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Interview - PROFANATION - Death metal is all about the energy and interaction with the audience.

Interview with death metal band from Germany - PROFANATION. 

Answered Anton, thank you!

Translated by Duzl, thank you!

Questions prepared Jakub Asphyx.

Ave PROFANATION! Hello to Germany, I hope you have a great time! You should, because after eight years you release a new album "Into Cascades of Blood and Burning Soil". I Have to ask why such a long time between records? Wasn't there time, money, energy? 

Hey Jakub, thanks for caring, haha. You’re absolutely right, we’re really excited about our new release at the moment. When I think back there’s a lot of wasted time that made it take so long. To answer your question, I’d say that there were two things that caused the delay. First one being the release of the previous album “Contorted Bodies in Pain” on Mad Lion Records – we were fuckin’ proud of that and full of energy to get things going. But shortly after the release, Twilight Distribution went insolvent and so there was no worldwide availability we so hoped for. Przemek (Mad Lion owner) organized some really cool gigs in Poland and the Czech Republic in the beginning and that was it. Some people in Germany didn’t even get to know we had a new album out – had an interview lately where I was asked what happened after our 2007 release, haha. So somehow we lost momentum here very soon and additional to that, our 2nd guitar mangler Chris decided to leave the band end of 2014 to focus on his band Saprobiontic. That forced us to seek a replacement and the first on, Max, played some gigs with us but didn’t really fit. So Vincent came in 2 and a half years ago. He’s got the right old school feeling and is musically better educated than the rest of the band. Also quite young, he could be our son, haha. So Profanation is gaining new energy at the moment by capturing the youth. Our new singer Flo is only 17 and still at school. So with that new load, the next album should be ready a bit sooner. 

According to the samples "Into Cascades of Blood and Burning Soil" sounds as a lot of killer material. Please tell us how the album was created and how the changes in the line-up influenced everything? . Who and how does compose music? And who has the ultimate final word? 

Thanks, man, feels great to hear that from you. We’re also extremely pleased with our new stuff. I’d say the line-up changes, especially Vincent brought some old school vibe in and we also had time to really let the songs grow. Over the years there were numerous changes to the arrangements and this time we decided to really let the parts “breathe” and don’t let the song get lost in too fast changes. So they all are more that 5 minutes long – we’re now an progressive band. 

Like in the past, most ideas are worked out by Alex (riffs) and Luxl (drumparts) and Vincent brought in new ideas and the guitarwork on the new album got a lot more diverse. In the end we all work out the songs in our rehearsal space and decide together, what arrangement is best. 

I haven't heard the whole album yet, but the samples are literally massacre. Now I mean the sound. Who mixed the album and who is signed under the mastering? 

All was done by Jörg Uken at Soundlodge Studio Rhauderfehn. Like on our previous album he did an outstanding job. Working with him is very relaxed and his experience absolutely helps to make an perfect sounding death metal album. 

The first thing that hits everyone's eyes and what is the first contact with the new album is the cover. It was created by Rudi Yanto from Indonesia. How did you get together with him and why you chose him? And what does the motive actually express? Pope with Jesus, naked girl in front of them, and everything around is in fire. Is it an apocalypse? Or am I wrong? 

Right, Alex came in touch with Rudi as he liked his art and hired him to do the cover art. Most conversation was done on facebook, so praise modern times, haha. I agree that it turned out absolutely stunning. Rudi also showed a lot of patience, as we worked for hours on the design – booklet and so on – and it took loads of messages to finish. 

The cover as a whole, I agree that it has a huge apocalyptic touch which comforts the overall content of the album perfectly and sums it up. To give you my thoughts on it: metaphorically speaking it reflects the state of the world. Maybe seeming a bit over-the-top, but you have the victim – world in general, nature, human kind – being sacrificed by the church/ religion, corporations, the quiet mass around, looking zombiefied. I also think that it’s quite provocative here, that Jesus is holding the blade as he’s always used as a symbol of love, peace and harmony, but still a lot of perverted deeds are/ were done in his name. 

On previous albums, you were dealing with death, violence, bloody rituals in your lyrics. What are the lyrics about on"Into Cascades of Blood and Burning Soil"? And who is their author? 

If you sum it up, it did not change that much. On the new album there’s a lot of religious symbolism. Only “Der Gemütliche” and “Butcher’s Joy” are our typically weird horror stories. The other lyrics don’t have a bigger concept, as on this album we have 5 different writers, still they connect. To go song by song, “Incantation” starts it all, drawing the listener into the album and the apocalyptic scenario. Titletrack is my take on todays climate change hysteria, comparing it to the religious fanatism of the past. You make the people fear a certain thing – this time flooding of cities, melting poles, natural disasters – and give them a solution where they don’t need to change their lifestyle, but pay for absolution. When you fly you can spend an amount that you fly “green” for example. With Greta (the climate activist from Stockholm) now this movement even creates martyrs for the greater good. 

“Seed of evil”, “Bloodbath in heaven” and “Unholy brutality unleashed” all were written by our friend Matze and deal with those apocalyptic images. “Silent God” by Vincent is more of a short story about some fanatic religious community. Alex also contributed “The Prophecy” with his visions of the end and Jeff wrote another critical song about religion with “A Place to Pray-Ablaze for Prey”. 

You played at NTEY Winter fest in Děčín last December. How did you like it and how did you enjoy the concert? My friend took pictures of you and was so excited to buy a shirt. What about PROFANATION and concerts? Do you like to play live? Do you prefer festivals or small club concerts? 

Have to say it was just awesome. Vladi from Fleshless invited us to fill in for another band and it was just amazing to see the crowds reaction to our stuff. I think, everyone a had a great time. We absolutely love to play live, as death metal is all about the energy and interaction with the audience. You can’t capture that on album. Would be great to play more shows but we all have to reserve time for families, studies, it can be hard to fit that all in. It doesn’t matter if we play a festival or a club, we always push our energy to the max, haha. 

You have been on the scene since 1997. You began to perceive music at the same time as I did. How do you perceive the changes that are happening? In the past, letters had to be written, tapes were re-recorded, today we have the internet, the young people are listening to a completely different music. Downloading mp3s, I personally find everything superficial and faster. How do they perceive these changes PROFANATION and how did you have to face this changes as a band? 

I often think about that and the main thing is, we should have used the new possibilities a bit earlier, haha. Back in the day there were a lot more possibilities and free time for us to play gigs. Letters and tapes already were a bit dated when we entered the circus with our first album. 

In preparation of our new album we added our discography to bandcamp, spotify, whatever...and I got our social media game going. Being more active here earlier might have been useful. But nevermind, we’re here now and it just feels great to receive reactions towards our new songs from all around the globe. And there’s also young people that listen to stuff like ours, look at our guitarman Vincent. Music scene just develops and it would be strange, when today’s youth would listen to the same stuff like we did when we were that age. 

Underground and death metal in particular is a lot about support, about friendship. Personally, I see the German scene as big, strong, with lots of great bands. Is that really true? Do people really go to concerts, support and buy physical media, shirts? Are the concerts visited by many people? 

Would say so, yes. Speaking of social media and the internet, the scene ca be seen as a worldwide connected pool of true enthusiasts. Thinking of the german scene, it absolutely has a lot of talented and diverse bands in the death metal scene lately. Feels like there is a new wave of german death metal beside the fact that most of these are around for a while now. Maybe all took their time to mature like a good wine, haha. 

Talking of underground gigs, it always depends but the scene is strong and there’s many gigs happening. Audience might be small sometimes but those who show up really support the bands.

Thanks to death metal I met a lot of great people. Rough music and open hearts. What does death metal mean to you and how do you perceive it? If you were to define this style, what would you say? 

Will start with the style definition, as to us, death metal has to be filled with energy, headbanging grooves and some creepy melodies. Best digested in a live concert. Speaking of the scene, there’s really a lot of great people supporting each other and the bands they like. It’s a good thing to have an outlet in this music to cope with a lot of negative things in life. 

What are plans for PROFANATION which coming soon? Can we look forward to seeing you in the Czech Republic? Aren't you going to plan some tour with a new album? 

I assure you that we definitely come back to the Czech Republic, you have an awesome death metal scene and we had great experiences at our gigs in Decin an Liberec. Can’t say if we will play a whole tour at the moment, but some weekenders for sure. 

Are there any albums that have interested you lately? 

Sure, as there’s a lot of great stuff coming out. To name a few bands that released great albums lately: 1914, Equipoise, Fleshless, Nahum, Bleeding Utopia, Dream Theater, Overkill, Misery Index, Deceased, Create a Kill... 

Do you know some bands from Czech Republic? 

For sure, we have a really great connection with Vladi and Fleshless and thanks to him we had some really good gigs in the Czech Republic. Other great bands are Nahum, Pikodeath, Tortharry, Malignant Tumour, among others. Also thinking back on the awesome Krabathor albums back in the day. 

Thank you very much for the interview. I wish to the new album good sales and to you personally only all the best. I'll be looking forward to some of your gigs! 

Have to thank you, Jakub for this really well prepared interview. Absolutely loved the questions. Cheerz to everyone in the Czech Republic and all the people supporting the underground and Deadly Storm Zine.


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