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Interview - ASSASSIN - ASSASSIN always has been a band who speaks out straight what is necessary - even if it may appear uncomfortable to some people - but the truth remains!

Interview with legendary thrash metal band from Germany - ASSASSIN.

Answered Scholli and Ingo, thank you!

Translated by Duzl, thank you!

Questions prepared Jakub Asphyx.

Recenze/review - ASSASSIN - Bestia Immundis (2020):

1. Ave ASSASSIN and Scholli! Greetings to Germany! I hope you all are doing well! I feel great, because I just came back from work, where I was listening to your new album "Bestia Immundis" for a whole day. I worked on my computer, and I still had the headphones in my ears. I am literally fascinated by the energy that I feel from the new record. I am sure, you won’t tell me your recipe, where you take so much power, but you could describe how the new album was born? Has somehow ASSASSIN changed the way in writing process compare to previous albums? 

Hey Jakub, first of all thanks a lot for all of your fine words and compliments to Assassin:)) 

The new Album was born like the others and the process was alltimes nearly the same. On all albums except Interstellar Experience I wrote most of the songs but we worked together as a band. And at Bestia Immundis we did it nearly the same way : at first Joachim and I wrote the first songs after Combat Cathedral in 2018. Then we both collect all our ideas for the new album in the beginning of 2019 and Björn “Burn” our drummer began with the pre-production. Then in summer 2019 we went to the studio for recording and did it in less than 2 weeks. Frank was involved with Sodom so he could do only some great solos on that new album. After the recording a lot of problems with scheduling in the studio slowed down our production and our emotions but we did the best of it and in the end of all we created a good new album. 

2. Personally, I like the most at the album "Bestia Immundis" one thing - melodies. Clear and distinct, you are betting on interesting riffs, the songs slowly graduate; they have a drive and strength. In my opinion, these things make from the good music the excellent one. I wonder how you know that the song is already done. Who has the last word? And how do you perceive their live presentation after that? Is the chemistry between you and then between you and the fans important? Do you also have the ideas which you throw out (don’t use)? 

In all of composings I allways pay attention to combine melodies and hard riffs. 

Before and while writing new songs for Bestia Immundis a lot of bad things happened and that rised up a lot of emotions. So the songs are more aggressive. They are also influenced a litte bit more from old Punk style of the 70s and 80s because I like that stuff. And also more athmospheric and darker components are on this album, because that´s what I like as a contrast. The new album included a little bit more styles and as a result it is more varied. 

2 songs are faster than anyone before, other songs are a little bit darker, atmospheric or more Punk-influenced. For me it is the most diversified Album of Assassin, but still in frame of Speed-Thrash-Metal as ever!! 

“Burn” and I had the last word on the songs, because we changed a lot of parts and did a new arrangement on some songs which were good but not the best as they could be. 3 Songs we had done we throw out for that album. 

The chemistry is allways a very important point for us because without our fans we would be nothing! 

3. I know a lot of bands that have lyrics to songs just to sing something. I always appreciate at ASSASSIN that you have the lyrics with some idea, a sense, an opinion. How do you write the lyrics? When the inspiration come and how do you squeeze it into the music? Personally, I think that writing the lyrics is a madly hard discipline, and especially at the new record "Bestia Immundis" the lyrics are great. I am often saying to myself, yes, that's exactly how I feel it. 


Thank you for the kind words. of course it is the max for a writer like me, when people start to identify and find themselves in the topic or theme of lyrics of our record! 

it shows that we got in-touch to our listeners - and sometimes also share opinions and a certain point of view. and that feels really good to know!!! mission accomplished!:)). 

to come back to your question how to write them lyrics - it differs from song to song! sometimes you have a clear vision in what direction a song can develope lyrically and therefor you can stear it into a match with the ongoing music(f.example the wall!), sometimes the music sets the pace and inspires you to create the right words to it(f.ex.Shark Attack!)! at least it must fit in as a perfect mixture - lyrics&music go hand in hand and build a creative union!!! at least it also can be said, that ASSASSIN always has been a band who speaks out straight what is necessary - even if it may appear uncomfortable to some people - but the truth remains!!! 落

4. A long time ago, when I have attended elementary school, one time my friend has painted your logo into my notebook. I was upset, because I did not know which band is hiding behind this logo. I immediately ran home and tried to get some information about you. Then I finally heard „The Upcoming Terror“ and when I went to the pub, I said to everyone that the best thrash metal band ever is ASSASSIN and not SLAYER! We almost got the grips with each other, haha. It was a beautiful time when we were young. How do you remember at your beginnings? Could you reveal to our readers how the albums were recorded in older times? 

Thanks again for that compliment :)). 

Dinko and me wrote all of the first songs for the first 2 demos and of the Upcoming terror album. We were inspirated by doing a new hot and fast stuff by our own. We liked music from Venom, Metallica, Exciter…. But our inspiration was to do it on an own way. That was possible at that time – but not more today! 

So Dinko and me met in the rehearsal room before the others came. We checked the guitar riffs and than Danger and Lulle did their Drum- and Bass-work on them. After that Robert did his lyrics. 

We recorded 2 demos and sent it to some record companies. Then we got an album offer from King Klassic Records (USA), but the offer was too complicated for a young german band. We did not want to do a deal with a foreign company and the circumstances and conditions were also not good to do this. 

The first offer of a german label we got was SPV Steamhammer and we took it directly , because we wanted to make an album with an german label as soon as possible and the deal was ok. So we did not wait for other offers. 

Then SPV booked Kalle Trapp at Karo Music Studio to record our debut LP. 

It was not easy to work with him, because he wanted to reduce the distortion sound of the guitars. And that was against our ideas! So we got a big problem. 

We wanted to fight it out but we were too young and had no influence of it : the decision was = no Assassin album because we want a lot of distortion on our guitars and we can drive home - or the album was made on that way Kalle Trapp wanted ! 

He was a good musician and producer for usual rock or hardrock bands, but not for us as a Speed-Thrash-Metal-Band! So we did it as he wanted and we were unhappy about the distortion- reduced-sound on the album. 

So we were very surprised when that album came out and was sold very well:)).

5. I still say it to everyone, and it is clear that a long time ago the rock and heavy metal was first, and only then thrash metal has come. There is no development without basics. If we stay in the past, which musicians have actually brought you to the music in general? Is anyone who you still admire to these days, would you like to meet him and thank him for your inspiration? 

In 1973 I bought my first single Alice Cooper –No more Mr Nice Guy and 1976 my first LP Kiss- Destroyer 

For me, the beginnig of the 80s was the best time of Metal!! 

It was the time when NWOBHM was born and the best albums of metal were made. And also of Thrash Metal. 

I also like a lot of Punk bands from the end of the 70s. 

The most exciting time was to see one of the first heavy metal bands Iron Maiden, playing as opener for KISS in 1980. After that everything was going fast : all of the other categories came out , but the most exciting thing in the beginning of heavy metal was that event for me as a teenager. 

After this a lot of bands grew up and albums were made which formed new categories of Metal and also paved the way to Thrash Metal: 

Venom made their first 2 and best albums 

Iron Maiden made their 3 best albums in the beginnig 

Metallica made their best Album ride the lighting, to show everyone, what was possible in Speed and Thrash-Metal 

Exciter - Heavy Metal Manic 

Motorhead: Overkill, Ace of spades, No sleep til Hammersmith 

When I grow up I heard a lot of good rock an hard rock music and I wanted to do the same. 

Alltimes I like the music of the bands themself not only one musician. 

But I liked all times Eddi Van Halen because he was one of the fastest and greatest guitarist in the beginning of Heavy Metal. I like his style and variations to play on guitar. They were unique. But I did not need to get in contact with great a musician like this because contact means to me personally and this would never be with VIPs .

6. I always take every band as a whole. Not only their music, but their performances, how they behave to the fans. To be honest, the band can play as gods, but when they come to the concert and they are arrogant, they are finished for me. On ASSASSIN I've always liked you have been very civilian, cool, heartguys, who always going straight. How do you feel about your fans? It seems to me that you enjoy every performance. Am I right? 

Yes you are right:)). As all times we want to have a good time with our fans and audience before, while and after our shows ! That´s the reason why Assassin is still alive and that´s the reason to live for!! 

7. How do you feel about contemporary metal? Do you have any favorite bands? Seems to me that everyone is playing faster and crazier, more incomprehensible. The man stays under the podium, headbanging his head for a while, worshiping them as a great musicians, and then he does not remember anything. Then goes home and rather play old good Saxon.  

Contemporary Metal: good question:)). There are a lot of good bands but the music scene in every style is overloaded and saturated with music of all kinds. In cause of that musicians and bands which are very good but have no big promotion company in the back they have nearlly no chance today. No good time ! I don´t like this but this is the reality! 

8. You are a veteran today. Time has changed a lot since the 1980s. You are in a way a legendary band, you have a lot of fans, they invite you to concerts. But still is there a lot of differences. Today you have internet, new technologies, lots of people listen to music in style - download, listen and then forget or delete. Do you act as a very positive person, how do you see the future? Will metal be only for old people? And how do you perceive changes as a musician? Where is ASSASSIN now heading? 

This answer is nearly to the last answer. I don´t like the time now . It is the worst time for musicians. 

Only moneymaking by some big companies or by big and well known bands. No chance to get a good credit for your music when your are an ordinary musician. As an example: the official streaming kills nearly everything for the ordinary musicians to sell albums or get a little bit of money for that. So we got in 2017 a half million streams of songs of our album Combat Cathedral. That was not bad, but bad was what we earn for this: completly 45 Euro !!!

9. I am sure you have as a band some dreams, goals, which you want to achieve yet. Could you tell us? You are the thrash metal veterans; you are recording great albums, we can still hear the enthusiasm from your music. You are touring, performing at festivals. Do you miss anything else in the puzzle? 

As I told you we have to realize the reality and in cause of that there are no dreams or anything like that. As all times it was our aim to have a good time before, while and after the show with our fans. Drink some beer, talk about whatever and enjoy the time . That´s it ! 

And I have to disappoint you : there is no enthusiam to hear in this album. There were a lot of hate and aggressions which make me able to write this 7 songs of this album. Joachim writes the other 4 Songs. He had got also a lot of emotions in his songs but they are of another kind.

10. We are slowly approaching the end of the interview so I would like to ask one more philosophical question. How would you define the thrash metal style? What represents this music for you and why did you choose exactly this genre? 

As I told you in the beginning of the interview. We were young and everything was possible in the 80s. We want to do our music style by our own : fast and alltimes a little bit melodic - that´s what we did in the 80s.... and until now:). 

11. What ASSASSIN is planning for the next few months? 

We are planing to do some shows but it is not easy. 

Thank you very much for the interview. You do not even know what it means to me. A fulfilled boyish dream. I wish you a lot of great ideas, sold records, sold out concerts, and also everything good in your personal lives. See you at the concert! ASSASSIN RULES! 

Thanks a lot for all of your compliments and good wishes:)). Very nice to hear this. 

I hope I could give you interesting informations about the past and now. 

Keep on banging , have a good time and hope to see you soon:)).

All the best 




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