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Interview - HAUNTED - Inspiration is derived from all that is black as pitch.

Interview with legendary death metal band from USA - HAUNTED.

Answered John Riley, thank you!

Translated Duzl, thank you!

Questions prepared Jakub Asphyx.

Recenze/review - HAUNTED - The Book of Flames (2021):

Ave HAUNTED! On Juny 18, 2021 you released your new album "The Book of Flames ". As the name suggests, it is again a whirlwind of honest blackh and old death metal. When did you go out of studio, how did you feel? Introduce a little bit your new album to your fans. What are HAUNTED in 2021?

We were very satisfied with the Legions Of Maleficence album. When writing The Book Of Flames I was very worried about the second album flop syndrome so many bands seem to suffer from. In the early stages of writing it seemed warranted. I was adamant that I wanted to show growth in the song writing and adamant that I wanted this album to be better. Some of the songs were very old and from the unreleased version of The Book Of Flames. These songs were all updated and coupled together with new compositions. Through persistance and hard work the bridge was eventually gapped and I knew we had Legions beat. We left the studio confident in that. I’m sure the same feel of wanting to top The Book Of Flames will occur again when writing starts for Book 3 Inseminating The Seraphim. I certainly hope it does, because it acts as an impetus to push yourself and grow as a writer and as a band.

I have your new album home for review. So far, I don't listen it so much yet, but what I have heard so far has swept me and I sit on my ass. I've always like on your band that you are not just orthodox and true, but you do not forget even on the cold and dark melodies. Who is the author of the music and how do you compose and create new HAUNTED songs?

I, Serpentilius am the writer. I approach everything with a desire to mood set. Do I want to explore the Sinister and Evil ? The Brutal and Relentless ? The Eerie and Dark ? HAUNTED has always been about creating a mood. Those moods are always floating through my head, those are the moods I explore and those moods encompass the song writing like ingredients in a recipe. A heavy dose of evil, mix in something creepy add a pinch of brutality. Stir it all together. Taste it and see what you have. Adjust accordingly.

I really enjoyed a very raw and "mangy" sound on the new album. Where did you record and mix the album and who is signed under the production?

We returned to The Porch Studios with Kevin Tuck as our engineer. Kevin did the Legions album. Kevin and I have a long standing relationship and have been working on various recordings for quite sometime now. I enjoy his critical ear and attention to detail. Not too mention I really like him as a person and it’s important to work with people you like.

I am also interested about the cover of the album. If I understand it well, so it is a scene from an old occult book. Cover is hell, dark and mysterious like your new album. What does this idea mean? And who painted it?

I actually can not reveal who did the art, because of the laws of his country. He was very adamant he not be identified to avoid prosecution. All our art concepts I develop carefully and then pass them along to someone who can actually execute the idea. My elementary stick figure-esque musing are the stuff of many a preschool daycare center.

As a band, you are dealing with satanism, occultism, death, violence. What are the lyrics about on the new recording? What is the main theme and idea of "The Book of Flames "?

This album acts as the sequel to Legions. The Legions Of Maleficence now summoned by the Necromancer invade empyrean and ultimately behead Christ. Book 3 will deal with the soft genocide of the Factions Of The Light through insemination of the Factions females and the execution of the remaining males.

I have to ask. You play a metal style that is strongly against Christianity. You live in the United States, which is considered to be a strong Christian country (at least it makes me feel like it from the media). Do you have any problems with it? Do you get space on TV, in newspapers? How is life in your country affected by Christianity?

We have had difficulties with a group in the late 90s called Christians Against Metal Music. We originally tried to record The Book Of Flames in the late 90s and ran into a myriad of bizarre, unexplainable difficulties. Including the tapes going missing at the studio, a house fire and some other things I cannot speak of. I am convinced to this day The Christians Against Metal Music were behind sabotaging the record. Our on going feud would eventually draw the attention of The Brotherhood Of The Goat and lead to its ties with HAUNTED. With the Brotherhood comes great wisdom and discernment. Vae Victis Vacate Et Scire Ad Communionem Fraternam Inter Populos Diu Vivere Capra !

HAUNTED are on scene for 29 years? That's a long time for the band! When you look back and remember your beginnings, what was the first impulse that you chose to play metal? Which bands influenced you in your beginnings?

Inspiration is derived from all that is black as pitch.

Your first 1992 demo ("Haunted") rightly belong to metal jewels. Do you still remember what style they have been created? Were you conscientious, ready to go to a studio or a bunch of "animals" that treated everything in the punk style? Remember, please, how metal history was created!

Honestly Our drummer at the time Mike Prizer carried the band on his back. The song writing was very primitive and not very good to say the least. It’s a shame because we were at the right place at the right time, but my song writing was very immature. The entire album was written after I had been playing guitar for six months. Luckily at that time Mikes brutal drumming carried us through that early 90s time period.

When we stay in the history, how do you perceive the differences between the present and your beginnings? Everything has changed - technology, sound, recording studios, internet, downloading music. How did these changes work out for the band? Did you have to adapt a lot?

We did not have to adapt. Tech advances really helped me in my vision of song writing and what I always wanted HAUNTED to be. Suddenly after the long hiatus everything was easily available at my finger tips. Real sounding choirs, real sounding pipe organs, epic strings, loopers to play intros easily on stage. When we stopped in the late 90s I literally had no clue how we could perform the 90s Book Of Flames to a live audience and make it sound like the record.

I'm following your Facebook and I'm informed about your concerts, but to tell you the truth, outside of the US you do not play so often. What's the cause? Is the main reason, money? What about a tour to promote a new album in Europe with a stop in the Czech Republic?

We are not on a label. Everything is done in house. We like it that way for the most part except for the touring aspect. Without label backing it is excruciatingly difficult to go over seas. We would love to tour the world but it needs to make sense. Merch sales must be on point and venues filled to capacity. We have been invited by Nihilio of Switzerland and Etrurian Legions Promotions for a European tour late February of 2022. There are still many details to be worked out however and many unknowns.

Seems to me in last time, that, as far as extreme styles are concerned, it really works out in the US again. Especially the death metal bands are great! I'm receiving new albums for reviews, I am doing interviews and feeling like your scene is very strong. But this is my view of a person who lives outside the United States. What is your opinion? What about concerts, promoters, clubs, shops of extreme metal music there in USA?

The fan base is extremely loyal and passionate. Breath takingly so. However it’s certainly not the magical early 90 when everything was so fresh and new and exciting. I am however told that it is nothing compared to Europe. I hope to soon find out. They say fashion is cyclic. Perhaps our time has come again

Thank you very much for the interview and I wish not only to the new album excellent selling. Whether your concerts are sold out as well. I will look forward to seeing you on one of them. I wish you all good in your personal lives. Let the strength to follow you! HAUNTED FOREVER!

Thank you very much! Thank You my friend!

Recenze/review - HAUNTED - The Book of Flames (2021):

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