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Interview - NECROCRACY - Eerie, freezing echoes from the deepest black death metal underground!

Interview with death black metal band from Scotland - NECROCRACY.

Answered John Howard (bass), thank you!

Recenze/review - NECROCRACY - Predestiny (2024):

Ave NECROCRACY! Your new album "Predestiny" is playing right now and I have to write right away that it is great in every way! Dark, cold, moldy, just like death/black metal should be. This is your second album. I've searched the internet, but I haven't found an interview with you in Czech. Could you please introduce the band and take us through its history?

Andy and Aaron got together in 2012 and advertised for a bassist the next year. I wasn't actually looking to join a band but saw the advert by chance and after reading about their musical influences and listening to some rehearsals I decided to apply. We've have had quite a few vocalists but Chris joined us in 2022 and this is definitely our final line up!

You are a band whose roots go back to 2012. You released one demo album back then (2015). But you didn't release your first album until 2019. I think it's also very good stuff. I just didn't know about it at the time. Where did you want to go with the new album?

We never want to do the same album twice but we also want it to sound like Necrocracy. In the case of this album we wanted to make it heavier than „Decay“ and also improve the production (whilst avoiding that clinical modern sound). We also consciously try not to sound too much like any other bands, we don't want to be a „retro“ or copycat band.

Let's go to the new "Predestiny". I was blown away by your sound on the first listen. Who signed it? I must compliment you. The sound is raw, dark and clear. At the same time animalistic and organic. How and where did you record the album?

Our friend Bert MacLeod recorded it, we've worked with him several times before so he knows the kind of sound we look for. We recorded at the Cottage Music Studio, it's residential studio on the banks of Loch Fyne. It's a stunning location and a great place to get away from it all and focus on the music.

Why a Hieronymus Bosch cover? I know his painting is from 1490 and it's called Inferno. How does this motif relate to the new album?

The song „predestiny“ is based on the Calvinist doctrine of predestination, whereupon one's salvation or damnation is determined before the start of time, so it seemed like a fitting image (obviously not meant as an endorsement of any kind of Christian doctrine)

The new album doesn't deviate lyrically from classic themes like darkness, death, destruction. That's all fine and it fits your music perfectly. But can you tell us where you get your inspiration for the lyrics? Do you read any books, watch movies? What are the lyrics on "Predestiny" about?

Mainly history, I studied ancient history and literature at university. I'm fascinated by the rise and fall of empires, the cyclical nature of history and the role of human folly and greed. Horror is influence too, film and the classic writers such as Poe and Lovecraft.

You're from Scotland, Glasgow. What is your black death metal scene like? Do you have a lot of bands? What about fans, gigs? Is it live in your area or do you have to go to London or somewhere else for gigs?

The metal scene in Scotland has exploded in the last ten years or so. There were so many gigs a few years ago it was hard to keep up. It's been quietier since covid but there are still plenty of gigs and loads of local bands to see now.

I saw on youtube the footage of NECROCRACY from the concert and it was a real, unadulterated hell. I'd like to see you live sometime, but I guess you only perform in Scotland or am I wrong? Do you tour, maybe? My question is actually directed to Czech promoters as well, I could imagine you at an honest festival of ours. Would you come?

We played in Reykjavik, Iceland recently which was an amazing experience and our first international gig. We've played quite a few gigs in England and Wales but we want to play as many countries as possible. We would love to come over and play in the Czech Republic (Czechia?), so any interested promoters please get in touch!

I, as a fan, would characterize NECROCRACY's work as dark, devastating death/black metal. As I already mentioned, in many points you meet American bands. But tell me, what are your role models? What bands do you worship and admire? And who were your role models when you first started playing?

We're mainly influence by the old school, Sabbath, Priest, Bathory, Sarcofago, Morbid Angel, Obituary, Darkthrone, Burzum, Desaster, Dissection etc. Also doomy stuff like Esoteric, Disembowelment, Thergothon. And of course Czech legends Master's Hammer, Maniac Butcher and Root!

I've been over forty for a long time, I've experienced death metal in its best years. It was a beautiful time back then. The '90s were great. The world opened up, I was young. I'm greying now, but I still support and collect death metal. I'm part of the old generation. But I don't want to get bogged down in nostalgia, so tell me, what has the present brought you as a band, as musicians? I mean the use of new technologies, sound, possibilities in recording, the internet, etc.

We're old school in terms of recording and tech (we recorded our split CD on tape) Andy is a sound engineer by trade so he usually takes the lead in the recording side of things. We don't use effects pedals and our on stage gear is minimal. We try to go for an organic live sound in our recordings.

As I wrote before, I follow the British scene closely and carefully, but maybe I missed something. Is there any record, band from the last years that you really like, did you buy their CD and support them? Please tell us some names and support your colleagues in arms.

Rend Them Asunder „Existence to Entrails“, Impenitent (self titled), Rancor Profundo „Heretic Thirst“ and King Witch „Body of Light“. All great local bands we've played with.

Where do you want NECROCRACY to go in the future? What are you preparing in the coming months?

We are going to start working on new material soon (hopefully new album next year) and we have a few gigs coming up including Darkness over Cumbria festival in England later on in the year.

Thank you very much for the interview. I wish the new album the best sales, that your clubs are full and that you are doing well in your personal lives. Have a nice day everyone!

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