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Interview - TOMB MOLD - New album is faster and slower and more technical than the last one.

Interview with death metal band from Canada - TOMB MOLD

Answered by Derrick  Vella, thank you! 

Translated and questions prepared by Petra, thank you!

Recenze/review - TOMB MOLD - Planetary Clairvoyance (2019):

Hello, TOMB MOLD! How are you guys? First of all, I must ask you to introduce your band to our readers, since I didn't find any interview in Czech webzines until now. Your beginnings, idea for the creation of TOMB MOLD and so on… 

Tomb Mold is a Canadian Death Metal band from Ontario. It started as just the drummer and myself. Studio only. Due to positive reception, we added 2 more members and became a touring band. 

Has your band name some specific meaning? Please, explain to our readers how the name TOMB MOLD was born. Did you have more options for the band name and finally you chose this one? 

It came from the game “Bloodborne”! 

Videogames! Does this form of fun belong to your favorite hobby? I am not a big fan, so tell me something about the certain games you like. Are they more-less sci-fi, related to cosmos or do you see some connection also with the real-life there? 

Video games can have an extreme immersive quality that can be missing from other forms of media. They can lift you up, punish you, and can be horrifying. 

Did the games also influence your lyrics? For me, your lyrics are so metaphoric, as well as ambiguous. I cannot catch some clue to the main idea. Could you maybe marginally explain the background behind the songs? Who is an author? 

Max (Drummer and Vocalist) and I split the lyrics. It ranges from cosmic gore to the end of the universe, planets being destroyed, insectoid dissection etc etc. Video games play an influence, but not so much anymore. Lots of authors, Dan Simmons, Laird Barron, HP Lovecraft to name a few are influences. 

In a few years, markedly after the releasing of “Manor of Infinite Forms”, you became one of the highly acclaimed new death metal bands on the scene. In what do you see such big success and popularity of your music? 

It caught us by surprise. People just seem to connect with our music. 

Your new record is already out! What is hidden behind its title „Planetary Clairvoyance“? Is this album somehow conceptual? 

Not so much conceptual, just different stories about things ending, including the title track which involves a planet destroying itself. 

Do you have some favorite song from the latest record? For me, the best one is the „Infinite Ressurection“ 

Heat Death 

The name of the song „Phosphorene Ultimate“ caught my attention since my work closely related to material chemistry. Are you somehow interested in such scientific topics? How did you decide to use this in the song name? This track sounds very futuristic or cosmic let's say. It looks that it forms some interlude. Does it have some meaning at the album? 

Max named that one so I can’t speak to it, but I love that song. Some might think it’s a bold move to put an interlude after 2 songs, but Mithras do it all the time and it‘s always awesome. 

I am sorry for these detailed questions, but I really like your albums and often think about everything around them. But I have to say you are incredibly prolific. The third album, one EP, three demos during four years. It is awesome! Are you still full of ideas for further music? 

Still have some ideas but after touring is done for the year we will actually take a break from writing. It is an exhausting process to put out this much material in such a short time. 

However, now, you are let's say more “famous” so I assume you do more interviews, you have more concerts than in the past. Do you think the velocity of releasing of new music could slow down due to the “band duties”? 

It can slow things down, it starts to feel more like a “job”, which isn’t why we started this band. This is a sort of escape from reality, albeit temporary. 

I really like your new record, as well as the previous one. I must say, your music doesn’t remind me of any known band. Despite you play, let’s say old school death metal, you are somehow different and original. You sound simply like TOMB MOLD! How did you achieve your sound? 

I’ve heard that before, I’m not sure why, it‘s just the riffs I write I suppose! I pull inspiration from all forms of music and that probably helps. I’m not trying to write a Morbid Angel song, you know? I’m just trying to write music. 

Could you compare the new record with the previous one? In what do you see progress or development? 

This album is faster and slower and more technical than the last one. Better solos too. 

How does the writing process look? Do you have a main composer or everyone is involved in the writing process? 

I write the songs at home and then show them to the band once they’re finished, and Max figures out what to play on drums, I work with Payson and Steve a bit for what they will play, then I pick the spots where Payson and I will play leads. It's pretty straightforward but we never write a song from scratch as a band. 

I guess you must be a part of the DIY scene in Ontario. Almost all your records were also released at cassettes. It is unusual for death metal bands, I think. Are they already sold out? 

All of the demo tapes are sold out, I think some of the full-length tapes can still be purchased through 20 Buck Spin. 

I'd continue in the DIY-related questions, do you have still the printed zines in Canada? Does it make sense to release such zines in the age of the internet? 

Zines still exist in Canada for sure. A lot from all types! I think the physical quality of them can still be appreciated so I think it's important to still make them. 

I like the ambient or whatever electronic elements in your songs. Who is responsible for that? I hope they will stay as a part of your music also for the future… 

Max does all of that! If you like that, you should check out his solo project, “Death Kneel”. 

How is Max dealing with the live vocals from behind the drums? Did it require specialized training or he was used to sing during playing drums? 

No real training. He just tried it out and got used to it! 

Very positive news for your European fans was an advertisement for your upcoming European tour. We are looking forward to your show in Prague. Have you ever been somewhere in Europe, not only with the band, maybe privately? Do you look forward to a particular place here? 

I have only traveled to Italy and Spain. Never toured Europe. I’m very excited to see Prague. 

Alright, thanks a lot for taking the time to answer these questions and congratulations on your new record. I hope this interview wasn’t boring and exhausting:)). See you in September in Prague! Any closing words? 

Thanks so much for doing this! I’ll see you at the show in September!


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