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A few questions - interview with satanic thrash band from Germany - INSULTER.

A few questions - interview with satanic thrash metal band from Germany - INSULTER.

Answered by: Alcoholic Patrolator and Michi von Einst 

Ave, can you introduce your band to our readers? – When was it founded and what style of music do you play etc.? 

Insulter is a three-piece band from Friedrichsdorf / Germany. The band members are: Alcoholic Patrolator (Voice / Guitar), Michi von Einst (Bass) and Infernal Firedemon (Drums). This line-up is now active since december 2016. The Band was founded in 2006 but at the Beginning we had a lot of Lineup changes. Since 2010 we have a constant Lineup except of our ex-singer Unholy Masochist who left the band in december 2016 due to personal reasons. We don’t think Insulter fits in a specific metal category. We call our style „satanic thrash metal“, mainly it‘s a mix of thrash and black metal. 

Where and under what conditions were you recording the new album? Who was in charge of sound, production and mastering? 

We decided to record our new record in the same studio (Masterklang) as the „Crypts of satan“ album, and the „Thrashing hell“ demo before. We had very good experiences to work with Roland (the engineer and producer) and the atmosphere was and is very relaxed all the time. 

How many copies were released and which medium was used for this new edition (CD, digital, vinyl, cassette)? 

For the moment the album is only available in digital and CD format. The regular CD is available at the witches brew web-shop. We offer 2 different special editions. One version is the so-called „Band-Edition“. It’s limited to 200 pcs and comes with a signed and handnumbered inlay card. The 2nd special edition is the so-called „Drink-hard Editon“. It’s limited to 30 pcs and inludes the „Band-Edition“ CD + 1 bottle of Satanic Bier. Both of the special editions are only available at our web-shop and our shows. 

Who is the author of the lyrics and how were they created and about what do the lyrics deal with? 

Some of the Lyrics belong to our former singer Unholy Masochist. He understood his voice and the lyrics as an instrument and dind´t creat Lrics with special thoughtfulness. His lyrics mostly deal with Satan, perversion and stuff like that. Since he left I started to write them. I also see the vocals as an instrument. Anyway I created lyrcis I try to tell a story with. For example „into battle“ is about the thoughts and emotions that you experience before a battle or something like this. „Into battle II: Misanthropic death“ is about the thoughts and emotions afterwards. Now our Bassist Michi von Einst also writes lyrics sometimes. 

Who created the logo of the band, and who took care of the graphics and the website? What about you and social networks? Do you consider these things important? 

The logo was created by the famous Christophe Szpajdel who is best known as the creator of a lot of logos for famous metal bands. We run our web-shop and our facebook page completely by ourselves. Mostly our bass player Michi takes care of these things. The cover of our new album was drawn by a very close friend of the band. It’s very special and personal for us. We didn’t influence anything about the artwork. He came up with the artwork one day and we’re totally stoked and nothing had to be changed. He is also responsible for the baphomet graphic of our latest „The Misanthrope“ shirt. 

We think especially Facebook is the most popular and easiest way to communicate, update and release news and informations about gigs, releases etc. We also have a you tube channel available on which we release clips of shows, rehearsals and other stuff. During the last few years a group of a very loyal and close fan base has formed and these guys support us on every local gig. One of these guys really wears a Insulter tattoo on his right forearm. We have never expected someone will ever doing this, and this tattoo really is big. Just crazy. 

Which label did you choose for releasing your album and why this label? Are you satisfied by how your label represents you and takés care about you? 

„The Misanthrope“ was released by Witches Brew who also released the „Crypts of satan“ album. The label is run by Cheryl. Unfortunately she was forced to close the label a few month ago due to personal reasons so „The Misanthrope“ was one of the last witches brew releases. Currently we have no label. 

Which bands do you idolise and where do you get your inspiration? 

We don’t copy any bands but surely our influences are clearly to hear. People often compare us with bands like Desaster, Witchburner, old Kreator etc. It’s in honor for us but when we start with song-writing, we don’t „plan“ to sound like any other band. Mostly a new Insulter song starts with a simple riff but it’s never predictable where the journey goes. 

Did you send your record to some Labels - which are the labels? How was the response? 

We actually started to send our record to different magazines etc.. After that we will send it to different Labels. By now we only had positive response. 

How many gigs have you played? Which type of gigs do you prefer, whether it's (clubs or festivals) and which of your performances would you consider as the best? 

By now we played around 30 shows in germany and parts of europe. We don’t prefer festivals or club shows. Each location has it’s own charm. Club shows are a little more relaxed and it’s not that important if a show starts 5 or 10 min. later. Festivals are more pressed for time. We really had a lot of fun at every singly show we played. Our favorite show by now was when we played Malta for the first time (2013). The audience totally freaked out and climbed the stage during our last song of the set. There’s a video available on our you tube channel, haha. We can’t wait to come back to Malta in august for the 3rd time. 

What about your plans for the future? What do you want to achieve with the band? 

In August 2017 we signed a contract with etrurian legion promotion and are just about to do our very first tour in may with 6 shows in france and italy which is organized by them. Afterwards we have some other shows confirmed for this year in Germany, Malta and the Czech Republik. At the moment we are again in song-writing mode but there is no actual plan for an upcoming release. We hope to find a new label to release new stuff in the future and to play more gigs too. Insulter achieved more than we ever expected and we are impressed about all the positive response and support we’ve got so far. 

How and where can your fans contact you? Can you provide some contact information? 

The easiest way is to write us a message on our facebook page or write an email to 

Thanx for the interview. 

Thank you!..... and hail the cult!

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