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A few questions - interview with death metal band from Australia - CRYPT CRAWLER.

A few questions - interview with death metal band from Australia - CRYPT CRAWLER.

Ave, can you introduce your band to our readers? – When was it founded and what style of music do you play etc.?

We are Crypt Crawler, a death metal band from Perth, Western Australia. We formed in 2018, released our debut album in 2019, and have since followed up with an EP in 2020 and now our sophomore album in 2021.

Where and under what conditions were you recording the new album? Who was in charge of sound, production and mastering?

The album was written in Marco’s computer room, where he handled all recording, mixing and mastering for the album. This is usually a very chilled environment with no worries, so we can be free to explore and experiment with sounds without any time limits or external pressures.

How many copies were released and which medium was used for this new edition (CD, digital, vinyl, cassette)?

Future Usurper has been released on CD, with an initial run of 200 copies. It is also currently being pressed on Purple Splatter Vinyl with a first pressing of 200 copies as well. Future Usurper is also available digitally on all major streaming services and our Bandcamp, along with all of our past releases.

Who is the author of the lyrics and how were they created and about what do the lyrics deal with?

Marco writes all of the lyrics for Crypt Crawler. Whilst our first album, To the Grave, and EP, Blood Sustenance, are generally based on horror fiction and films, Future Usurper has taken a slightly different turn, focussing on some of the horrors of the real world. The general theme of the album revolves around the loss of free will and illustrates a dystopian future where leaders rule to the absolute extreme. Other such themes on the album include the abuse of power, existentialism and general human interaction/perception.


Who created the logo of the band, and who took care of the graphics and the website? What about you and social networks? Do you consider these things important?

This is another area that Marco takes complete care of. He designed the logo along with its various iterations along the way, as well as created our website and runs our social networks. This is something we feel is very important and we ensure is kept to a professional standard. Whilst the music has to sound great, our visual appearance needs to compliment this and is just as important.

Which label did you choose for releasing your album and why this label? Are you satisfied by how your label represents you and takés care about you?

We have decided to remain independent thus far. We have been approached by a few labels, however felt that we could keep maintaining control for now. We have, however, teamed up with Bitter Loss Records to release our Vinyl for Future Usurper, and we are definitely very happy with how thing’s have been going with them.

Which bands do you idolise and where do you get your inspiration?

Our biggest influence is Death, followed by many of the old school death metal greats including Obituary, Morbid Angel and Immolation. We also take inspiration from bands such as Bolt Thrower, Aborted and even many 80s Heavy Metal and Thrash bands.

Did you send your record to some Labels - which are the labels? How was the response?

We opted to stay independent for this release and decided not to send out our record to any labels. We did however choose to have PR for this release to ensure it does reach more people in Australia and around the world.

How many gigs have you played? Which type of gigs do you prefer, whether it's (clubs or festivals) and which of your performances would you consider as the best?

We have been playing gigs since 2018. COVID definitely placed a hold on gigging last year, however we’ve played around 20 gigs so far. Club shows are great, however we played our first outdoor festival earlier this year as part of Perth’s Slayfest, which we would have to consider as the best show we’ve played. From the response of the crowd to the amazing atmosphere and how well we played, it has definitely been a big highlight for our band.

What about your plans for the future? What do you want to achieve with the band?

We plan to just keep going, keep writing and releasing music and see where our music takes us. A full Australian tour next would be awesome, and hopefully we can take our music on tour around the world at some stage.

How and where can your fans contact you? Can you provide some contact information?

Our fans can contact us via our Facebook page and Instagram. Always happy to interact with our fans, because without them, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do, so thank you!

Thanx for the interview.

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