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Interview - PUTREFIED CORPSE - All of us have been participating on a more local/dutch underground.

Interview with Dutch death metal band PUTREFIED CORPSE.

Answered Bjorn Van Toorn, thank you!

Translated by Duzl, thank you!

Questions prepared Jakub Asphyx.

Recenze/review - PUTREFIED CORPSE - Left to Rot (2019):

Ave PUTREFIED CORPSE! I admit that although I am one of those who crawl every underground corner, I do not have too much information about you. I read somewhere that you date your begin from 2013. I also know that you are a bunch of experienced musicians. After all, your new album "Left to Rot" is clear proof. It's excellent! Could you please introduce the band to our readers and guide us through your history?

Hi, and thanks for the compliment!

Martin and Arno are handling the guitars, Arjan is on the basgitarist Gerben is on drums and me on vocals. 

All of us have been participating on a more local/dutch underground. 

My first meeting with "Left to Rot" was happened when I get home some promo materials, I sat down next the player, added volume and then fell on my ass! Great stuff! No doubts! Energetic, sharp with lots of ideas. How did PUTREFIED CORPSE compose the new album?

The songs on the album where more or less there when I joined. 

Arno and Martin have been writing song for a few years. They line up was a bit of a problem. Band members left an new ones came in. Witch always stalls a band a bit. 

"Left to Rot" has a dark morbid cover. Who is the author? I like his work. How did you choose a motif and what it should represent? 

Enrico Kuiperij made the artwork. He is an arist who has worked as an tatoo artist, and actually tatood my wife. 

He had some stuff on his Facebook and we thought it looked cool, we asked if we could use it, and he said yes. 

Who is the author of the lyrics and what are they discussing? Where do you get inspiration for themes from?

Arno is responsible for almost all of the lyrics. They have a gore theme with some funny twists. The new work will probably be more of a collaboration.

"Left to Rot" is a good record, even in terms of sound. Where did you record the album and who is behind mastering and production?

We recorded it at Dirty bird studio's with Fred and the mastering was done at 

You are full members of the Dutch death metal scene. For me, it is one of the best in Europe. At least that's how it works for me. Is that really true? Do the bands support each other? What about the concerts? Do a lot of people go? I mean mainly underground now. With us in the Czech Republic it is sometimes a problem with attendance.

It kind of different for eatch region, the east south and north is pretty metal minded and the concert tend to draw a small crowd. 

Bands tend to be supportive of eatch other, we got a lot of congratulations from other bands when we inked the deal with Xtreem.

What about PUTREFIED CORPSE and concerts? Do you perform a lot? Aren't you going to a European tour soon? I know, it's a lot about money, but it's still the best way how to introduce people your music.

We try to play as mutch as possible. Getting ready for a few gigs to promote the new album. Although we are all ready working on some new material.

At the moment we are working in playing some of the summer festivals. 

Your music is inspired by European bands and American brutality. What bands do you have listened to as young and who influenced you the most? I mean now bands and individual musicians.

It's quite different for al individual members. Arno and Gerben are more into the oldschool death/grind, where Arjan is into slam and Martin and I tend to like a bit more modern technical stuff. All quite divers, I think we all agree on Cannibal Corpse, Obituary you know. The big ones in Death Metal. 

I am an old metal dog who has been listening to metal music for thirty years. The time has changed a lot over the years. We have the internet, the young people just download mp3s and sometimes I miss "good old days". How do you perceive changes in music industry and concerts? Did you, as musicians, have to change attitude?

As a music fan in is great! You can get music from all over the word in yust two click. 
I do worry a bit over how smaller bands are gonna go on tour. 
With no tour support from a proper label.

Are there any new albums that got your attention? 

The new album from Monstrosity was a killer one., the riffing and songwriting was amazing!
Siege of power is a real nice oldschool sounding band with some in the line up (sounds sick)

Do you know or are you listening to some bands from Czech Republic? 

I am a real big Pigsty fan. I own all of their records! They are good fun, would like to see them live.

I used to pick up records/cd's from Bizzare leprous for a few years back. 

I'm going to play your new album "Left to Rot" again. I have to say that for me personally it is basically a perfect death metal work. Total inferno. I wish you that record get as many fans as possible. It deserves it. I wish you all the best in your personal life. All good for you guys and the last words are yours. If you want to say something to fans, labels, promoters, you have space. Thank you for the interview and I'm looking forward to seeing you somewhere live!

Thnx for the support!

Recenze/review - PUTREFIED CORPSE - Left to Rot (2019):

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