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Interview - ENTHRALLMENT - We records our fears...

translated by Markéta, thank you!

Interview with brutal death metal band ENTHRALLMENT - vocalist Plamen Bakardzhiev

Ave ENTHRALLMENT „Eugenic Wombs“ is the second album I was able to listen from you. Could you please introduce your band a little bit? To be honest, death metal from Bulgaria is not very known in the Czech Republic.

Of course! First HI to the readers! Yes, in fact “EUGENIC WOMBS” is our fifth full-length album. But we have one demo, one EP and one split with Swedish death metalers RELENTLESS before our first album. We started at 1998 and this is our discography.

Eugenic Wombs” has been out for a while. How is the feedback and reactions for this album? How about fans, critique? And how your songs work on concerts?

All I see like comments and reviews only make me feel good. Obviously people pay more attention to our lyrics and music. They feel the moods in the song well. That’s a nice surprise for me. It means we touch them with our music.

We have played in Sofia a few weeks before with our old friends Malevolent Creation and with Grave/for a first time/.We don’t play often so people enjoyed our show. I’m glad. We have played two songs from “Eugenic Wombs”, before the release date of the album. The songs challenged a real disaster among the crowd. I think there is a video in youtube. We heard a lot of great comments after the concert, so this only can make us go on!

This is the second album you guys launched in German Rebirth the Metal Productions. How did you get to this label and are you happy with your decision? Label is very important nowadays. We can hear about you everywhere. How is the cooperation? Does Andreas Rieger talks about how you should sound? Sometimes there could be a problems between publisher and band.

Of course the label always have the final decision. They hold the final word about sound and vision. Of course we have enough experience and work only with the right people. We will never sound badly or just to release a cover art without meaning. In that way would not find a label. About our cooperation with’s really good. Easy and nice working with Rebirth the Metal Productions. We discuss everything step by step and we have really good results.

I really like the sound of your album. It´s raw and at the same tie readable. Uncompromising however each melody and idea is visible. Where did you recorded? Who did the mix and mastering? In booklet is says that the whole band did it?

We record the album in our studio, Murder Sound Studio. Our drummer Ivo works on recording, mixing and mastering. You can read that all of us take a part in this, but that’s why Ivo sent us files with samples and we discuss it every time till we find the right sound. You know something like : “I don’t hear my voice” or “ the guitars are too depth “ and so on....But finally we have this sound and we are glad!

I´m just holding an original CD in my hands and I am not able to find the author of this cover. The logo is made by Christophe Szpajdel but there is no mention of the cover. And your covers are ones of the most interesting, there are ideas and memorable. Who is the author of this cover? And how did you guys find the author?

In fact you can find the name of the author. I checked it and you can read his name Mirko Stanchev. He is from Bulgaria, too. He is the author of the cover art of “Eugenic Wombs” and our previous album “The Voice Of Human Perversity” .We will work with him on the next material, because he is really good and the most important - he understand our themes and ideas very well. You can check his work on his website

I´m glad that there are lyrics in the booklet. I find them interesting. Please tell us who is the author of the lyrics and how they were created?

In the last three albums most of the lyrics are written by our guitarist Vasil Furnigov. I have a few lyrics and even my girlfriend have one lyric in “The Voice Of Human Perversity”. About the lyrics - they describe the most scary things in the future. With a few words - we records our fears....

When someone says death metal band from Bulgaria I have to admit that there is only one band which came in my mind and that´s you. Do you have more bands in Bulgaria? I mean not only death metal but thrash, black.

Yes, there are a lot of good bands here, but I don’t really know how they work on their popularity outside Bulgaria. I don’t know how they distribute their albums and reach the people. Every band have it’s own aims and priorities.

How is it to play death metal in Bulgaria? Do fans go on concerts? Do they support you, buy CDs? When you organize some event how many people would come?

If I must be honest the time’s not like in the beginning. Now even the old famous bands are not satisfacted I’m sure. If we have a live show in Bulgaria I don’t believe there will be more than 100-150 people. Before few years every place we visited was full of people. Sadly now I cannot see some of the old fans here. Most of them even do not live here. It’s hard to play Death Metal in our country. But not only here.

ENTHRALLMENT has been playing since 1998. This is a long time for a band. How did you managed to hold your band together for that long? Correct me if I´m wrong but since the beginning there is only the drummer Ivo and in 2001 you have Plamen, the singer. Is it difficult to find some good guitarist in Bulgaria? Or base player, etc.?

Well the question is not about the good or bad guitar players. Every musician who have played with us really had a good time in the band, but this is a long period of time and everybody takes care for his, job, family you know.....personal reasons and we would never blame them for this. In fact it’s not easy to find a good musicians who wants to play exactly this style. They must love it or it just not works....My appearance in the band was an accident. It was 2001 and ENTHRALLMENT announced they will play on Death Fest in Shumen. I was there just like a fan of the band just to shoot a few pictures. Their vocalist told them he is not able to arrive for the show and they make to replace him for this show. Lyrics? I didn’t know even one word. I was just fan coming to drink and shoot. I imagine I’m a monster and started grunting......After the show people took pictures with me as like I am the vocalist of the band. The were really mad. It was a crazy show and was strange, but great. The same year the guys told me to record EP “ Burning Fields “ with them. Later this EP was released on split with Relentless...good old times.

When we take a look on the beginning…What was the first impulse to put together a band? Why brutal death metal? That´s not exactly the style which would give you a big “fame”.

When you are grown up with this music and start playing it you will learn two things - stop do it or do it till you are able to. So we choose the second. How exactly choose death metal? We didn’t think about styles, just start playing influenced by the early 90 death metal bands. We are from Pleven, Bulgaria and this is the city with a lot of death metal and grind core bands.

You can clearly see on your band that every album is better, that you are growing, developing. Do you have some kind of target which you would like to reach? For someone it´s a famous publishing, for other people it´s to play with SUFFOCATION.

We have two important aims: to reach more people listen to our music and to playing on more different stages. We never know what our next album would be. That’s the most interesting. This loads us with power to continue.

How about ENTHRALLMENT and concerts? Did you have some Europe tour? Do you want to do it? I would like to see you play in Prague!

Yes ,we had a lot of concerts behind us. The best period was 2010-2012 .After that the promoters was not so interested in death metal. The rules changes you, crisis and becomes harder. We shared the stage with bands like : Napalm Death, Deicide, Destruction, Obituary, Vital Remains, Grave, Missery Index and many more. We was on tour with Rotting Christ, Malevolent Creation and Rotten Sound - great guys. I may be forgot something....We played on OBSCENE EXTREME 2011. We had our personal tours and gigs in Europe. We tried to organize a tour in South America last year and there was really good interest, but a plane ticket problems appeared at the last moment and problem with passing some of the countries then we canceled the tour sadly.....Now we are trying to organize a tour this year in Europe and we will try to play in Czech Republic and exactly Prague. We love the great Czech beer, too.

Are there some albums which have catch your attention in a last few months?

In 2015 ......maybe the new Slayer album.

Do you know and listen some bands from the Czech Republic?

Of course we know a lot of Czech bands. Now I remember we played with Hypnos on HELLHAMMER FEST in Serbia. We know people in Czech love grindcore and we know a lot of grind bands.

What are ENTHRALLMENT about to do in the next few months?

In the next few months we start working on new material about the next album then enter in studio. If we have a chance, see you this autumn and play some new unreleased song.

Thank you so much for this interview and I wish you a lot of sold albums, hundreds of crazy fans and tones of good ideas.

Hey this is cool! We never finished an interview like that. Thanx about everything. I think people will understand what ENTHRALLMENT is.

Minirecenze/minireview- ENTHRALLMENT - Eugenic Wombs (2015)
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