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Interview - MALEVOLENT CREATION - I prefer classic Death Metal.

Interview with legendary death metal band MALEVOLENT CREATION.

Answered Phil Fasciana, thank you!

Questions prepared and translated by Duzl, thank you!

Recenze/review - MALEVOLENT CREATION - The 13th Beast (2019):

Hi Phil!

How all things going in base camp of Malevolent Creation?

Right now we are trying to put together tours around the world to make up for some lost time.We are confirmed for a headlining tour in Europe in September with Cryptopsy and 2 opening acts to be announced.At the moment we are working on central america,USA and some other foreign countries as well as some festivals we have just been offered.

At the end of January, you released your thirteenth album, entitled "The 13th Beast," behind is undoubtedly a lot of hard work, not only for the complete change of the lineup in band, but also for the circumstances that made it happen. Unfortunately I mean the death of your singer Bret, I know that you were really close friends, so how much this situation influenced you in the creation of the new material, was creation process of that album kind of way how to deal with everything and can we say that this album is tribute to Bret?

The thought of recording a new album without Bret did not sit well with me until i got in touch with our new vocalist/guitarist Lee.Our drummer Phil and Bassist Josh are very good friends of mine and are well known in the metal community so that was an easy choice for me because i really wanted to work with them.At first i was considering changing the the name of the band to Envenomed and keep playing MC material and record a new album,but when Bret told me he had cancer and it was really bad and that there was no way he would be able to record anything with us i was pretty messed up.But he told me to continue with MC and to get the best musicians i could find and do the best album possible.So that made me feel a lot better but after Bret passed away right before we started to record the new album it was very hard for me to keep my head on straight and couldn't believe i lost my best friend and musical partner for over 30 years.It was tough but my new members helped me get through this and we really created an album that i believe is very special and that Bret would be proud of.I just can't believe he is gone and i will never speak to him again.But i will do my best to keep his legacy alive because he was one of the best vocalists and friends anyone could ever have.Me and Bret were friends since we were 10 years old so it was very hard for me to believe this was actually happening.R.I.P. Bret my brother!!!!

Can you tell me something about the whole process of creating new material? Were there any problems or disagreements that you had to overcome because of the new lineup?

Luckily all the new members were big fans of MC and we started exchanging music by internet and making demo's by ourselves and together and wrote the album very quickly.I am very lucky to have these guys in my band because they are 100% committed to the band and are all great song writers as well as musicians.I haven't had a line uo this great ever.

How did you actually pick up the new lineup, did you had some special conditions?

I already knew our bassist Josh and drummer Phil and knew i wanted them in the band and they joined.Lee was the missing link that completed everything with his crushing vocals and music contributions.After i heard lee playing MC songs as well as his own songs i knew he was the perfect choice.We continued to write songs and eventually got together in Florida and recorded the album.Then it was sent to Dan Swano for mixing and mastering.

Do you personally like going into the studio to record music? What is the best part of doing it and also the worst thing or the most pain in the ass thing about it?

I love going into the studio to record because that is when even better ideas come to putting the songs together.The only bad thing about recording the album was that it was over 100 degrees here in Florida during August and even in a huge studio(SBS Recording studio) the heat was unreal.We all probably lost 15 pounds from all the sweat.It was that hot outside that even a huge studio with a massive air conditioning unit wasn't enough for us but we got through it.It gets hot as hell down here in south florida during august!!!!


Do you ever have some conflict with producers because different vision of something?

Not with Dan Swano!!! He has mixed and mastered our last 2 albums and did a great job.I love working with him.

The album is straightforward, you keep your style - classic death metal, is fast, simple, no experiments, I find that it goes in the footsteps of your work around year 2000, and despite the indisputable brutality that is put into the album after several times listening to the whole album it seems that much brutality make it a bit monotonous. You will probably not share my opinion, so I will ask how satisfied you are with the result, and how do you perceive the album on the basis of fans and metal media reactions so far?

It is definitely brutal and we didn't want to change our style because of new members.We have 6 bonus tracks that haven't been released yet so when people hear them they will hear some serious differences.We like to be labelled as a brutal Death Metal band and if people don't like it they don't have to buy it.

Didn't you worry how Lee would grab lyrics to fit for Malevolent Creation?

No,because he was such a big MC fan and knew that our lyrics were about reality and not fantasy that he was perfect for the job.

Let’s go to the past. You've formed a Florida death metal scene in the begging, but as a music lover, especially Death Metal, tell me which bands you consider to be the pillars of your growth as a musician. Those who have influenced your mind and motivated you to be what you are today?

I would have to say as the main song writer for the last 30 + years for MC i still hold my influences like Dark Angel,Slayer,Destruction,Morbid Saint,Kreator,Sodom and a few more old school bands as my main influences.I just like to play a lot faster.

What do you feel are the most overrated forms of the metal nowadays and why do you think they are overrated?

I don't really listen to any new bands because they are usually to polished and technical and it does nothing for me.I prefer classic Death Metal and extreme thrash over most new bands.I'm sorry but that's the way i look at things.

You are basically a veteran of the death metal scene when you look back at your beginnings and compare it to today's times, do you think the scene has become a closed matter and puts its limits, or do you still see space for development?

I think the death metal scene is way different then when we started in 1987 and has a lost a lot of that raw energy that bands from the late 80's and early 90's put out.There are to many catagories these days.

What is a craziest thing you ever saw at your show?

That's a hard question to ask after playing live for 32 years but i would have to say when we played down here in S.Florida with some skinhead bands a lot of fights broke out and at one show a young kid got his whole top lip bit off while we were playing and after the show i met the kid and felt so bad that he was going to be fucked up looking for the rest of his life i gave him everything we had for sale at our merchandise stand for free and said i was so sorry this happened to you and he just laughed and said it was worth it seeing you guys live.

What are the closest plans for Malevolent Creation? Can we look forward to a tour with stop in Czech Republic?

September looks like when we will be back in Czech.Keep your eyes open on our facebook page for all the tour dates -

You played several times in the Czech Republic, whether at festivals or club events, do you have some unforgettable story from the Czech Republic and how do you perceive the Czech Death Metal scene and its fans?

I love it there and have many friends there so i always look forward to playing Czech Republic!!!!!

Thank you for your time and answers! I really appreciate it and I wish you a lot of success on the metal scene at home and abroad, hopefully see you soon on some gig and the last words are yours… !

I will see you in September and we will have a few drinks my friend!!!!!

Phil Fasciana// Malevolent Creation

Recenze/review - MALEVOLENT CREATION - The 13th Beast (2019):

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