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Interview - DETEST - A dark death metal trip to the human mind!

Interview with legendary death metal band from Denkmark - DETEST.

Answered John Petersen (guitars), thank you!

Translated Duzl, thank you!

Questions prepared Jakub Asphyx.

Recenze/review - DETEST - We Will Get What We Deserve (2021):

Ave DETEST! Greetings to the Danish underground. Before I started writing questions for this interview, I told myself that I had found the old CD "Dorval" from 1994. Unfortunately, I have such a large collection that I did not find anything. I had to go online. Still, I think you had an incredible footprint at the time. You have been referred to as European DEATH. How do you feel about this album? What does it mean for you and how did it come about? Please remember for us.

I think it's a good album and I'm still very happy with it (and a little proud). It came into the world at a time when I smoked Hash from morning to night, we were young people and thought that anything was possible. When we were in the studio, we met a lot of people who helped make it the way it is. The outro at Gathering Of Darkness was a guy we met in the city (Aarhus) when we were out partying, and he could do a bit of everything with his flute and guitar so he had to join. There was also a day we had run out of Hash, so Andreas from Progress had to take a trip from Odense to Aahus so we could get on with the record.

You then disappeared from the scene for a long time. The promo materials for this year's new album "We Will Get What We Deserve" is about the fight against drug and alcohol addiction. Was that exactly the reason for the band's breakup? Or did you not agree on how and what to play next? You were young, and this era was quite wild.

In a way, it was drugs and alcohol because it was probably them who made us start discussing more than we played. As you say, we could not agree on where and how we should proceed, and then we just slipped away from each other and then it quietly broke down.

You returned back at 2019 with the EP "A Moment of Love". What did you do in the meantime? John, did you play at all, were you interested in music? I know that you have worked in other bands as well. What style did you play? And what was the reason for reunion of DETEST?

I Have been the football coach for my son's team and then got to know a lot of new people, and we talked about music. There I then joined a rock band, but as time went on I began to feel that it was not hard enough. So I started playing Metal again because that's what I grew up with and feel most for and the guitar was tuned down again to the dark tones, I have never taken a break from playing guitar, while Detest was taking a long nap.

But I have always written new music, it's something I will always do for all eternity.

In 2013 we were lured to play a concert and there we were 4 of those from the 90s (Peter, Bonne, Ole and me). But after 2 years it was just me and I wanted a lot more with Detest.

Let's talk about new record. Personally, I really like "We Will Get What We Deserve". I would characterize it as a recording where new constructions are built on old foundations. It seems fresh, interesting to me. But at the same time very darkly. How did the album come about and how do you feel about it?

First of all, thank you very much and you're absolutely right, I've been thinking about how would I have written songs if it was 1995. As I have mentioned, I have been writing music all my life, so they are old songs that have been given a new life and can finally come out and get some air. I feel really good about the new Album and thought a lot about what and how, the songs should be as I have become a little better at everything (has become an old and a little wiser man).

How hard was it to find bandmates? I don't know how it is in Denmark, but in our country, (the Czech Republic), there is a great shortage of good drummers. In addition, young people just want to play something a little different. How did you get together? And are DETEST a classic band today? I mean, if your bandmates aren't just "hired" musicians.

This is also the case in Denmark with drummers, but otherwise I have played with many people so I know a lot of musicians, but finding the right ones has taken its time. So these are two old friends I have known for many years and they are super good, give me lots of strength to do what needs to be done. Since they are younger than me and have the energy I need to keep the fire burnning.

The new album has a raw, cool sound. Where did you record? And who is signed under mixing and mastering? How do you perceive the progress in new technologies? Do you enjoy them or do you prefer to record "old age"?

Nowadays you can almost record/make everything at home, so drums are recorded at a friend who has a small studio (Anvil Pro.) and the rest we have recorded at Simon's home (Terror Studios). And then it was produced and mixed by Marco Angioni (Angioni Studios), he is super good and understood exactly what we wanted and how we got there, so it was not a problem to reach the goal of our ideas. I think it's good that you can sit and spend the time you want and there is no pressure like in the old days when you have two days in a studio, to record 10 songs and there is also time to change a bit if you just got a new idea.

You are an experienced musician who has been on the scene for many years. If you were to compare the present and the past, what differences bother you the most? And what do you enjoy from the past? We have internet in our pocket, social networks. It may occur to me that we are all connected in one network and communication is much easier, but we may be far to each other than in my youth. How do you perceive these changes?

What bothers me the most is that you do not have time off as you have that phone on you all the time, and in the past it was as if everything was going a little slow (it goes almost too fast in now a days). But when it comes to my music/band, it has become much easier to point out ''here we are'' since I do not have to send a letter anymore, but just post something on facebook or share a link (so it's both good and bad). But the worst thing is to be a 16 year old boy trapped in an old man's body (ha ha).

Of course, not only society developed, but also death metal. Today's bands play faster, louder, more technical, but also more plastic, artificial. Personally, as with women, I'm more of a fan of nature, but how do you set it up? Are there any new bands which you like? Are you following what happens on the scene? Are you following new bands?

There I am just like you think it's strange, that there are many who can not accept what they look like and just have to change themselves. And that music becomes faster, louder, more technical, bands must decide for themselves, but it is not a competition (as in football) to me, because it is all about making good music after all. I have to admit that I have it best with all the old bands, and there I listen to Heavy Metal, Thrash and Death Metal, I have also started listening to 70's rock (it's new to me). Since I play with some who are younger than me, they say you should check this out so I meet new bands through them.

DETEST are back. What are your plans for the future with the band? Do you have a goal? For example to play at a big famous festival? Release another record at a big label? Where do you want to go?

The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy it, and take it as it comes. But it will be super good to try to play at big festivals and I feel good at Emanzipation so here I stay. Of course I want as far as possible with my music, but I know I should not quit my job (painter) as this is where I make money.

It has always been a good habit to tour a new record. Are you planning any tour? You know, I'm already an old metal dog and your band is on my private list of bands I'd still like to see live. Do you play concerts? I still think that playing live is a great experience and a great connection of fans and the band.

There are no tour plans at the moment, but there is talk of that so let's see what time brings. We have concerts in Denmark in 2022 and as you say it is super fantastic to play concerts, it is where you feel most alive and it is something I really love. So I really hope that we meet one day, and that Detest gets to play a lot of concerts in places other than our own country.

When you say death metal today, everyone imagines something different. What does it mean for you? How would you characterize death metal?

That means I can get rid of some of my thoughts about everything I think is completely wrong (when I write lyrics), but you have to remember that it's just entertainment and that I'm not a politician, so do not take it too seriously. I can be creative when I write riffs and that's what I love about playing guitar, there is nothing better than making music, it is something I never get tired of.

What are DETEST planning in the upcoming months?

Get out and play a lot of concerts (so I hope to see you one day), has also embarked on getting ready for the next album. There are a lot of songs that want out and they can not wait for that they have been doing for way too long. And not forget the most important of all to have fun while it happens and we fucking enjoy it, it's forward without looking back.

I started my website not only about death metal years ago mainly to support bands that I think are worth listening to. In addition, it fulfil a lot of my dreams. The interview with DETEST belongs to one of them. Thank you very much for „dream come true“. I wish you as much success as possible with the band and all the best in your personal lives.

Recenze/review - DETEST - We Will Get What We Deserve (2021):


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