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Interview - CADAVERIC INCUBATOR - Our guideline since beginning - to be brutal, raw and aggressive!

Interview with death grind metal band from Finland - CADAVERIC INCUBATOR.

Answered Necroterror, thank you!

Translated Duzl, thank you!

Questions prepared Jakub Asphyx.

Recenze/review - CADAVERIC INCUBATOR - Nightmare Necropolis (2021):

Ave CADAVERIC INCUBATOR! Greetings to the Finnish underground. Before we look at your album, I have to thank you. I first heard the news "Nightmare Necropolis" once on Friday, when I left totally upset from work. You know, everything fell on me. The people around me seemed dumb and stupid. I had a hundred appetites to put the speakers against them and put your music out loud. You made an album which breaks bones! How and where did you want to move against the previous album "Sermons of the Devouring Dead"? The new album seems rawer, wilder to me.

Easy there Jakub, we wouldn't be happy if a good man like you lost your job because of us! Though I must say that is pretty much the desired effect we want to bring up with our recordings. Extreme aggression. Too bad a lot of current death metal bands have forgotten all about that! We might go a bit more mellow occasionally too to spice up the atmosphere but a proper death metal record needs to make you want to crush some poser jaws, no way around this fact! I dont think the two albums are very different but the terms you used - more raw and wild - are pretty accurate in what we were aiming at.

Not to forget, could you please introduce your band to us? Honest fans of death metal and grind probably know you, but for others. Please guide us through the history of CADAVERIC INCUBATOR? How did you get together and why did you choose this style of music?

I would say its more like the style choosing us and not the other way since we fell under the death metal spell very early in our lives back in early 90s already. It's not like its the only music we like, far from it, but as long as playing activities goes, somehow it always turns back to death metal in the end. We wanted to take things back to very primitive and raw when starting Cadaveric in 2004. A 7-years hiatus (2007-2014) and several lineup changes later, the latest formation - myself on guitars/vocals, Noisehunter on bass and Pentele on drums - that we have had for the past 4 years is easily the one that has worked the best.

Let's go to the news. Probably everyone who discovers some new music can also tell that the cover sells. It was created by Tommi Grönqvist from the great DESECRESY (ex SLUGATHOR). I didn't even know he is painting the covers. Why him and what is the motive to represent? I really like similar black and white drawings, so I immediately ordered a T-shirt.

If Tommi's artworks are new thing to you, I guess you just didn't pay attention earlier then as he is also responsible for all the Slugathor and Desecresy artworks too since the beginning. I got to know his style due to the several years I spent playing together with him in Slugathor so it was a natural choice to request him work for Cadaveric too when we started. It's easy, we just give some very basic guidelines and after thats its really just free hands for him to work on something that suits our morbid tunes. All we want is the cover to look like how it sounds and vice versa.

As I mentioned, the songs literally crush my bones. Sound contributes a lot to that. It's dirty, raw, reminiscent of a bulldozer in office in a cemetery. Tell us where you recorded, who is signed to mastering and mixing? I always remember listening to old CARCASS, AUTOPSY, MORTICIAN. Did you plan to sound "similar"?

We worked again with the same guy from Audioholic Studios who already did our first album and few EPs earlier. Drums were recorded in this very spacious 100 years old log house to try have them sound natural as possible. Everything else then at few different locations. We don't intend to sound like anyone else on purpose but of course those names you mention have been some of our ultimate faves for three decades already so of course the influence is there, we want it or not.

What are the lyrics at "Nightmare Necropolis" about? Is it a death grind classic - graves, bones, skulls, cemeteries? Or are you trying to convey something with them - a message? Who is the author?

I did all the lyrics for the new album, except for World Necrosis which was written by Mr. Rektor from Finland's sleaziest - Axeslaughter!! You won't find any messages or revelations in the lyrics, it's just pure horror worship basically. Just as with the artwork I want the lyrics to match how the music sounds like, no fancy shit here really, just death metal lyrics for death metal music.

My favourite question and I think readers too. How do CADAVERIC INCUBATOR create new songs? Who is the author of the basic motifs? Is everything created in the rehearsal room? I would be interested in the process of composing new songs.

I have this horrible habit of getting most of the riff ideas always somewhere out on road, at work or something like that so my phone is flooded with retarded humming and whistling and whatever that I then try to intepret later at home with guitar figuring out what the fuck was I thinking. I make most of the songs and then just bring them to practise where we mould them together. No progamming or filesharing or anything like that, just practise and practise together the old school way, its the only way we know.

One thing bothers me a little. You're from Finland and I'm watching your scene in pretty close detail. Most young underground death metal bands play very darkly, coldly and at the same time their music has a certain melancholy in it. For me, it's a hallmark of Finnish bands (at least that's how I perceive it). But you are completely different! Raw, uncompromising. Your colleagues INFERIA used to play at our festival and they had a very similar feeling. Do you feel music differently? Did you have other patterns?

I don't know man, we just play whatever comes naturally and dont waste time thinking what we "should do" or some nonsense like that. I'd say our music is pretty dark sounding too, at least that's what has been sort of our guideline since beginning - to be brutal, raw and aggressive but to have the morbid and evil edge to it the same time for the ultimate poser repelling result! Inferia are cool dudes, we shared stages many times and yeah they always crush live although I must say the whole porn grind thing feels a bit silly to me so I personally like more their early stuff when it was more straight up death metal.

Everyone somehow started, learned, discovered. CADAVERIC INCUBATOR are a band of experienced musicians. But what were your beginnings? What was the first impulse to pick up an instrument, what bands did you listen to as a young man?

I got into the heavy music very early due to my older brother's record collection so first it was the ususal KISS, Maiden, Mötley Crue, WASP etc corrupting the young mind. Then mostly through Venom to the deep end towards anything more heavy, fast and evil. It was in 1990 when I then formed my first band Apoplexy, first to play covers of Sodom, Metallica and such and trying to come up own songs later on then, We didnt know how to play anything when starting and just randomly picked the instruments. I ended up with guitar just because it was the last thing left.

You have released your second album on the excellent Hells Headbangers Records. Great choice! The novelty came out as a cassette, CD and digitally. But what about vinyl? What is your relationship to music media? Are you a collector? Do you support bands?

Very pleased with our collaboration with Hells Headbangers this far yes. The vinyl is coming of course, it's at the press but the lines at vinyl factories are mind blowing these days so it's just delayed for few more months still. I've been collector my whole life yes. Though I have been downsizing my collection for the last few years as I try mostly just stick to the essentials these days. But as a rule, in my house the physical format still is the king and always will be!

I'm always interested in what the underground is like in the country where the band comes from. How are Finland and death metal? Do people go to concerts a lot? Do they buy albums, merchandise? How can you describe concert in Finland, for example, which you consider very successful?

It's pretty good the local support here the past few years. Quite ok gig turnouts and merch sales. Death metal seems to be the cool thing everywhere globally now and Finland is no exception. It sure was not like this always I can tell you!!! Our underground shows here are usually a bit more of mixed bag of genres put together so not just strickly one style bands lineups and I guess most people here (myself included) find that way to be much more interesting.

The world is still limited by the COVID, but it already looks like maybe it will be better. What about you and the concerts? How important are they to you? Do you enjoy big festivals or small clubs? What about some tour? For example, Obscene Extreme would be an ideal festival for you!

I would say we are definetely a live band and I guess judging by the reaction most of the times, not especially sucking at it! It's been mostly one-off dates, festivals and smaller tours this far as we have all sorts of boring adult life obstacles on the way making the more extensive touring a bit difficult but we're always up for the challenge when cool occasion shows up! Big stage, small stage or no stage at all, doesnt matter as long as the crowd is right. Sure, we'll come to Obscene whenever they will bring us. Hear that, Curby???

By the end... let me one slightly philosophical question. What does music mean to you? How would you define death metal, grindcore. Is it a relaxation or lifestyle for you?

Music is life and a lifestyle for sure. Would be pretty fucking dull life without it is all I can say. I can't say I listen only death metal or even any metal at all most of the time but sure, as said its been so long time with me already so I dont see how that would ever change really.

Please tell us what CADAVERIC INCUBATOR are planning in the coming months?

We are now finishing some new recordings so a new EP and bunch of splits are being worked on right now. Will announce all of those when the time is right but for now just letting you know that new material is well on the way. What else is there to do now anyway when we can't go out and play so lets just contaminate the earth with more Cadaveric noise pollution for the time being, right?

Thank you so much for the interview. When they piss me off at work again or when I look at the news and I need to clear my head, I know what I'm going to listen to - clearly "Nightmare Necropolis"! It's a great album, thanks a lot for it! Good luck!

Thank you man, keep up the good work! Maniacs out there, keep an eye on new release announcements soon, some seriously heavy brutality coming up!

Recenze/review - CADAVERIC INCUBATOR - Nightmare Necropolis (2021):

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