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A few questions - ínterview with death/thrash metal band LUNA IN SANGUINEM from USA.

A few questions - ínterview with death/thrash metal band LUNA IN SANGUINEM from USA.

Interview answered by Michael Eisenhauer Guitarist and co founding member of Luna In Sanguinem, thank you!

1. Can you introduce your band to our readers? When was it founded and what style of Music do you play etc.?

EvilMike - I started the band Luna In Sanguinem with our drummer Patt Maxwell after he left Wrath and I had some time after recording Evil Incarnate “Depopulation Agenda” Album. I had 2 songs already to go and changed my guitar tuning to Drop A and we got started doing this in Winter of 2018. After Patt had the drums he wanted down and we tightened up the songs we asked old friend Rod Valdez from local band Dementox to join on Bass. We had been wanting a singer but in order to move things along I started writing lyrics and doing the vocals myself so we could play live shows after we had enough material. It was later that we joined forces with Skip McGullam from Num Skull.

2. Where and under what conditions were you recording the new Album? Who was in charge of sound, Production and Mastering?

EvilMike - We Recorded with Scott Creakmore at Mercenary Digital Studios in Zion Illinois. We started with me playing Guitar to a click track after setting tempos with a Guitar scratch track (to be replaced later) and then the Drums could be Recorded. After Drums I did all The actual Guitar tracks and then Rod played bass and I did Vocals. Once that was finished Patt did some back up parts and I did the Guitar solos. It was when we were in process of Scott getting a Pre Mix ready for us to hear when Skip joined the band. It was decided that if he was going to be our Singer that he would need to go into the studio and Record his voice instead. We kept a few of my growls and some back up parts on my vocals. Scott Creakmore handles everything in his studio. Recording, Mixing and Mastering. We Produced our own Recording Financially. We make suggestions to Scott as to sounds but generally he knows exactly what we want. I would highly Recommend him to anyone.

3. How many copies were released and which medium was used for this new edition ( CD, Digital, Vynal, Cassette?)

EvilMike - We only released this Debut EP Global Bloodbath Digitally and onto CDs. It is available anywhere you might want to find a Band such as ours on Digital and as for copies we Released 200 more simple free CDs and 200 Digipack more elaborate copies ourselves. We also just had a purchase from The Metalhead Box to buy from us 200 additional Digipack Pro CDs for subscribers. So in total 600 Pro CDs have been released in the past few months. We have not yet made the decisions to release this onto Vynal or Cassette.

4. Who is the Author of the lyrics and how were they created and what do the lyrics deal with?

EvilMike - I am the one who writes all of our lyrics. Usually I have some ideas already from notes I keep and I either write lyrics first and they fit to a song with some additional changes I make or I have the song done music first and then I take my notes and write to the music. Occasionally I start with a Catchy Chorus I have written and all I have is this Chorus riff and Lyrics only as a Chorus and it builds from there, so it depends. I am always trying to keep things a little different without straying from the sound I originally imagined for this band.

In my other band Evil Incarnate I was trapped in a box with lyrical topics. In this band Luna In Sanguinem it is great that I can write about anything I want to. It can go anywhere from subjects like Artificial Intelligence and CERN to Vampires or Murder. Maybe I will write about Alien Forces and Gods of old or Atlantic and The New World Order. but I have much freedom and it is a nice change. I doubt I will ever run out of ideas. Although we are not a Religious band and we also are not Political we do enjoy our Constitution and do not support Communism. Maybe this would work into a song sometime.

5. Who created the logo of the band, and who took care of the graphics and the web site? What about you and Social Networks? Do you consider these things are important?

EvilMike - In today’s World Social Network’s are extremely important. Unless you have a lot of Money for Magazine ads and Mailing copies of CDs all over The World to every Radio Station and Magazine or Zine and for Radio Ads and all the old ways on steroids ( Music Scene is so huge now) you must do social media. Now we can submit MP3S to 10 places a day for no cost but time. Of course you still must do ads and Physical copies but it’s much faster and easier now so I do not mind. I miss the old days but I am now use to the new.

Our Logo is something our Drummer designed with the concept coming from the name itself. Luna In Sanguinem is Latin and basically means something like “under the blood moon.” We chose this name together as a band. About any Social Network designing that has so far been done all of our band pages were done also by Patt. We do not yet have a Web Page only things like Facebook and such.

6. Which Label did you choose for releasing your Album and why did you choose this Label ? Are you satisfied by How your Label represents you and takes care of you?

EvilMike - we do not have a Record Label and are not interested in one at the moment. We do have a few we speak with about potentially releasing our band but I don’t want to say at this tune who that might be. If we decide it is in our best interests we will then make a public announcement. The Label would have to be able to do for us what we cannot currently do for ourselves.

7. Which bands do you idolize and where do you get your inspiration?

EvilMike - This is always the most difficult question because it can change for me from one week to the next. Sure a lot of bands will always remain in my top 20 list and I am always listening to new UG stuff but some days I am in the mood to hear stuff like old Metallica and King Diamond or Merciful Fate, other days I am strictly Ultra Brutal DM and Slam bands like Organectomy , Putrid Pile, Analepsy and Suffocation & Dying Fetus and another day I am all about Judas Priest,W.A.S.P. or Slayer and Exodus or Dark Angel. Probably my favorite Metal era is 89/92 DM and my favorite style would be Swedish DM Like Dismember or Grave and Entrails. I may be also in a BM mood and play Satyricon or Dimmu Borgir or Hell Hammer & Bathory.

8. Did you send your Record to some Labels - which are the Labels? How was the response?

EvilMike- I sent it to several Larger and also Smaller Labels. Of course there are much more but It isn’t a priority at this time so I stopped. We have been doing a good job ourselves so far and still have a lot of work to do. A Label will be found eventually and until then we are happy with what we have accomplished and will soon accomplish.

9. How many gigs have you played? Which type of gigs do you prefer, whether it’s (clubs or festivals) and which of your performances would you consider as the best?

EvilMike - this band has yet to play Festivals but in years past we enjoyed these very much with our bands. I do enjoy a larger crowd but I must admit I also enjoy a smaller one. I have no personal preference. I just enjoy being on stage. I do however hate small cramped Stages because I like to move a lot. I think it has been around 25 shows Luna in Sanguinem have played so far in just over one year of being a band.

10. What about your plans for the future? What do you want to achieve with the band?

EvilMike - We have long distance shows booking now as a priority for 2021 playing to potential fans who have yet to hear about us in far away states in USA. We may do a longer Tour later in the same year. For sure we are Recording another EP this Winter and will also release this ourselves in the exact same way as Global Bloodbath. 

After this we will look for that Record Label. Maybe something will happen sooner but we are enjoying this and in no hurry. It has to be great for us.

I am going to start trading our CDs soon and getting them into Distros & Stores soon as well. We want to be on top and we know this is possible for our band.

11. How and where can your fans contact you? Can you provide some contact information?

Thanks for the Interview.

EvilMike - We are currently represented by our PR firm Imperative Agency so if you get our release from them contact for interviews or Merchandise thru our YouTube account and Instagram, Band Camp & find us on Spotify, I Tunes or Amazon and I am also on Facebook as Michael Eisenhauer or the band at Luna In Sanguinem Facebook Page- Log into Facebook 

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