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Interview - NEOCAESAR - The art stands for controlling of power and chaos.

Interview with death metal band from Holland - NEOCAESAR.

Answered Bart and Mike.

Translated by Duzl, thank you!

Recenze/review - NEOCAESAR - 11:11 (2017)

Ave NEOCAESAR! Your album “11:11” has been released since February 2017. I have to admit, that this album was a big surprise for me. It really kicks, let me tell you! The interesting thing was, that (like in the good old days) I listen to the album because of my friend´s recommendation. No Facebook, no internet. How do you feel about this album since it has been out for a while?

Ave Jakub! First of all, thanks for giving us the opportunity for this interview. We are very proud of the album, for reasons that you will find below in the answers to your other questions. Our goals for making this album were to be able to spread the music we all like to play best, give anybody who is into our type of death metal the opportunity to listen to it and/or buy it. And also to get noticed as a band so we could get some shows. For now: mission accomplished. We sold some CD’s to diehard fans and collectors, got some pretty good shows and now our music is downloadable on the internet, so our music is also available to metalheads who choose to listen to it digitally.

How did you made the new album? You are a band full of maniacs who have played in many other bands. And not just any bands but there were only famous bands. Have you ever had any problems with your egos? You are great musicians and you are together which does not have to be a good thing sometimes :). 

Musicwise, we’re all experienced and we know how to play our instrument. We have no trouble in dealing with each other’s ego’s.

I would like to know the whole process of creating a new album and writing songs. 

Actually it all started out when Mike asked me if I had some time to do a project; to write a couple of songs and find some people to record the songs with. I didn’t have much time available, jet we managed to write 4 complete songs and we had more songs in the pipeline. It was time to complete the line-up. Then with Michel and Eric we finished the 4 songs and arranged the rest of the songs.

You do everything by yourself. You composed the album, made the cover and published it. Have you thought about searching for a label to help you with promotion, and to be more known among fans?

We have tried to get a label, but it all took a long time negotiating with these labels. After a while, the CD was ready and we still didn’t find a label to suit Neocaesar. That’s when we didn’t want to wait any longer and decided to publish the album ourselves. By now, we are pleased to have signed a deal with XTREEM records from Spain. They will release the album 11:11 on December 5th. 

How did the first original idea of founding NEOCAESAR happened? I know that you met and know yourself from other bands (for example from SINISTER) but I would like to know the first idea, the impulse, and the source of founding the band. I do not know why but I think that it must have been some small pub in Holland, good beer…and you who started to talk to each other about founding a band after a few beers. :)

The actual ideas existed for a longer period already, like you say. It must have been like 10 years ago. A little while after meeting Mike again, ending about a decade of no contact, we were getting drunk at Michel’s place. Actually we were partying with Mike, Michel, Rachel and me. We noticed that we were almost the old Sinister line-up and thought we should start a band that is the real Sinister. It was a drunk night’s talk. Just in 2013 Mike seriously asked me to start a new band together.

Who is the author of your lyrics on 11:11 and what are the lyrics about? Where do you find inspiration for the topics?

Mike is responsible for all the lyrics, I’m gonna ask Mike to answer this:

(Mike) The inspiration for my lyrics I get out off everyday life, things I read when I search answers from the unknown, visions and occult texts. The lyrics I write are stories which can create awareness. Sometimes you must stop and observe what is happening around you. The small things but also the bigger picture. Lots of things are hidden from us due to religion or just to keep the people stupid to follow. Others got lost in time. It’s a very large puzzle with very small pieces. For me the way to get those pieces is to scour the internet, YouTube and books.

Who did the cover for 11:11? I really like it. How did you choose the motive?

Mike had the idea for making our own seal, he really thought it through. The art stands for controlling of power and chaos. In the seal, there’s all a different representation of chaos. Put them together and it creates an amazing power. The cover seal is a creation from ancient times. This can not be wheeled by one, but only through unity. As it wheels power of creation, forces of chaos and ancient visions. Neocaesar is an unity, an entry and the rise. The lyrics form an alignment with the seal and are tales to get more awareness of the powers. Some of visions which could have been, others from a dark past and others will be a momentum in the future. 

The sound of this album is great. It is dark, dense and sharp at the same time. In which studio did you record the album? Were you able to have any comments as a band about the final sound and mastering?

Thanks Jakub, we will take that as a compliment, as we did all recordings ourselves. We didn’t go into a studio at all. We recorded the drums ourselves in a couple of days in a small rehearsal room of a friend of mine. The guitars/bass/vocals were done at my place, in a small spare room that I have. With some tips of acquaintances I managed to do all mixing and mastering myself at home. The old-school sound is what we aimed for.

Today, you are more like veterans. When you compare your beginnings and the present, do you think the time has changed? I mean the attitude of fans, labels, promoters, and so on. I often hear that “it is not the same as it used to be”. What do you think?

Hahaha, funny that you say so. On our last Check mini-tour I noticed that we generally still have the same audience as 25 years ago. Only now they’re 25 years older, as are we. I enjoy meeting every single person that I get to talk or hang out with and have a few good laughs with. About the labels, promoters and so on; of course it has changed. It would be creepy if everything was still the same as it was…

Nowadays, many people download music online and they only use its digital form. How do you fell about this issue? I would like to know your musician´s opinion. 

It’s an evolution you cannot stop. It gets harder for small bands to make a CD, as it will only sell a few CD’s. It’s natural progress and we accept it and deal with it.

In October, you had a tour with Czech band HYPNOS around the Czech Republic and Slovakia. I saw you perform in České Budějovice and I have to say that your performance was excellent! The concert was like from the 90s! How did you enjoyed the concert? What do you think about Czech fans? 

I had a blast! Playing live is what we do it all for. We had a great time and all people we met were awesome and friendly. You too Jakub, we had a few good laughs at the bar didn’t we?

When I look on the Dutch death metal scene, I feel that it is really great. A lot of great bands, magazines, labels. But that is how I see that as a Czech person. How is the real death metal scene in Holland?

We have a good scene. Plenty of opportunity to see bands live, and we have a lot of festivals. I am glad to live in Holland.

What are NEOCAESAR´s plans for the next few months?

Especially play shows and look for more shows. Beginning 2018 we will start with writing new songs.

Thank you so much for the interview and I wish you a lot of sold CDs, hundreds of crazy fans and tons of great ideas.

Thanks Jakub, for the good wishes. Thanks for the support to the scene, you rock!

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