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Interview - CRUEL FATE - It might sound cliché, but for me death metal is about feel and emotion rather than technicality or prowess.

Interview with death metal band from Canada - CRUEL FATE.

Answered Claude, thank you!

Translated by Duzl, thank you!

Questions prepared Jakub Asphyx.

Recenze/review - CRUEL FATE - A Quaternary of Decrepit Night Mares (2019):

Ave CRUEL FATE! I haven’t found any interview in the Czech language with you, yet. So please, first introduce the band to our readers who don’t know you. You could start from the early beginnings and describe the whole CRUEL FATE history. 

Hi Jakub! Thanks for reaching out, it is greatly appreciated. It’s our first interview ever. Cruel Fate started in 2014 when I (Claudio – rhythm guitars) met Jon, our original vocalist. Simon came along soon after. 

In 2015, we released our first demo and had a great debut concert with Canadian grindcore band Fuck the Facts (who have played Czech Republic). After a couple of shows, half the band had to step down for family obligations. We went on hiatus for a while. 

Forward to 2017, our current vocalist Yolin, which I had known since the mid 2000's (we had a death metal band together back then), told me he was ready to join a band as vocalist. It was the second incarnation of Cruel Fate. 

Soon after we signed with PRC Music, and aligned our current 5 piece line-up : Simon, Carlos, Yolin, Jean and I.

I’m just listening to your new record „„A Quaternary of Decrepit Night Mares“ and I feel like as if I am closed in some tomb together with JUNGLE ROT, BOLT THROWER, MEMORIAM, BODYFARM, GRAVE, ASPHYX. The record has a great dark sound. Where did you record it and how satisfied you are with it? Did you have the "last word" concerning the resulting sound? 

The album was recorded by Topon Das from Fuck the Facts at Apartment 2 Recordings in Ottawa, Canada. Topon is a pro, has extensive knowledge of extreme music and an ear for everything old school death. He knew what we were going after before we even entered the studio. We are very satisfied with the results!

How was the new material for album „„A Quaternary of Decrepit Night Mares“ created? How exactly CRUEL FATE writes the music? 

When I started Cruel Fate, the idea was to pay homage to the bands I listened to in the early 90’s: Bolt Thrower, Amorphis, Benediction, Grave, Winter, Unleashed, Incantation and even Cathedral to name a few. I started playing guitar in 1992 looking up to those bands, so thats why Cruel Fate’s sound is so much rooted in this era. For the album and the demo, we just wrote everything in the rehearsal room, trying ideas, patterns, beats and so on. Everybody adds their bit, then we do a preproduction before hitting the studio.

A Quaternary of Decrepit Night Mares“ has dark cover art. Who is an author? I really like his work. How did you actually choose the idea of the cover and what exactly illustrates? 

The artwork is a low-relief carving from Spain that goes back to the Middle Ages, manipulated digitally by AM Dumouchel, a renowned Canadian visual artist. The rest of the booklet are drawings from a 16th century anatomist, Carlo Ruini.The cover and artwork were aptly chosen after the album title and first song, which we’ll talk more about in the next question. 

Could you reveal us who is an author of the lyrics and what is their background? Where did you take inspiration for certain topics? 

All lyrics are written by our original vocalist Jon, who still has a significant role in the band. The song A Quaternary of Decrepit Night Mares is inspired by the story of a henchman with a questionable execution method. Instead of hitching reliable cart horses to do a clean job, the man purposely used older, out-of-shape animals to inflict suffering on the condemned.

You play music as old as death metal itself. How do you perceive new directions in the death metal? I mean mixing with death core or technical death metal? Do you have any favourite bands in “modern metal”? 

On a personal level I’m quite happy when I see rising bands like Gatecreeper or Tomb Mold get more and more credit and exposure. I dont know much about death core or technical modern metal, but for Cruel Fate it’s always been about atmosphere and minimalism. 

What about CRUEL FATE and concerts? Do you play a lot? Are you going on tour or you are choosing only bigger festivals? And what about touring over Europe? 

We have our record release with our labelmates Torturer and Chadhel in late February, and in April we are playing one show with Napalm Death on their North American tour. We dont do long tours, since most of the band members are married with children. We would love to play in Eastern Europe though!

Can you recommend some new albums, which impressed you at the latest time? 

I would recommend Necrovortex by Outre-Tombe, great old school death like early Bolt Thrower. 

Do you know and listen to some metal bands from the Czech Republic? 

I remember Dark Storm, a great black metal band from the 90’s. Does Ivan Mladek count? 

We are slowly approaching the end of the interview so I would like to ask one more philosophical question. How would you define the death metal style? What represents this music for you and why did you choose exactly this genre? 

It might sound cliché, but for me death metal is about feel and emotion rather than technicality or prowess. It’s from the heart really. The energy, the vibe, the visuals just stuck with me as a teenager until now, 30 years later. Now I get the best of both sides, as a fan and as a performer. In the end, Cruel Fate will never been about popularity or being cool, we just want to carry the torch while we still can. 

What CRUEL FATE is planning for the next few months? 

We will be playing select shows in Ontario and Québec to support our new album. 

Thank you for the interview and I wish you a lot of sold CDs, hundreds of crazy fans and tons of great ideas. 

Dekuji, mighty metal warrior! Thanks for the interview and kind words. It means a lot to us. Hail to all our new fans in the Czech Republic.

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