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Interview - DIRA MORTIS - I believe that death is the greatest justice.

Interview with death metal band from Poland - DIRA MORTIS.

Answered guitarist Leszek Makowiecki, thank you!

Translated Duzl, thank you!

Questions prepared Jakub Asphyx.

1. Ave DIRA MORTIS! I'm just listening to your new album "Ancient Breath Of Forgotten Misanthropy", which came to my review and I can't get enough of it. After the last, very successful album "Psalms of Morbid Existence" (2015), you are back and it occurs to me again that your music is darker and colder. What direction did you want to move in and how do you see your development? 

Hello to you and everyone who is reading this interview. The direction of this album was not particularly intended, just as always, when I started writing it all, I vented the emotions, thoughts or inspirations, that I had somewhere at the particular moment. The album is indeed darker, colder, etc., due to the fact that in recent years, I have less optimistic perception of reality and also what surrounds me, plus personal life experiences. All of that did not give me a reason to create an album with a positive tone along with my colleagues. I must admit that there are also some brighter points on this album for a simple reason, human life is not only negative, so everything is mixed up. The only intention, the goal, was for this record to be fucking hard, and I hope it worked very well. 

2. The gap between the two albums is five long years. Why actually? You are not one of the bands that would suffer from overproduction. How do you explain that? Are frequent assembly changes due to lack of time? Or money, inspiration? 

I think five years is really ok for our record. You know, our previous album “Psalms of Morbid Existence” was released in December 2015, after that time we toured a bit and in fact at the end of 2016, between the concerts we had the opportunity to play, I started writing new songs and it was not on demand, because I had to wait for the moment, when I have something meaningful to say with the guitars. Each track is thought out and putting everything together with Vizun (drummer) during rehearsals, we made every effort to meet our expectations. We also have a great deal that our listeners will be eager to reach for this album. It was a titanic job, just like everything else, I live a long way from the rest of the squad, we meet at real rehearsals face to face, and we do not make numbers via e-mail, if only to avoid destroying the remaining authenticity, which is disappearing everywhere. Just let everything flow naturally, force-recording, so that every two years you have an album of dubious quality is out of the question. 

Like I said, everything has its time and place. I often tried to put together a song because I wanted it at the moment – here and now. The effect is that 60 percent of the time I had to let it go until I was sure it was the riff. It all happens individually with us, I think so, and today this system works well. Our songs are also a bit longer than usual, other bands do that, so we need a little more time to not bore the audience. Money is the last thing that could prevent us from making the album, more burnout, no ideas, when that moment comes we'll end our business, that's all. 

3. Leszek, you are the last and also founding member of DIRA MORTIS. I first came to your music in 2003, when you released the EP "Architecture of Mind". But I still have gaps in your history. Could you please explain to us how the band was formed, who stood at its birth and how it gradually evolved? Remember the old days… 

The beginnings were of course very hard, as most of them were at that time. I loved death metal and really wanted to play that kind of music. Together with the first drummer, we assumed that we also wanted to do it, even though he had no clue about this genre, because he listened to punk and ended up with hip hop, he did not have any sensible instrumental technique, just like me ... In two years we did a few songs that made it into the “Revulsion” demo, but before that happened, we poured liters of sweat and blood to have rehearsal rooms, whatever equipment and everything was needed to record it. It was poor, I would say very poor, only thanks to the combinations and the help of our few friends, we managed to achieve it all. The songs that are there were beaten for hours and thanks to this, today I am not ashamed of any published materials under our logo. I managed to do what I intended. Back then, we got a lot of good feedback, even though there were many shortcomings in various fields. Later, I converted a few similar mates with the enthusiasm to play for a week and with a questionable approach to everything, after which I had no one to completely play with for three years. Trying to work again with one of the drummers from that period was the biggest failure. In 2009, thanks to a very good friend, I got to know Vizun and Mścisław, professional people in what they do, and it is so today, from “The Cult of the Dead” everything works fine. 

4. The coming of the vocalist Kuba Brewczynski from STRAIGHT HATE is probably the most significant change for me and I would say a benefit, which is an excellent death grind, but also Kuba sings in a completely different way. How did you get together and why him? 

Kuba from Straight Hate is our new vocalist and yes, I'm happy as you are. I got to know Kuba earlier because Vizun also plays in his team. Łukasz ignored us after eleven years of cooperation, for a few years back his interests went in other directions, probably incomprehensible to anyone. He showed us the day before the session for this album, although the vocal was OK until the end, he did not find time to prepare for the session. Despite this his contribution to this band was considerable and I wish him good luck ... It was Mścisław who suggested that Kuba replace Łukasz, and when you heard it hit the jackpot, he agreed, he did a hard job and put great vocals, and I hope we will record another record together, as you can hear is a versatile singer. 

5. How did the album "Ancient Breath Of Forgotten Misanthropy" come about? I mean the process itself and the way it is put together? Who wrote the riffs? And how did you put it all together? 

The album was created like all of them, I wrote riff after riff tracks one by one, creating all the guitars, then during the days off from working with Vizun in the rehearsal room, we worked on the rest, i.e. drums. The next stage is recording in the studio, where Mścisław records bass and plays the solos he composed, and finally the lyrical layer and vocals are recorded. Covers and concept are my idea. To sum up, it is not easy, because I have been working on business trips for 13 years in various parts of Europe. What is more I have my family house and my band members 300 km away from themselves. 

6. The novelty has a really great sound. You managed to create an absolutely nihilistic atmosphere. I write about the feeling that I am lost somewhere in a deep swamp, all around me is only fog, decaying bodies and death, in the review. You recorded at the Roslyn Studio with Krzysztof Godycke just like last time. Does this mean that Krzysztof understands you best and you feel good about him? How did the recording of the new album go? 

Once again, we bet on Roslyn and everything is correct. Krzysztof Godycki is a man who can cooperate wonderfully, understands our expectations and is able to compromise, which is the main reason why we record together. Another thing is a really good producer and this studio is growing all the time. The location of the studio is also important, because it is in the countryside, where there is peace and quiet. We have comfort of work, we see no reason to change the place of recordings, maybe someday, somewhere else mix mastering, but as of today I do not need to, the album sounds as it should. 

7. Bartłomiej Kurzok is signed under the cover of the new album. I like his job. On the cover is a procession of people entering a huge coffin. Why did you choose this theme and how does it relate to the themes on the album? 

Bartłomiej Kurzok had previously created a cover for the re-edition of the Euphoric Convulsions album from 2012 and we were very pleased with this work, which is why he made a painting for the new album. As for the theme, I had it in mind halfway through the process of creating the material. The people who go up the stairs to the great coffin are nothing more than the moment of passing from this world to the gate of death, what is behind it, just like you, I do not know ... On these steps, which are figurative, there are honest people and also motherfuckers who, under the guise of false faith in various deities, harm others on this earth, living in the belief that their time is still far away ... I believe that death is the greatest justice, especially for people who act to harm others for profit, political power, etc. 

These days clearly show manipulation and what the world is striving for, it all comes together with the lyrics of Kuba, while reading the texts, you should have the cover in front of your eyes. A large part of my life is devoted to reflecting on these topics. I do not belong to people who pay special attention to materialism, money, luxury, and I despise people who are greedy, hungry for applause, huge power, domination, etc. I do not see the need during such a short existence to destroy others in the name of sick goals, let's a good example there will be a majority of politicians who have no respect for their own nation and their land. Of course, each listener can have different interpretations, I just convey what I had in mind.


8. The lyrics were taken care of by Kuba Brewczynski, who also sang them. I wonder where he got the inspiration for them and how they fit into the overall concept of DIRA MORTIS? I don't have them in front of me, I haven't had time to buy a CD yet, so what are they about? 

As for the lyrics, I sent to Kuba my vision, which I briefly presented, he wrote everything in a few weeks, so you have a lot of the answer above. Of course, he put a lot of work into it and he wrote all the lyrics himself, in his own words based on my concept, with the exception of half of one lyrics written by Mścisław. As for inspiration you'd have to ask him, we didn't talk about it, he got the cover sketches, also I think he based on that, but he probably had his thoughts a lot. The lyrics blend beautifully with the album's contents and cover, and that's what I meant. 

9. When I look at your profile on Facebook, you have published several concerts in Poland (once even with our HYPNOS). Does this mean that you can also have events during coronavirus? I'd like to see you live somewhere. For me, the presentation of new songs is always such a supplement to a CD and a T-shirt. Aren't you planning to support a new tour? And don't you look at us in the Czech Republic as well? 

That's right, we've played some gigs with HYPNOS, I really respect Bruno and his bands, they are genuine and honest people in what they do. I have a great fondness for your country, I lived in Prague for a year and a half in 2008. The Czech Republic is a great place to live, I love your beer, food - goulash with dumplings, people's approach to life, beautiful Prague, Ostrava, if I had the opportunity, I would stay with you permanently. I would love to play at least a few concerts in your country, I hope someone will suggest us. As for our plans, of course we will want to play concerts promoting this album, but when the world finds itself there may be a problem for a while, I hope it will eventually end, but from what I can see some my hand is to destroy everything economically and finally get to people, let me be wrong. 

10. I've been listening to death metal since its inception. I was always fascinated by the combination of darkness and energy. How do you perceive this style and what does it mean for you? You can easily embark on philosophical considerations. 

You know, DIRA MORTIS is my tool for expressing myself through sounds, with death metal I can do it the best I can. For me, the choice of genre was obvious when I heard the American or Swedish scene for the first time, of course, thrash and black metal also had a great influence, but when it comes to sound realization - death metal. In this genre I can express myself lyrically, visually and sonically, just as I feel the need, so this band will remain death metal until the end of their activity. Of course, if I have a need to express myself in a different form, then it's worth creating something completely new.


11. What is DIRA MORTIS planning in the coming months? 

We plan to release the album on December 25th, that's for sure, then I don't know what will happen, I hope everything will turn in the right direction. 

12. Thank you so much for the interview and your music. "Ancient Breath Of Forgotten Misanthropy" is a record for me, to which I like to return often. I'm already looking forward to the original carrier for the collection. I wish the newcomers and your whole band a lot of success and I hope to meet you somewhere at the concert. Good luck with your personal life! 

Thank you for a great interview too, and I sincerely hope that we will be able to come to you and remember the good old days. Until then, and maybe, see you on the Czech soil.

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