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Interview - E-FORCE - Inspiration? Such as life.

Interview with thrash metal band from Canada - E-FORCE.

Answered Eric Forrest, thank you!

Translated Duzl, thank you!

Questions prepared Jakub Asphyx.

Recenze/review - E-FORCE - Mindbender (2021):

Ave E-FORCE! I have to pay tribute to you right at the beginning. I just got back from the cinema where I saw movie Dune and on the way home I listened to your new "Mindbender". Somehow, both (film and music) merged into one. Excellent album! It's like flying through a dark space with you. How was the new album created and why did it actually take six long years to release it?

Well, Thanks for your perception ! It was created like the past albums, start with some riffs ,ideas , subject matter etc. then putting the puzzle together i suppose you could say . After the last Demonikhol release, tour ,re-release ,canadian tour , member changs , E-FORCE « VOIVOD REVISITED » tour ,composing the album recording,mix,master , covid 19 delays, eventual release date etc, well there is your 6 yrs lol as well as 85 shows later lol It took longer than expected but thats life, its finally out and I , we are very happy with the result. It was produced by my new drummer who infact produced 4 other eforce albums , so it was a wise choice to get Patrick Friedrich in the band , he is like family, and now being in the band , you know the drums sound killer right?? lol Its probably the best production ever in the eforce releases!

Who is the main composer? Is that Eric? And how are others involved? I would be interested in the process of creating a new song. And when do you think the song is ready? Does the democracy work for you in a band or is someone the only author and has the main and the last world?

Yes I am the main composer , I composed 8 songs(music/lyrics)drum pattern as a guide , which gets changed by Patrick. I co-wrote a song Patrick composed(music) me (lyrics) as well as a song with our new guitarist Sébastian Chiffot.and of course co-wrote INSECT with Piggy and Away . I would basically demo the songs as best as possible , then go to Patricks studio to fix and add stuff until finished .I have a vision and direction of which I have been doing for 20yrs , the band supports what I do yet, add there ingridients to the pie. So , yes I make all final decisions however , its really a team effort in many many ways .I may have the ace card , but I ,we need the king,queen,jack,10 for the royal flush poker ,if this makes sense . who is the queen ? Lol my girlfriend in the « HELLUCINATION » video lol

When I wrote a review of your "Mindbender", I often remembered to old sci-fi books that I read in my youth. Living old machines, cold, darkness. The sound of the record is unbelievable! Who is signed under it?

Thanks so much ! We signed with mighty-music label in copenhagen,denmark. There were a few other offers, but Mighty-Music seemed the best for us .. so far so good ! We added alot of spooky/creepy samples , so I get what you mean by « movie » vibe that you get. That was the idea especially « FUTURES PAST » that song fits perfect for a movie lol time will tell.As I mentioned before , its by far the best E-FORCE production to this date today .It helps when the producer is also the drummer lol

"Mindbender" can be translated as "someone who bends, changes the mind." Am I interpreting this correctly? What are the lyrics on the new album about? Who wrote them? And what inspired them? Have lyrics some great importance for you?

Yes you are correct . Mindbender is about conspiracy/hypocracy/myseries!Lyrically speaking….Yes , I composed the lyrics. Inspiration? Such as life. lol I like to write lyrics , so when people listen or read them they can paint there own picture , Ironically, the lyrics correspond with the covid 19 NWO situation,or about one s personal life drama lol its all how you interpret the subject I suppose.Lyrics subjects are very important, they must fit the music correctly in many ways ….Despite some bands you cant tell what the fuck they are saying/singing lol But it does have meaning and purpose 100 %.

The cover is also great, dark and scary. It fit to your music incredibly well. Who painted it?

Its an artist from indonesia Rudi Yanto (Gorging) is his name , Infact, he did the re-release artwork for the demonikhol canadian release as well ….as Mausoleum records does not exist anymore ….. long story Alfie RIP.

Great artist ! At first he sent a colour photo but we felt the black/white vibe more effective, fitting the music better , in a Giger type vibe.

Eric, you've been living in France for some time. But you were originally a Canadian band. If I'm not mistaken, no Canadian is playing in E-FORCE now. Why did you actually move? And do you see any differences between people, at concerts, in society? What kind of change was it for you as a musician?

Just 1 canadian in the band , ME ! Lol I relocated to france in 2003 due to personal and professional reasons. No regrets its been much better for my career and personal life 100 %.E-FORCE has performed in 19 different countries , $ wise, I am not so sure it would have been possible. Plus, I prefer the europe market the best from my e-force/voivod experience.

E-FORCE has always been a progressive band with great imagination and talent. But even the masters had to learn somewhere. Who were your idols in the beginning? When did you first pick up a musical instrument and how did you get into thrash metal? Please remember your beginnings.

I would say more of a black/thrash n roll kind of vibe .I started playing bass in sept 1984 became a singer yrs later… But you know , maiden/priest/sabbath/ac:dc motorhead stuff as an influence to name a few….. then I remember going to a party and hearing all the Banzai records, Slayer/Metallica/Exodus/Venom/Mercyful Fate/ etc. which changed alot lol

In 2015, I missed your concert in Prague. I'd love to see you! Aren't you planning a tour to support the new record? I know the Covid pandemic is still relevant, but when the world returns to normal. What about E-FORCE and concerts? Do you enjoy playing live?

Time will tell … We have a few shows planned already for next yr but we and the rest of the world are waiting to see what happens. We love to tour , of course hopefully czec soon as we can.

As I mentioned, I like science fiction. What are your favourite books, movies?

I like horror / action suspense/mystery movies and documentaries , I dont read that much but i do watch alot of movies series etc.

You can feel the darkness and coldness of your music. How do you see the future of humanity? Today's technology is amazing, a lot of things that I used to read just as a vision have come true. I'm just a little scared of people who have been able to destroy everything good in recent years. Where do you think our society is heading?

Well, good question ….. Lets see what the uliminati/freemasons/billionaire elite have planned for us all …. I do not see good things ,hopefully I am wrong lol This 3rd variant is too much ! Whats next 4th, 5th ? What a bloody mess we are in ….

And where are the E-FORCE heading? Do you have any goals with the band that you want to achieve? Big festival, a label, etc.?

Dificult to say right this second.We would like to tour next yr but it all depends on this mess we are all in.We did a video for a song called « Hellucination » perhaps another one , we shall see.

What does music mean to you? Is it a hobby, a relaxation, a job? How do you perceive your relationship to music? Feel free to start with philosophical considerations.

Music is not just music , its a way of life for me .. I have been doing this all my life, infact there is not alot I know how to do besides music lol sad but true so I will just continue to do what I do best.

Thank you so much for the interview, you don't even know how much I appreciate it. I hope to see E-FORCE live soon. I wish you great sales not only of the new album and all the best in your private lives! It was a great honour for me!

Thanks so much ! for info hope to see you and many fans next yr on tour ! Cheers!




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