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Interview - SHADOWSPAWN - We trying to put the listener in focus and appeal to your inner personality.

Interview with death thrash metal band from Denmark - SHADOWSPAWN.

Answered Kelvin Dam, Bass, thank you!

Translated Duzl, thank you!

SHADOWSPAWN - The Biology Of Disbelief (2021):

Ave SHADOWSPAWN! Greetings to Denmark. I hope everything is fine with you. I have your new album "The Biology of Disbelief" at home for review and I'm really looking forward to the original CD. The album was released 4 years after the equally good album "Hope Lies Dormant" (2017). How did the new album originate and how did its release affect the current situation with covid 19?

>Hi Jakub,

Thank you for reaching out to us, we are much obliged.

We are well thank you. We hope that you are well too.

I think the new album is the natural outcome of us waiting till the right tracks were in place and the time was right also. We have had some discrepancies with our line-up, so we had to set the right team also. It took some time but here we are, back again! ;)

Well, Covid-19….besides the obvious downsides to it, it didnt really affect the record in any way. We dont have any themed songs about it, or was disturbed in the recording as such.

Guess we got off easy on that part ;)

I'm an old fan of honest death and thrash and I have to say that I really like the sound of the new album. Where did you record and who is signed to the mix and production? How did you feel about going to the studio? Compared to the previous recording, do I find "The Biology of Disbelief" rawer, darker, colder, was that a purpose?

>Thank you. We really like the sound of the 90’s and early 00’s, so its good to hear that our addiction to the old school vibe is audible. We do like however, to experiment a bit, and add flavours into our sound and working it out the way we think it should be. It is that combination you hear on the record I think….and hope ;)

The drums were record with Tue Madsen at his Antfarm Studios. Everything else from guitars, bass, vocals and effects are recorded by ourselves at our own rehearsal/studio. I (Kelvin, Bass) have mixed it. And it was then mastered by Angioni Studios in Denmark.

Being able to record at our own, and do in our own pace, made the process better for us.

There's a skeleton on the cover, maybe death itself. I like to come back to it and watch this cover while I listen to your record. What exactly is it supposed to represent? And how is it related to "The Biology of Disbelief"? Does that mean you don't believe in the human race? Who is the author of the cover and how did you get together?

>Haha well, we do belive in the human race ;)....The cover is merely a mash up of ideas that we had and ended up like that. As the lyrical theme on the record is somewhat abstract but also pounding on some darker elements, the cover suits this quite good we think.

Each band has a different recipe for composing new songs. What is the one with SHADOWSPAWN? Do you have everything ready in advance when you go to the studio? Or are you improvising? Please describe the process of creating new songs.

>Very good question! For both “Hope…” and now “The Biology…”, Nicolai, Oliver and I, have each contributed to the tracklist with complete worked out songs. So we meet at our own (small) studio and record a temporary template or the whole shabam. Just the guitar tracks and then some simple computer drums. Then we listen and adjust this and that and in the end we have like 20-25 tracks like that. So when the whole band agree on 10-12 tracks that we think are awesome, then we record the for real. Drums done right at a studio and guitars, bass etc. done right. In the end, Bue and I create the vocal parts and Bue screams his head of! ;)

From there its mixing and mastering. We do improvise on solo’s and vocal parts. You know, sometimes a vocal part was just a rehearse or a test, but then it sounds great and added some new angle to the part.

Your music can be described as old honest death thrash metal. Are you faithful not only to the sound but also to the lyrics? What are you talking about on "The Biology of Disbelief" and who wrote them?

>Well, we never had the idea that we need to be live up to something, or fit into a certain box. We do what make us feel good, and what we think sounds good. Most of our lyrics are written by me (Kelvin), and are theatrical reflections on your everyday observations in the world. Trying to put the listener in focus and appeal to your inner personality....basically, be YOU, stand up for what YOU belive and dont let anyone control you.

In recent years, I have been a big fan of bands like UNDERGANG, DEIQUISITOR. The Danish death metal scene seems to be very strong. Is that really so? What about clubs, festivals there? And what about fans? Do they buy media, merch, support bands? Please let us take a look at your great scene.

>Oh yeah, the Danish metal scene is quite strong I believe! We get good media attention, and some of our biggest names these days like Artillery, BAEST, and many more gets played on national radio, TV etc. Further more metal in Denmark (like in most of Europe I think) is just plan strong! People are living it and showing up to concerts and festivals. Also, these last few years have seen the birth of many small metal festivals here in Denmark. Like 300-800 people or so, spanning a few days and getting one or two foreing band to headline, and then invite Danish bands to play along side. Most excellent and very nice to have some smaller venues to have fun at, drink some beer and bang your head ;)

Who influenced you in your beginnings? For example, I still literally adore ARTILLERY from Denmark. I've been listening to them for over thirty years. What was the main impulse for you to start playing, and found a band? And why death metal? Please guide us through the history of SHADOWSPAWN.

> Artillery is also old heroes of ours. In the book of old heroes, I think that I can speak for all of Shadowspawn when I mention Death, Morbid Angel, Carcass, Pestilence, Sepultura, Entombed...

Its hard to put words on how each band influenced us...cause we are just living our lives and living with these bands plus many more one the stereo, so when you are into a style of music, you are that music I think.

Do you remember the 1990s in metal? How was it in Denmark? Did you collect tapes? Under socialism, everything was just via black market here , I envied polish fans for example, because there everything was freer after all. How did you become a fan?

>Do I ever!! the 90’s where the cradle of my life in music! ;)

We shared tapes, we stared at my parents record player while “Altars of Madness” ran it, we stole beer from the shop and grew our hair. We sad with a ghettoblaster hearing “Benath the remains” for the first time...ow man! the 90’s...We didnt suffer socialism in Denmark the way you did. We had easy access to records and tapes. Sad to hear you didnt have the same access as we did back then, but maybe you then enjoyed it even more, or in another way when you then heard it? It must have meant something else to you, during that time I gather?

Everything is closed now, but what about SHADOWSPAWN and concerts? I've seen a couple of recorded gigs on youtube, but you know, it's not that. For example, I prefer a small club where I am in direct contact with the band. Are you planning a tour in the future? Or is it too costly for you? Where did you play the farthest? Do you have a dream where you would like to perform?

>Yes well, we have three concerts coming up in August til October. Minor festivals and a club gig. We haven't done any shows outside Denmark yet, but we would love to do so! A tour down Europe would certainly be one of our top most dreams!

How do you perceive death metal and thrash metal? Is it just music or a lifestyle for you? I would be interested in your opinion as a musician. How would you define these styles and what do they mean to you?

> Personally to me, it mainly a question on how the lyrics work. You can take any thrashy song and put growls to it, and it will sound way different. If you took a Shadowspawn track, and had a clean vocalist do some thrasy vocals on it, it would prolly sound like a thrash band. To us its about nerve and “darkness”...the tight nerve from a evil growl and the theatrics we can build around that.

What are SHADOWSPAWN planning in the upcoming months?

>We parted with Danni Jelsgaard who played the drums on “The Biology”. Long story short, Danni is a awesome drummer, but way to busy with other bands than we could cope with. So we are the process of getting a new drummer into place, and it looks like we have found the most awesome and excellent guy! Looking forward to play our new album live and get out there on the stages!

Thank you so much for the interview. You know what, I'm going to play your new album "The Biology of Disbelief" again! I still can't "get rid" of it. I'm really looking forward to the CD when it comes home to me. That's it. I wish you great CD sales, all the best in your personal lives and cheers…!

>Aw man! So glad to hear it and the pleasure is on our side! Hope you get that CD in your mail soon! :)

All the best

Kelvin Dam, Bass


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