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Interview - SEREMENT - Powerful, raw, cold black death metal that awakens the most terrifying demons! A beast that will tear you apart!

Interview with black death metal band from Greece - SEREMENT.

Answered Andreas (vocal), thank you!

Recenze/review - SEREMENT - Abhorrent Invocations (2024):

Ave SEREMENT! I am currently listening your new album “Abhorrent Invocations” and I can´t help but think that this is the kind of music which will be played during the end of the world. I think it is a great masterpiece. How do you feel about your new album? Have you received any feedbacks? From fans for example? Have you played new songs live already? Do they work?

Greetings, thank you very much for your kind words! We are very excited about are new album and we think it sums up all the hard work of the past few years! We already received very good feedback just like yours from our friends, from our fans, from other online magazines and reviews. Although we haven't done yet an official release live for the album, we've played two gigs with this material and the feedback we took was very very good.

How do SEREMENT compose? Are you a traditional band who go to the rehearsal room and compose or you prefer going online and send your ideas via email? I am really interested in your composing process.

First ideas of songs come from our guitarist (Manolis) which he composes the guitar parts and send them over for the others to check. After that we go to the rehearsing room and we put together the drums the bass and the vocals and everyone does his part equally to create each song.

Lyrics are a separated topic of SEREMENT. Who is the author of your lyrics? And what are your lyrics about? Where do you find inspiration for your songs? The lyrics on “Abhorrent Invocations” just fit so perfectly to the music. What was first – music or lyrics?

The authors of the lyrics are Andreas (vocals) and Manolis (guitar). They are talk about blasphemy, death, war, apocalypse, society, politics, stories taken from movies & novels, myths... We don’t have a specific thematology. Our initial skeptic was to write songs that they shake you up, themes with a dark perspective for sure, but also with the grace of resistance and awakening. We are against everything that oppresses the masses and the society, that oppresses the mind, the soul and body.

We found inspiration everywhere.

We create lyrics and music seperetaly and when the time for the magic merge comes, then we read all the lyrics and listen to all the music again and we’re trying to make the best match.

Also your cover is amazing and it fits with the music! I am frightened with the cover. How and why did you choose Misanthropic Art? Did you hear any of your songs to create the cover?

Thank you Jakub! We don’t want you to be afraid (hahaha).

We chose to work with him because we follow Misanthropic-Art for many years and we knew his works and the quality of them. We wanted to raise our standards with this release and we think we picked a very nice artist for our artwork, in order to achieve it.

We sent to him the lyrics of the album along with some descriptions and pictures
(we already had in mind the artwork scene) and he achieved this amazing result!

The sound of the album is great. It is dark, cold and sharp at the same time. Which studio did you chose for recording? Did you have any opinions about the final sound and mastering, were you able to change anything?

Thanks again! We recorded the album at Ignite music studio and our friend George Christophoridis did the mixing and the mastering. As a Death Metal and Black Metal fan himself he immediately understood what we wanted to sound like so the mixing process was very smooth and on point.

The new album was published by French Dolorem Records. Why this label? Were you satisfied with their work?

Alex from Dolorem records actually approached us via Facebook and at this point we would like to take the chance and thank him for that! He came up with a pretty good deal for CDs and we work together and with the Mexican Iron, Blood and Death Corporation for an LP version that will come later this year. The whole thing exceeded our expectations for the first studio release especially, because we a very new band.

You have been playing since 2022. How was the beginning of your band? How did you create the band and what was the first impulse to build something death metal? Did you have any idols?

The original lineup of Serement consisted from 4 of 5 members of our previous band Blessed by Perversion, which counted 12 years in the Greek death metal scene. We wanted a new and fresh beginning and a different musical and lyrical approach and that's the reason why we did this project. We had idols when we were younger but now just wanted to express ourselves via this music and not just mimic someone but always try to serve Death Metal and heavy sound in general.

You can see how much you enjoy your music in your band. Do you have any target which you want to hit? Someone wants a famous label, the other one might want to play on big festival.

The biggest and most achievable goal for our band is to go outside of Greece and play maybe a tour in Europe or other countries of the world.

How is it to play death metal in Greece? Do you have a lot of fans on concerts? Do fans support bands? Do they buy CDs, merchandise, etc.? When you organize an event how many people will come?

We have a pretty decent Death Metal scene here in Greece that's more like a community of bands. We pretty much know each other and we always try to support either by buying merchandise or attending gigs and festivals. When we play live, we try to think it as a gig between friends and that's more fun for us and for the people that come to see us. Typically, in a concert the crowd will be between 1 and 200 people (hahaha).

Death metal is a demanding hobby and an even harder lifestyle. What does it mean for you? What do you enjoy most about it and how do you perceive it? How did you actually get to him?

Well for us death metal is the music that we grew up with so we try to recreate the sounds that we always liked. This alone makes it the best way for us to express ourselves and it's always a challenge to be able to play like that and always get better so the most demanding part is the practice that we have to do.

I deliberately ask this question to all bands to do some promotion for the future. Please tell us what SEREMENT is planning soon? What can we look forward to?

For this year we are planning to release our new album in an LP and then try to do as many lives as possible to promote it. Also, we may upload some videos from the recording process or some playthrough videos of some songs, but that's something that is under conversation for the time.

Thank you so much for the interview and I wish SEREMENT a lot of sold CDs and only sold out halls. Be happy in your personal life. I am looking forward for your next death metal apocalypse!

Thank you so much for this interview and for giving us chance to talk about ourselves and to promote our music.

Cheers to everyone!

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