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A few questions - interview with death metal band from Finland - WRETCHED PATH.

A few questions - interview with death metal band from Finland - WRETCHED PATH.

Ave, can you introduce your band to our readers? – When was it founded and what style of music do you play etc.?

The story of Wretched Path began in 2019 when Teemu and Esa were talking to make some music together again after several years being in different bands. They started to make some songs and soon it was very clear for both of them that the songs are so good that they need to form a real band to perform these songs properly in the way they deserved to be played. Soon after came the other guys and Wretched Path was born, featuring members from Pestigore, Tukkanuotta, Born of Thorns, Daniel Lioneye, Godsplague. Music style could be descipted as Death metal songs heavily influenced by genre´s music from the 1990´s, but also with some more modern little twists.

Where and under what conditions were you recording the new album? Who was in charge of sound, production and mastering?

We recorded the album by our self´s at our own facility´s and we did everything on our own except Mixing and Mastering were done by very talented young guy from Finland called Jussi Riikonen.

How many copies were released and which medium was used for this new edition (CD, digital, vinyl, cassette)?

We made really small patch of CD´s mainly to sell by our selfs at shows. So at this point this is mainly a digital release as we are still looking for the perfect partner for us, to release this record globaly and of course for the next one´s to come

Who is the author of the lyrics and how were they created and about what do the lyrics deal with?

Lyrics are done by me (Esa Salminen), ideas for these lyrics come for all sorts of different places, of what you here and see in your every day life and in this case also from Finish history. There is not one theme to go along with the lyrics, but I guess one thing that combiine´s these song is Death in general.

Who created the logo of the band, and who took care of the graphics and the website? What about you and social networks? Do you consider these things important?

Logo is done by Kimmo Hyvönen. Cover art was created by Saila Leskinen and the Layout by Karri Rämö. Also there is Icons done for each song and those are made by Sami Rouhiainen. Website is done by Karri Rämö. Album cover was very important for us to get it to match the music and our ideas. Social networks are important these days, unfortunately we are not that good with that, but we are trying to learn and hopefully can find some good partner for this mater too.

Which label did you choose for releasing your album and why this label? Are you satisfied by how your label represents you and takés care about you?

For now the album is released by us.

Which bands do you idolise and where do you get your inspiration?

All of us have been in several bands before and all of our music taste is very broad with alot of music from different genre´s so it is impossible for me to say who we would idolize. Insipiration for the musinc comes pretty much from the same thing´s than for the lyrics, from our every day lives.

Did you send your record to some Labels - which are the labels? How was the response?

Yes we have sent the record to many different labels and currently are in discusssions with few of them. Response has been great.

How many gigs have you played? Which type of gigs do you prefer, whether it's (clubs or festivals) and which of your performances would you consider as the best?

Not that many gigs under Wretched Path´s belt yet, but for me it does not matter is it big festival or smal club, the out come will be the same with our energy to perform our music the best way we know how.

What about your plans for the future? What do you want to achieve with the band?

In the future we will try to find the best label for us to work with and get as many gigs as we can. We want to be recognized as the top death metal band in the world. Also the second album is all ready in the making.

How and where can your fans contact you? Can you provide some contact information? there you can find everything

Thanx for the interview.

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