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Interview - THE CROWN - Let the cobra bite you!

Interview with legendary thrash/melodic death metal band from Sweden - THE CROWN.

Answered Magnus.

Translated by Duzl, thank you!

Ave THE CROWN! If I had to nominate a metal album of this year, which I totally be wiped from the surface of the earth, without hesitation, I said your news "Cobra Venom Speed". I just cannot listen to it in the car, it makes me keep on accelerating. The police have stopped me once. How satisfied are you with the album? What about fans, reviews? 

He he! The venom of the Cobra speed is upon you, forcing you to accelerate through all limitations! We are Very satisfied! And the reception we have had with feedback from fans and reviews have been totally outstanding! 

The novel has unreal pressure. This is greatly helped by your new drummer, Henrik Axelsson. How did you choose him? How did he fit into the band? All I know about him is that he is playing in IMPLODE. Could you introduce him more? 

Well as you can hear he can really play the drums in a most brutal way! This is perfect for us. We needed a fantastic drummer after Janne had left us and Marko knew Henrik after having had a studio where he produced Implode, so Marko knew that Henrik was a great drummer and also that his personality would fit in The Crown. Also Henrik liked our music since before, he even had a drummer You Tube channel where he had done a cover of Crowned in Terror. He is younger than us old dogs and provided an injection of fresh Blood to put our energy level up a level. 

The artwork is also perfect on the album. The cover from Christian Sloan Hall is really interesting and memorable. I just wondered for a long time – what’s the meaning? By the name of the album, I would rather wait for a snake. How did you get together with Christian and why did you choose him? From how many ideas did you pick? 

It depicts the future as a fast rising threatening tidal wave of horror from which none can escape. It is a fantasy but I believe the facts are real. The world shall drown in all sorts of horror. And the us its Victims will drown or transform into destroying demons ourselves. It is also depicted in sundown, in the last light before Darkness. It is Very apocalyptic which fits the music and the lyrics of the album as well. You can say it is a sort of a snake in a symbolic way, poisonous and decieving like the serpent in the garden of eden, bringing the fall of man. I had the idea from watching waves crash in the ocean in Italy. I have been a fan of Christian Sloan Hall since many years and we were actually in contact after Deathrace King and he is a fan of the band as well. So I figured that he was the Perfect man to make our album art. He was Very inspired and really put a lot of energy and work into making this piece, almost going crazy with all the details. He wanted to make an artwork that you could stare on for hours while listening to the music, always finding new stuff. 

I admit that the album has a devastating effect on me. I still have to add volume. You were installed in the Fredman studio in Sweden. After years you've changed the studio. Why? Do you want to sound different? I think you did it very well, the result is great! 

Thank you! The production of Studio Fredman is the best for us I believe. And we always want the best sound so it was an easy choice. We wanted to Keep it real in the studio No cheating or editing so we did record it pretty fast and straight to the point. That suits us fine, cut the crap and lets get it on! 

If I ever heard any criticism of "Cobra Speed Venom", it was the length of the album. Personally, I do not think so, but people are confused today and criticize everything. But, what is your opinion? With the bonus, the album is an hour long. That's quite long in today's busy times. 

Yeah the actual album us 10 songs and 47 minutes so that is actually standard. We had 13 songs But the record label wanted it to fit on a vinyl so 2 songs were chosen as bonus tracks for special edition cd and 1 track as a B side for the single 7”. We could not chose the tracks to omit from the album ourselves because we are too close with them, so the label chose the 10 tracks which constitutes the actual album. But all 13 songs were given the same amount of work and dedication on our part. If you like it great! If you want the short standard format you can have that as well. 

Magnus, Marko, and Johan are at THE CROWN since its inception. It's really a long time on the band. Does the same chemistry work between you as on the beginning? According to the last records, it looks like yes, but I still have to ask, how often do you argue?Because everyone has a personality, a musician who has his own ideas. 

We get along fine, of course there can be arguments and discussions but that is nothing bad. You need that as well. Of course we have different personalities but that adds to the whole and everyone has an important part in the big picture. 

At THE CROWN, I have always liked the melodic death metal playing by you sounds differently, in my own. Your music has a lot of thrash, but most of all that hardly described rock'n'roll feeling. I know it will be a difficult question, but how did you achieve that? Having your own trademark and way of expression is perhaps the most important thing in the metal music. 

We have achieved our sound from years and years of listening and making music. It has all these parts you mentioned, the Death Metal, the Thrash, the melodies, the Rock n roll feeling and it seems to work best when all that is combined. When you do something you have a passion for it can affect others as Well. We try to make the music we want to hear ourselves. 

I always like to look at the bands „composing kitchen“. How does the CROWN work and create a new songs? Does your music arise together or is there a "chief boss"? Please tell us the way how the new album was created. 

Well the songwriter is the chief boss of the song he has written. And 3 of us write music and 4 of us write lyrics. But when rehearsing a new song everyone in the band bring their own ideas and spices to the track. It makes it come alive as band. This album was rehearsed a lot in the old school way we used to make stuff before and the process in the rehearsal room is an important part of the songwriting that should not be underestimated. Very important! 

"Speed Cobra Venom" album is also interesting because of the lyrics. Some refrains are so sharp that they cut straight into my brain. I have to keep repeating them (or I'm trying to sing them, but I cannot really do it). Who is signed by them, what are they about and where did you find inspiration? 

Lyrics were written by 4 of us and they deal mostly as I mentioned before about Death, apocalyptic themes and the fall of man, but in different aspects. Inspiration comes from everything, fantasy, reality, books, music, movies, literature, art, etc. You know If the words sound Good. Nothing too complicated. Simple things can often be better. 

I bought your new CD and T-shirt and now I just need a concert. If I saw well, you are not going to play in the Czech Republic. How do you have it with live performances? You do not play too many concerts. What about a tour over Europe? Will there be some? 

Well we have unfortunately never been a band that draws big live audiences, we seem to have a small but dedicated following. So doing Big long tours like the Big popular bands is just not possible financially. We still play shows, mini tours, power weekends and festivals. But we are not on the level to have our own crew or manager or any of that Fancy stuff so it is usually a lot of work and stress to make it happen. But we still love doing live shows and kick some ass and having a Good time. We played Czech republic last year, on the Brutal Assault festival. 

Thank you very much for the interview. I am sending a greeting to Sweden and I wish you a lot of good ideas. All good to whatever you do in your personal life. THE CROWN rules! 

Thanks for the interview and your support! Those words mean a log to us! Stay Cobra!!!


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