instantly that it would fit the album perfectly, it is a somewhat dark and dystopic feeling to the picture, we really like it.

Who is the author of the lyrics for “Through Aching Aeons” and what are the lyrics about? Where do you find inspiration for your topics?

I (Klas) wrote all the lyrics for this album, it deals with all stuff that goes on around us both personally and in the world around, the lyrics are often quite abstract and the listener can interpret himself what the lyrics mean for him/her.

The new album has a really dark, sharp sound. Who did the sound and where did you recorded the new album? I would like to know how do you compose new material for your albums, how is the process going? How DESULTORY compose? Who has the last word and who says “this is it, this is how the song will go”.

It was recorded with Tore Stierna in his Necromorbus studio in Stockholm, he was very involved in the outcome of the sound which is a bit more organic and heavy this time I think
The writing process is usually that Håkan has done some guitar ideas and brings it to the rehearsal room where the rest of the band helps with arrangement, Thomas creates his drum parts, I do the vocal arrangement and Jojje the Bass, it is quite a democratic process and we usually agree in the end

I like the darkness of your work. It feels like I am outside in the forest in the night, somewhere in Sweden. Are you somehow influenced by your environment? Does the country where are you from shows somehow in your songs?

Not really, maybe subconsciously but we do not find inspiration by walking in the forests like some other bands seems to do.

I have to say that I have your complete discography. I listened to your band when you released your first demo cassette “From Beyond” in 1990. I even have the old cassette in my home now but they are in terrible shapes. Have you considered releasing your demo records again?

Wow, that is really amazing, its always so cool to hear from people that been with us since the really early days. We actually re-mastered and released all our demos and put them on the re-issues of Into Eternity and Bitterness in 2011 released by Pulverised records.

You are like veterans now. When you compare your beginnings with today, do you think the time has changed? I mean the attitude of fans, labels, organizations and so on? I often hear that “it is not how it used to be”. What do you think?

Yes we have been around now for almost 28 years so a lot of things have of course changed. The underground scene in the years between 88-93 was of course amazing with all tape-trading and so on, it took a lot of dedication from the people in the scene to write letters, trade tapes, do zines etc and of course all that is easier now with internet which didn’t exist at that time.

Nowadays, many people download music online and they only use its digital form. How do you feel about this issue? I would like to know your opinion as a musician.

It is of course easier now to find new bands and so on but I also think that maybe back then the dedication was a bit higher it was not so easy to find out what was good and to get what you wanted to listen to, but of course, ordinary metal is huge and continues to grow, so I think its good with the online streaming, but I don’t think the kids now get the same feeling like I did when I was waiting for Piece of Mind, Justice for All, Reign in Blood, Altars of Madness or Leprosy to be released…then go directly to the record store and buy the vinyl, go home really excited and listen to it 50 times in a row, read all the lyrics etc…

Are there any albums which have caught your attention recently?

I have not really listened to Neurosis before, but now I have started to check them out and its heavy as fuck!

Do you know and listen any Czech bands?

I know about Krabathor of course but not really anyone else unfortunately.

Thank you so much for the interview and I wish you a lot of sold out albums, hundreds of crazy fans and tons of great ideas.

Desultory will stop to exist as a band with this album, we will not do anymore albums or play live anymore. This is it, thanx a lot for being with us all these years, it was awesome…Goodbye!

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